Shabbat Times

7:32 pm- Candlelighting

5:33 am Saturday - Hanetz Hachamah (Sunrise) - It is the opinion of the Rabbi that this is the ideal time to reach Shema and Shacharit when not praying with a quorum. Shacharit may be recited until 10:19 am.
9:30 am - In-person Shabbat services (outdoors at the JCC)
9:08 am - Latest time for Shema
10:19 am - Latest time for Shacharit
1:18 pm - Earliest Mincha
7:30 pm - In-person Mincha/Ma'ariv (outdoors at the JCC/possibility of inside if too cold)
7:52 pm - Sunset/Last time for Mincha
8:39 pm Havdalah
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Shabbat Weather

Friday Night
41° Light Rain
Saturday Day
64° Sunny
Saturday Night
48° Partly Cloudy
Refuah Shlema
  • Donne Nochomowitz (Don ben Michla)
  • Hanna Abramowitz (Chana Lee bat Shoshana Leah)
  • Rabbi Ephraim Berlinksy (Ephraim Gedaliah ben Chanah Raizel)
  • Emunah Bat Leah
  • Ariella Bat Sarah
  • Yosef Shalom Moreinnu
  • Sarah Kayla bat Sarah Emanu
  • Yaakov Tzemach Ben Hinda Batsheva
  • Baruch Yirmiyahu Ben Riva
  • Yosef Avraham Ben Chana
  • Evan Levine
  • Chicky Winkleman
  • Dr. Isidore Segal
We're reaching out to you, the members, with poll questions to make sure CBS is open as fully as possible but in a way that is both objectively safe and inclusive. To be clear, this is not a vote. All final decisions will be made by the Board of Directors, in coordination with the Rabbi and Safe Reopening Committee. Still, the opportunity to take your voice into account as we make decisions that affect our sacred community is crucial to the Board's decision-making process.  

In addition, we seek your information on a host of issues related not to safety, per se, but to things we've learned about prayer flow/preferences during this pandemic. Thank you in advance for your trust and for taking the time to fill out this brief survey.  

Prayer Design Committee:
We hope you saw the update about the exciting new designs taking shape for our space at the JCC! Once the committee completes its initial plan, we'll schedule a meeting for feedback and input for anyone interested.

Our dedicated team of members, artists, and artisans is hard at work designing an intentional and inclusive prayer and meeting space. Headed by our talented member Brendan Rose, we want you to know we're working with diligence and care so that our new "shul" is a conducive home for all that we do. Make sure to tune in to the annual meeting for an update.

Tikkun Boker Shavuot is Back!:
Over the years, we've found that it's much more impactful to have broad-based community learning during the morning of Shavuot. After missing last year, we're excited to bring back a fan favorite, Tikkun Boker Shavuot! On the first day of Shavuot (raindate is the second day), we've reserved the baseball field behind the JCC for a picnic luncheon. Bring your own blanket, bring your own food. We'll have an opportunity to hear words of Torah from several members of the community on the theme, "Like One Person with One Heart - Community & Revelation", based on Rashi's commentary on the Sinaitic revelation. Save the date and get excited More information to follow in the coming week.

Tot Shabbat is Back Too!
Thank you to Stephanie Hague for leading Tot Shabbat and starting it up again last week! We'll be off this week but plan to return next week and anticipate Tot Shabbat happening every other week during the coming months.

Tuesday Night Talmud (TNT!):
Instead of TNT this week, join Rabbi Dolinger and Rabbanit Avital at 8:15 pm for a dialogue on Preparing for Shavuot! See the flier below and put it on your calendar.

Zohar Study:
Zohar study meets regularly on Wednesdays from 12:00 pm -1:00 pm. The remaining class dates are 5/5, 5/12, 5/19, 5/26, 6/2, and 6/9.
Where: CBS Zoom Channel

Virtual Office Hours with Kesher Social Worker Tara Watkins

Many of us, struggle with feelings of uncertainty as well as other struggles related to the pandemic. As the Kesher worker for the synagogue, I am available to help with information and referral in the Jewish and larger community to help find appropriate assistance. I am also available for consultation and an ear to listen and help process a challenging situation.

I may be reached at 401-527-7772 and I am also be holding weekly virtual office hours from 9:30am to 12:30pm on Thursdays. If you are interested in scheduling a time to “meet” during this time please call or email in advance. You may also use the link provided and wait in the waiting room to be admitted.

Kesher is the congregational outreach program of Jewish Collaborative Services currently active at Congregation Beth Sholom, Temple Emanu-El, Temple Sinai, and Temple Torat Yisrael. Kesher services are offered free to synagogue members and their families due to generous funding from the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island and private donors. Conversations with Tara are confidential.
Community Announcements

Vaccination - The Rabbi and Board of Directors strongly urge everyone who is eligible (and who doesn't have a bona fide medical reason not to) to do their part and schedule an appointment to receive a Covid-19 vaccine. This will increase the safety of our gatherings, but, more importantly, it's a fulfillment of the positive mitzvah (commandment) to "guard your lives very carefully."

Lost Tallitot - We have located the number of Tallitot that we moved from the Camp Street building. If yours is missing please contact Will Krieger.

Congregation Beth Sholom