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Hello All,

Well some excellent news but also some bad news. 

The Good News
The meeting at our Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on the cell tower roll out in LA went well.

CBS did a great report where they allowed me to say "Cell towers, be it LA RICS or Verizon cause cancer!" and they allowed my good friend Kevin Mottus who ran for Congress in LA to say "microwaving people can hurt them"!  Amazing that this is getting aired!!  And they didn't even air the other POV!!!  Yeh!!!!!!  :)))

Both news reports got it slightly wrong.  My report below... 

CBS News Report
My sign was too graphic they said, so they did not show it.  Here is my sign.

This news report has bites from the Mayor of LA County
ABC News Report

And here is a direct link to my video on this on You Tube which some of you requested.  Please DO re-post it as this is NOT over...Thank you for helping spread this vital info...

LA County Board of Supervisors listened to the citizens they serve and the fire fighters and called for a halt to the roll out in areas where there is citizen backlash!! but have asked for an extension on the federal grant money, so the grant might get extended beyond the cut off date, which is not good news.  It was amazing to see the council actually listen to people on this and I want to thank everyone who showed up and spoke, especially the fire fighters union who really had a great turn out!  The vote was unanimous amongst the board of supervisors to put a temporary halt to this federal cell tower roll out.  But...

The Bad News

LA RICS is allowed to could continue with the roll out IN AREAS WHERE THERE WAS NO AWARENESS AND BACKLASH FROM PEOPLE!!  This is a VERY important distinction, as this means me must make SURE awareness is raised ALL OVER LA and other areas so that those who are not "in the know" are not subject to this roll simply because they were not aware.
The other bad news is the Board of Sups. asked for an extension on the grant deadline money, which may be granted to them, which means the wireless industry will ramp up its efforts to try and sway people during this time period...and they use dirty, low ball scare tactics, hoping people will fall for it.

Details of the Hearing

Approximately 100 people filed out speaker cards to speak on this issue before the County Board of Supervisors.  They took is seriously, it made a difference.  Also the fact that the Fire Fighters Union was there really helped. 

All of the reps (except Don Knabe) did NOT fall for the line up of bogus industry paid expert witnesses and doctors.  They also defied the Fire Chief of LA who as you see in my video does NOT represent the fire fighters on this issue.  They seemed genuinely concerned about what they were hearing from citizen testimony and of course the fire fighters who were represented by only one speaker, the Union head.  The fire fighters were told not to testify and to just stand when he was testifying...sometimes actions speak louder than words.

Other States and Northern CA

This roll out is currently happening in Northern CA, Houston, Texas, parts of Colorado, NJ and New Mexico.

If you can spread the word to these other states, we might be able to stop this program in its tracks.  Please help do this!!  The video I made on this issue is a great tool to raise the awareness if people don't know anything about this program.


Please spread the word!!  Thank you for your help!!

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