October 2018
Weathering storms with great gusto
By the grace of Mother Nature, Hurricane Lane and Tropical Storm Olivia passed us by this summer.

Living on the remote island of Lanai, we are always prepared for hurricane season, which lasts from June to November.

We shelter our most frail felines in our converted shipping container to protect them from the elements.  We order enough food and medical supplies to sustain four to six weeks in case there is damage to Lanai's one and only port of entry. We secure all furniture and equipment that can take flight.

While our set up is far from ideal but workable, a consolation, in addition to preparedness, is to remind ourselves that 95% of these cats at our sanctuary came from the outdoors. It isn’t uncommon to see cats playing in the rain while we dash for cover. Hidey boxes, cafeteria and bunkhouse are beloved options for our cats seeking shelter. 

We are so grateful that we were spared from this summer's storms and for the well wishes and concerns expressed. Their safety and protection our our kitty ohana is our top concern.
Keoni Vaugh Photo and Signature
Keoni Vaughn | Executive Director

P.S. - If you'd like to support our storm readiness and other needs, I'd love to hear from you.
Kittens are now real house cats of Beverly Hills
Adoptions are so rare that we have to share! The Gebbia family answered a knock at the front door at their home in Beverly Hills this month only to be greeted by the Executive Director of Lanai Cat Sanctuary with two squirming, mewing kittens in hand. 

The family visited Lanai Cat Sanctuary on summer vacation and fell in love with two kittens growing up in the outdoor cat paradise. Mom cat was trapped and removed from an area in which endangered ground-nesting birds are under the careful protection of conservationists. She was brought to us breathless and in labor. Kittens born at the sanctuary is rarer than rare as we are vigilant about spay and neuter and ensure all cats are sterilized. With a handful of newborns, our work was cut out for us. 

Carlton is an avid animal lover and once welcomed as many as 10 rescue cats to their family. She is equally passionate about the protection of birds. She may have starred in the 4th season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but now the family has the entire cast for Real Housecats of Beverly Hills!

Click here to see all in the ohana.
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CBS Sunday Morning has our tails twitching
"If I were a cat, I'd be knocking on your door," says an LCS fan in CBS' Sunday morning newscast. CBS' Conor Knighton paid us a visit in February and his story aired this month. All tails were up and whiskers twitching with joy. Thanks Conor for all the purr-worthy pats and attention from around the nation.
Send kitty love with flowers on Oahu
Our florist friends at Watanabe Floral on Oahu have created this limited-edition arrangement. They will donate 25 percent to us for every one of these sold. There are only 20 of them. The promotion continues until Halloween.

Delivery and pick up is on Oahu only and orders must be placed online here October 22 until November 2. For assistance, contact info@LanaiCatSanctuary.org.
Ethel crosses the rainbow bridge
All 610 Lanai lions hold a special place in heart. Nine year-old Ethel was loved by many of our visitors and was a part of our ohana. She was a fixture at our Catfurteria and always eager to drink out of your hand in the kitchen sink. She came to us in 2011 and traveled on over the rainbow bridge this summer. She is missed by all of us every day. 
Sponsorship makes wishes come true for ones with whiskers
Cats at Lanai Cat Sanctuary sleep under the stars and every night they make a wish.

If you’d like to grant a wish, check out our Amazon wish list and send us some love. You can also sponsor a Lanai lion of your choice for less than a $1 a day. Learn more here .
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