Re: CBS2 Transformation Milestones
To: All faculty and staff
July 15, 2021

In the last year CBS2 has completed significant milestones towards achieving campus goals that will continue to reduce costs and streamline campus processes while improving the quality and level of service for campus Faculty and Staff. The transition to the new common chart of accounts, project based accounting and new functionality within Oracle and Concur has created temporary challenges across campus. Through all of these changes our team has been working diligently to learn entirely new tools and processes while also learning new accounting practices with the common chart of accounts and project based accounting and we thank them for their dedication and tremendous effort during this transition.
With the impact of COVID 19 continually unfolding and the new implementation of Oracle and Concur, CBS2 has continued to look for ways to enhance our services to meet the needs of Faculty and Staff and will continue to do so on an ongoing basis. A major milestone has been completed with the reorganization of CBS2 into a more focused customer and operational teams that provided more concentrated expertise in specific functions and better align to the needs of campus business units. Effective immediately, users will see a new structure when working with CBS2 that focuses on the specialization of your department and the faculty, staff and students you serve. The reorganization will extend our underlying knowledge of procurement and travel for each of your units and will ensure a specialized approach that focuses on expediting services and streamlining processes, while offering a dedicated customer relationship team that is available to answer all of your questions.
How to work with our new structure ?
  • You don’t need to change anything! Our operational teams are now better aligned to intake and process your ServiceNow requests and our customer relationship teams are better supported to answer your questions and help resolve any issues as they arise.
  • Have a question or inquiry? Contact your CBS2 Customer Relationship Specialist at
  • Need to make a purchase? You can utilize self service by shopping directly in Oracle for catalog items or submit a ServiceNow ticket to request the purchase.
  • Need to book travel or request a reimbursement ? book directly in Concur or submit a ServiceNow ticket to request travel or reimbursement.
Look out for the following events in CBS2 

  • Attend a Pop Up Session with CBS2 to place an order during your lunch hour. Bring your Project Name or COA values (if not associated with a project) and our customer relationship team will place your catalog order directly in Oracle on your behalf. Several Sessions have already taken place and will continue until Thursday August 12. Sessions are held on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 12-1pm via the attached Zoom Link.
  • Attend one of our many training sessions in CBS2, we offer training sessions on Oracle Requisition entry and ServiceNow Navigation, users can access these sessions via the UC Learning Center, or by using the contact information below.
Questions? Contact CBS2 by email or visit the team's website.
Terri Harris
Executive Director, Center for Business Services and Solutions
Josh Dubroff
Chief Procurement Officer