Special Holiday Deals Just for You!
Celebrity Baby Talk Magazine wanted to release our "Stocking Stuffer" Gift Guide just in time for the holiday season. These fabulous finds are all priced under $15 and make excellent gifts or stocking stuffers for your little celeb-u-tots. What makes these products even more unique is they were all created and thought of by mom and dad entrepreneurs. They all receive the Celebrity Baby Talk "stamp of approval"!!!

Cute Beltz
Cute Beltz™ is an online children's boutique which specializes in belts for kids. Cute Beltz™ offers a variety of styles, patterns and colors for Boys and Girls ages 12 months to 6 years of age. All belts are offered with a D-ring or a Velcro closure. Cute Beltz™ not only keeps the pants up, its fashion and fun for every child.

List Price: $ 14.95
Plus S & H


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Paci Plushies
Introducing Paci-Plushies™ Pacifier Holders! Light weight plush characters attach to infant pacifiers, making the pacifier easy to find and easy for baby to place in it's mouth.

List Price: $ 13.99
Plus S & H

Coupon Code for 50% off: PACI


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Baby Diner
Baby Diner secures dinnerware to all types of tables to prevent accidental spilling or throwing of dishes onto the floor by young children. Jesse and Meghann Mills are the co-inventors of the Baby Diner and owners of the company Lil' Diner LLC.

Watch How It Works

Holiday Price: $ 10.99
List Price: $ 14.99
Plus S & H

Buy 2 or more and receive FREE SHIPPING


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The Birthday Questions
The Birthday Questions is a collection built year after year, a safe place to capture and keep even the smallest memories of your child's life. Inside you'll find a series of questions to ask your child every year on their birthday, which you capture on video, building a library of video snapshots of priceless, irreplaceable memories. The questions and instructions contained in these pages will stand as a record of who you are, who your child is, and who you both will become.

List Price: $ 11.99
Plus S & H


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Parking Pal Magnet

D.Whitney LLC is incorporating fun with safety. Helping relieve the stress associated with children's safety, D.Whitney LLC is proud to introducing the first product to help with parking lot safety for children. Their philosophy of P.E.T: Protect, Entertain, and Teach is what makes the Parking Pal unique in this industry. A high quality USA made product which will P.E.T.

List Price: $ 7.99
Plus S & H


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Pork Chop Kids

Pork Chop Kids is a stylish and functional accessory that is sure to keep those chops warm this holiday season. The stylish colors and fun patterns make even the most understated baby runway-ready!

List Price:
$ 15.00
Plus S & H


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Gum Drops Hair Candy
Gum Drops Hair Candy is funky, fun, and functional hair accessories for girls of all ages. We've gifted celebrites, been featured in magazines, and we're now going to be participating in the 2011 Pre-Golden Globes Boom Boom Room Celebrity Mom event.
List Price: $ 8-15
Plus S & H


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Story Chimes
are interactive children's stories available for the iPhone and iPod Touch accessible exclusively through Apple's iTunes App Store. These fun and educational stories are brought to life by great narration, music and more! StoryChimes are fun for children as well as parents, who remember the books of yesteryear that prompted you to turn the page "when you hear the chime."

List Price: $ .99
Plus S & H


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There's no end to the number of cute accessories for little girls. But what about our little dudes?

Introducing Bugalug's new boys cuffs: first to market thicker wrist-bands that sport cool and unique designs as cool as your little man! The Cuffs are made from recycled materials and come in four fun styles. Pair the Cuffs with a matching Cinch Belt and he'll be the coolest kid at school!

List Price:
$ 10.00
Plus S & H


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