Community Church Hopeful News
Advent III
"Sunday Morning"
This Sunday, we'll send a 30-minute service to you @ 10:00 a.m. that will include twins Cole & Bennett Teegarden (with parents!) lighting the Advent Candles, Tom's message on "Wonder," and a pretty sweet tune Elliott Delman has put together with some amazing local musicians. Check your inbox @ 10:00 am or go to our WEBSITE @ anytime thereafter.
Perfect for 2020, Right?
The Community Church
ZOOM Christmas Pageant!!!
It may sound a little crazy—or, it may sound like the perfect thing. Either way, we want to create a memorable - and virtual Christmas Pageant that the whole community can enjoy! We've had a few families sign up so far, but we need plenty more to help this beloved tradition continue!
This year’s pageant is available to all ages 4 and up and promises to be memorable, 2020 style! If you are interested in joining our pageant please Sue Gale Beck. Here are a few details:
  1. Pageant will be pre-recorded on ZOOM and included in the service on Sunday, December 20.
  2. Costumes and scripts will be delivered to the homes of participants and left on doorsteps to be COVID friendly.
  3. The ZOOM rehearsal will take place on Saturday, December 19 and will be recorded that same day.

Other Questions? Want to sign up? Email Sean!
"Restaurant of the Week"
As you all know, restaurants are among the most hard hit businesses due to Covid - 19. Until things change, we'll be featuring a different Lake Forest or Lake Bluff area restaurant each week. Our hope is that once during the week our "Restaurant of the Week" blurb will remind you that they're likely struggling right now, and that you'll consider ordering take out from the restaurant.
* * * * *
Our first restaurant is the "Market House" in Lake Forest just off Market Square. Carla Westcott is the proprietor and a friend to many in our congregation - not to mention the generous visionary behind the Beacon Place meals program we are honored to participate in.
To see their menu and to order online, click Market House..
(Finally, thanks to Toby Jones for the great idea!)
peg y chuck
Peggy Gudbrandsen -
What A Legend!
Peggy Gudbrandsen died at her home last Tuesday night following a long illness. (she is pictured with her equally legendary husband Chuck, who preceded her in death). Peggy truly was a legend - among her many accomplishments was winning the Women's World Triathlon Championship in Portugal - the women's age 75 & up division.
She participated in archeological digs in the Middle East, and counseled women on death row, was a loving Mom and Grandmother and friend to many. Peggy - also a founder of the Lake Forest Running Club - was a one-of-a-kind, and will be missed by many.
More info will be in upcoming newsletters.
CBS Channel 2 News Features
Beacon Place
Christmas Story
A team of folks from the Community Church joined other volunteers, Beacon Place leaders and neighbors in placing 7500 luminaries (do you have any idea how many 7500 are?) throughout the Beacon neighborhood. The event, which took place last Sunday, attracted the news team from CBS channel 2 in Chicago; if you'd like to see the piece, you can view it HERE
A Spirited Take on "Hope"
In case you missed it, here's Tom, Matt & Sean's "A Spirited Take" episode on "hope" - one of the four key words of the Advent season. Don't worry if you watch it and wonder "what's up?" in the opening moments - they settle down after the first few minutes! Take a listen - and send your feedback and ideas for future episodes to Tom.
By the way, we've had two valuable suggestions thus far - to have an episode on forgiveness, and to include women in the show. You can look forward to both happening when "A Spirited Take" continues in 2021. Until then, we have 3 more shows coming up - all Advent themed - on peace, love and joy.
"Weekly Wellness" & "HSG"
Matt Dewar's final "Weekly Wellness" session will be held Monday evening December 14 @ 6:00 p.m. If you'd like to participate - it's free and we'd love to have you! Just email MATT for the zoom link. Why not give it a try?
Also, Matt will be reaching out to high school students shortly about a virtual end-of-the-semester get-together. If Matt does not have your child's email, please forward it to Matt at his email address above.
christmas flower
A Prayer For
Our Families
* * * * *
Dear All of Our Mothers and Fathers, Sisters and Brothers, Daughters and Sons, In-laws and Out-laws, Aunties and Uncles,
Hallowed be your names, your stories come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us your trespasses, your boldest deceptions, your damaging lies. Give us the courage to forgive you, to share with you our daily bread, to trust in your humanness, to accept your everyday wanderings and squanderings, your losses and lovers left far behind. Let us give up temptations to abandon each other or shun, let us ungrasp our deep broken promises, our angers and petty indictments. Let us give up our debts, unpaid or forgotten, bow to all imperfect endings and untrue beginnings. Please give us The Middle Way.
Deliver us from evil, all of us, from the prisons of blame and shame, the victimhood of “he did that to me” or “she treated me like this.” Lead us not into abstraction and distraction. Deliver us from bad dreams, and snide dinner table arguments. Remind us of gratitude practice as we put our feet on the floor each morning when we get out of bed. Let us be peacemakers and lovemakers, our stories hard won. Let us be lost now and found now, our traveling done. Let us be seeking the kingdom and queendom of kindness, the power and glory of justice for all. Hallowed be our mixed-up bumbled funny sad lives. May we be listeners, useful to others in some small way.
Forever and ever, loving and present, grateful for all. May we be humble, joyful, generous and free. On earth as it is in heaven. Amen.
(written by Jane Evans, thanks to Ann Barbour - November 25, 2020)
image by Kerri Sherman -
Our 6th Man John Corrigan keeps a watchful eye out for nicely done Christmas light displays - here are his first recommendations for the 2020 season. They are all in Lake Bluff: 133 Washington, 106 North, and 244 Moffett. Do you have favorites? Email John Corrigan & happy viewing!
Sean's Zoom Book Studies Continue with Rob Bell's Everything is Spiritual
The book is subtitled "finding your way in a turbulent world." ROB BELL is a New York Times bestselling author, speaker, and spiritual teacher. You may recall a two-part sermon series Tom did a few years back on Bell's book LOVE WINS about heaven and God's love. Times and dates for classes will be announced shortly. Maybe it's a book to add to your Christmas list! Give Lake Forest Book Store a call @ 847 234 4420.
Finally, we are not asking people to make pledges this year. That is, we are not asking you to commit to a certain amount and then letting us know what that amount is. However, we still need your financial support. Please consider making a gift to the Community Church Annual Fund. More info HERE - thank you!