Community Church Hopeful News
Advent IV 2020
Four Christmas Week Services
* * * * *
Dec. 20 - Advent IV - 10:00 am WOTS
This WOTS (worship on the screen) will feature a message by Sean, liturgy by Tom, and vintage music by the Dancing Bohemian Ukulele Team - as well as the Tim and Heather Richmond family lighting the Advent Candles. And, a number of your friends from our church family sharing what Christmas means in 2020. We'll send you an email with the service @ 10:00 am Sunday, and the service will also be available on our WEBSITE
* * * * *
Dec. 24 - Christmas Eve Gazebo - 3:00 pm
Tom & Sean will lead this outdoor service - which will be held rain or cold or shine (we will send an email by 1:00 pm on Dec. 24 to cancel the service in case the weather creates safety issues). It will be briefer than our usual services - but you'll hear the Christmas story in word and song - and with friends and church family! We anticipate most folks will stand, though you are welcome to bring a chair. (If you'd like us to bring you a chair, email PAM). Please remember to remain socially distanced from those not in your household, and remember to wear a mask. We can't wait to see you!
* * * * *
Dec. 24 - Christmas Eve WOTS - 4:00 pm
We'll email out a Vimeo service for all unable to join us @ the Gazebo for our outdoor Christmas Eve service. Tom and Sean will share messages, and music will feature two songs by one of our all-time favorites - Eva B. Ross. You'll enjoy this service - also available on the home page of our website
* * * * *
Dec. 27 - New Year's WOTS - 4:00 pm
We'll send you an email for the service @ 10:00 am Sunday; the service will also be available on our WEBSITE. Tom will preach and to be perfectly honest - at press time we are still determining our best musical options!
annual fund
2021 Annual Fund Update
As you know, our church has an Annual Fund each fall / early winter. For this first time, this year we've had a "no pledge" Annual Fund. Simply put, it means the Church is not requesting individuals and families to send in a written commitment of their gift or pledge. However, the financial needs we have remain virtually the same as last year - roughly $670,000 to fund our entire ministry for 2021.
To date, we have received $330,000 in gifts and 2021comittments from 75 families / individuals. We estimate that we'll need another 125 participants to come close to our goal.
While we are fortunate that we have no debt and that we have been very careful in spending during the year past, we need people who have not yet participated to do so now or in the coming year. Like faith, the "no pledge" Annual Fund is based on trust. And we feel confident based on generous past giving that you will all participate in a manner that feels right in light of your faith and your resources.
Thank you - on behalf of all who benefit from our ministry. - Tom
* * * * *
P.S. - some have remarked that they feel better notifying us of what they plan to do in 2021, and still make a pledge - if you are in that place, that's great - just email PETER WOLFF
"Restaurant of the Week"
As you all know, restaurants are among the most hard hit businesses due to Covid - 19. Until things change, we'll be featuring a different Lake Forest or Lake Bluff area restaurant each week. This week our "Restaurant of the Week" is a bit of a no-brainer - Bluffington's Cafe in Lake Bluff.
* * * * *
I think of Doug and Derek - Bluffington's proprietors - more as partners in ministry than as next door neighbors by our church headquarters - the "JOB" or Jessen Office Building. Not only have they consistently gone the extra mile in helping out whenever asked, but they have gone the extra mile in supporting our current food drive with both food AND financial support.
Additionally, they donate all their ice cream and cone revenues to Community Church Charities. So, when you get a cone at Bluffington's, over the last 5 years that has resulted in our being able to make more than $10,000 in donations to places like KidsUganda, Beacon Place, and World Bicycle Relief.
In short, they're AWESOME - and we hope you'll think about stopping by Bluffington's for take out in the coming week!. Here is their MENU and their phone number is 847.295.3344.
Tell them the church sent you!
Community Contemplation Study Group
A Glimpse of the Bhagavad Gita 
* * * * *
No prior familiarity with the text necessary or assumed! 
If you do have experience with the text—wonderful, as this will be a co-learning environment.
Two introductory sessions to choose from (or attend both)
December 17th and January 7th, 8:30 - 9:45 PM (CST) via Zoom.
Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 927 7895 1159 Password: hippo
Following the introductory sessions, five sessions will follow every Thursday evening January 14th through February 11th

For more details or to sign up, contact Zach:
John Corrigan keeps a watchful eye out for nicely done Christmas light displays - here's his updated list for the 2020 season.
1200 Lake St LF
133 Washington LB
106 North LB
244 Moffett LB
429 E Illinois LF
East Illinois & Heather Lane LF
551 Lansdowne LB
Northmoor between Winston and Wooded. LF
Sunrise & Park Pl. LB
213 Ravine? LB
626 Scranton LB
555 Spruce. LF
965 Elm tree. Lf
739 Illinois. LF
80 N Green Bay. LF. Daytime drive by
1086 Lake St. LF
Center LB
626 Scranton. LB
1001 Green Bay. LF
1281 Green Bay. LF?
365 Green Bay. LB?
408 Green Bay. LB
473 E Illinois. LF
204 Washington Circle. LF
475 Westminster. LF
880 Green Bay. LF
404 Green Bay. LF
41 E Hawthorne Ct. LB
130 Scranton.LB
Do you have favorites? Email John Corrigan & happy viewing!
By the way, our great friends at Gorton have a wonderful home viewing program in place - check it out @ GORTON
Sean's Zoom Book Studies Continue with Rob Bell's Everything is Spiritual
Times and dates for classes will be announced shortly. Maybe it's a book to add to your Christmas list! Give Lake Forest Book Store a call @ 847 234 4420.