CC&E Today | December 18, 2020
a Louisiana swamp at dusk
As 2020 comes to an end, we reflect on our research and academic accomplishments for the year, including a significant increase in research grants, new academic offerings, and faculty awards.
Charles “Mike” Callais (B.S., Business Management, 1984) is, in every way, the product of the great men who came before him. His love of education, desire to serve his community, and respect for the environment are values that were instilled in him by his father, and his grandfather before him, for his entire life. So, it is especially fitting that he would create a scholarship that combines all three — the Callais Scholarship for the Advancement of Louisiana’s Coastal and Marine Industries.
photo of atchafalaya swamp with a headshot of Mike Callais
This year, we would like to recognize the incredible accomplishments of the entire class of 2020 with a video message of congratulations (to the left) and a special article listing the names of all our new alumni (linked above).
This year, the coastal bays of Louisiana have experienced impacts from a number of tropical storms and hurricanes in close procession, including Tropical Storm Marco and Hurricanes Laura, Sally, Beta, Delta and Zeta. These events have provided LSU scientists with a rare opportunity to assess how storms can exacerbate coastal erosion even when they do not directly strike vulnerable areas.
satellite image of the Louisiana coast with storm tracks superimposed onto it
Jordan Jopling
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