CC&E Today | January 10, 2019
LSU is positively impacting the health and well-being of citizens in our state and around the globe. Students can save both time and money by earning a bachelor’s degree in Coastal Environmental Science, or CES, and master’s degree in Public Health in as few as five years. 
Professor shows a text to a student who smiles. Both are in lab coats
Here’s how a coastal environmental science, or CES, degree from LSU’s College of the Coast & Environment is helping students to gain the knowledge and experience that opens doors to a multitude of inspiring careers. 
Mary Youpel is an LSU alumna who is making the most out of her coastal and environmental education. Youpel earned two master’s degrees at LSU: a Master of Science in oceanography and coastal sciences from the College of the Coast & Environment and a Master of Public Administration from the E. J. Ourso College of Business. Currently, she is putting her degrees to work in the House Committee on Natural Resources within the U.S. House of Representatives.
Photo of Mary Youpel in white military dress
Photo of Jack Green outside taking notes in a notebook
Undergraduate junior Jack Green is combining his love of politics and environmental sustainability while gaining real-world experience with environmental policy in the Louisiana Governor’s Office of Coastal Activities.
New Year, New Faces!
This semester, the college welcomes three new faculty members!
Rebeca DeJesus Crespo
Assistant Professor of Environmental Sciences

Research areas: landscape ecology, human health and well-being, ecosystem services, sustainable development, and coastal resilience and restoration.
Thomas Douthat
Assistant Professor of
Environmental Sciences

Research areas: planning, land use change, sustainable transportation, transit, space and policy, economic geography, economic development, environmental governance, environmental policy, hazards, environmental law, geographic information systems (GIS), and social network analysis
Paul Miller
Assistant Professor of Oceanography and
Coastal Sciences

Research areas:
coastal meteorology, hydroclimatology, mesoscale climate science, weakly forced thunderstorms, land-atmosphere interactions, and hazardous
weather impacts.
Photo of a student explaining her research poster to two onlookers at the AGU conference
Kendall Valentine and a group of elementary students pose with their very own lab notebooks.
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