CC&E Today | October 31, 2018
Image of two FDNY workers pulling a rescue floatation device with three passengers through flooded streets
For over 25 years, Margaret Reams has performed research focused on environmental policy and management, resilience, and sustainability. A professor of environmental sciences in LSU’s College of the Coast & Environment, Reams is bringing that expertise to the table with her latest research on the role social media plays in disaster communications and resilience.
To some, plunging into the darkest depths of a vast and mysterious ocean would be a Lovecraftian nightmare. But Mark Benfield, oceanography and coastal sciences professor, welcomes the chance for new aquatic discoveries. 
Oarfish Mark Benfield captured on video on Thunderhorse oil rig in gulf of mexico
Bren Haase in a mass of elephant ears
LSU’s College of the Coast & Environment, or CC&E, serves as a critical knowledge base for coastal restoration initiatives in Louisiana and throughout the world. CC&E’s influence is especially notable to alumnus Bren Haase, deputy executive director of Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, or CPRA. 
The College of the Coast & Environment’s unique location in South Louisiana places it at “ground zero” for studying coastal vulnerabilities, and its multidisciplinary curricula lead to well-rounded students and future employees. Because of this, many organizations look to the college for knowledgeable and passionate interns, like Katie Bowes, that are in such high demand. 
Katie Bowes piloting a boat
Familiar Faces, Fantastic Places!
This October, Dean D’Elia met up with two CC&E alumnae living in Washington, D.C.: Mary Claire Youpel, who works for the House Committee on Natural Resources, and Sarah Margolis, a 2018 Knauss Fellow who works for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. A degree from CC&E will take you places!
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