Concerned Citizens for Avila
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April 2019
Together we can protect the natural environment, 
safety and accessibility of Avila.
Golf Course Sues to Secure Road Capacity 
for Proposed Mega-Development
In March 2019 the golf course owner and various related entities filed a lawsuit against San Luis Bay Estates for access to Lupine Canyon Road (the "loop" road that serves over 500 homes inside the gated community) in an attempt to expand road capacity to handle the increased traffic associated with events and provide secondary access for the golf course owner's proposed mega-development. The lawsuit says, in part:
1) "...use the LOOP ROAD during large events at the Avila Beach Resort to avoid the traffic and provide a secure path of travel for employees performing sensitive business tasks,"
2) "...use the Easements as an emergency exit."

The last time we saw the mega-project proposal it included three large Event Spaces, including an Event Lawn for 5,000 guests, 255 Guest Rooms, a Spa, Conference Space, a Lake and Pools and Camping Sites for 3,000 campers (campsites are reduced to 24 according to the golf course owner at the May meeting of the San Miguelito Mutual Water Company serving San Luis Bay Estates. We have not seen an updated plan yet, nor has AVAC). See components of the proposed project on AVAC's website: HERE .

Why You Should Care

Many have questioned the safety and desirability of such a large resort for tiny Avila. Our roads are already over-capacity many days of the year. Having another access road (one that does not resolve the hazard of one-way-in-and-out) could "pave" the way for this mega-resort to proceed.

If you enjoy visiting Avila or live anywhere in or near Avila, project approval by the SLO Board of Supervisors (BOS) will increase the likelihood of this resort being built. The resulting increase in traffic from events and resort guests will impact us all. If you are a resident of San Luis Bay Estates, you will compete with thousands from the golf course exiting on the loop road in an emergency.

We urge all to carefully consider how this new development fits with the Avila community and infrastructure. Approval of the mega-project by the BOS before Avila's General Plan Update (which is on a very slow track) means use of outdated (from the 1980's) rules and regulations. It also means disregarding considerable public input made at workshops for the Update concerning uses for the golf course. Concerned Citizens for Avila submitted 2,047 petitions and spoke to the BOS about this issue in April 2018. You can read about it in our May 2018 Newsletter: HERE

To express your concern please write to the BOS and urge delaying the development until adoption of the General Plan Update for Avila Beach so that current facts and circumstances determine development impacts: . (P lease copy Concerned Citizens:

The Avila General Plan Update needs to be completed and adopted before approving any new large development

Conditional Will Serve Letter Approved
In addition to new access for additional traffic, the proposed golf course mega-development needs a Will Serve Letter from the San Miguelito Mutual Water Company (SMMWC), guaranteeing water and sewer service. A "Conditional Will Serve Letter" was approved at the April SMMWC board meeting, despite uncertainty about retaining the existing wastewater facility lease and audience concerns about sufficient long-term water supply for the large project.
Correction to last newsletter
In the article about Avilone of Distinction Awards, Sherri, Anne and Joan were selected to receive their awards by an impartial community panel - not chosen by the Avila Beach Community Foundation.