Concerned Citizens for Avila
A Community Action Group
December 6, 2017
Together we can protect the natural environment, 
safety and accessibility of Avila.
Potential Development in Avila:
Golf Course Revises Strategy, 
Files Two Project Applications 
The Golf Course in Avila has recently submitted to the Department of Planning & Building a revised plan for a large development project. Preceding this, an application for a Temporary Outdoor Commercial Entertainment License was submitted to the Tax Collector. 

Despite that the Tax Collector Ordinance was intended for a single, one-time event for 3,000 or more attendees, the Golf Course application is for several years of numerous events.

Both of these projects could have significant impacts, particularly safety for Avila area residents, employees and visitors. Be informed! View these applications at the Avila Valley Advisory Council (AVAC) website. 

You can read the application documents under Current Issues on the AVAC website HERE.
Concerned Citizens at Envision Avila meeting Nov. 2
Envision Avila:
Summary of Fourth Meeting
During the November 2nd Workshop, 37 community members began crafting temporary event standards for the Community Plan Update. The main objectives of the meeting were to go over where we are in the update process, introduce the draft background report, and to begin drafting policy. 

The attendees were asked to participate in three table discussions:

- Define an event.
- Discuss non-profit events.
- List event impacts.

The outcome of these discussions was summed up during the workshop debrief. The suggested changes and perceived benefits & impacts will be used to draft a policy that will be discussed up at a future workshop. 

 and the Draft Events List can be seen under the meeting section at If you have additions/corrections to the Draft Events List, please email Sara Sanders at    
An Important Step in the Update Process:
The Draft Background Report
  The intent of the Draft Background Report is to provide a snapshot of current conditions and constraints. It also provides County staff an opportunity to see if there are any additional study needs. This is the factual foundation to the Community Plan Update so it needs to be strong .
The framework of the document includes three main sections:  
  • Current Conditions provides a baseline for each topic and current constraints.
  • Regulatory Setting provides a description of all federal, state, and local regulations related to the topic.
  • Emerging Directions provides any additional consideration and study needs during the update process.  
Due to the need for additional departmental review, the County Planning has delayed the release until mid-December at the earliest; they want to ensure it's done right. After release, there will be comment period for public input. CC4A will update you on the timing.
Public Input Requested:
2019 SLOCOG Regional Transportation Plan
Concerned about traffic and road congestion? Availability of travel mode options? Economic vitality? Safety and mobility? Act now and tell the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments (SLOCOG) about your transportation priorities for the next 20+ years!

SLOCOG is embarking on a program to involve the public in the development of its long-range transportation plan. The 2019 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and accompanying Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) is scheduled to be adopted in June 2019. It will provide a 20+ year vision for the future growth and development of the San Luis Obispo region, focusing on issues affecting our quality of life and environment over the decades to come.

More information on the 2019 RTP and a link to the online survey can be found at

Gratitude to Ann Feeser,
Inspiration for Avila Activism

The Concerned Citizens of Avila Board of Directors extend sincere thanks on behalf of members and the community to Ann Feeser for her hard work in launching our group and steering it for over two years.

Ann is known for her enthusiasm, boundless energy and commitment to the greater good. After pouring her heart into helping keep Avila safe and beautiful, Ann is stepping off the CC4A board, but will undoubtedly be as active as ever in and around Avila. That is, between road trips!
Document and Report!
There have been several incidents recently where traffic has snarled and slowed to a crawl on Avila main streets. These are reminders of what can happen and if there was an evacuation in progress, it could be a frightening situation. Help bring these examples to SLO County's attention by taking photos; note date, time, place and any observations, and send to County supervisors (simply cut and paste):

Debbie Arnold:
Lynn Compton:
Bruce Gibson:
Adam Hill:
John  Peschong:

And please copy the following:

Concerned Citizens:
District 3 Legislative Assistant, Hannah Miller:
County Public Works Department, Dave Flynn:
Director of Public Works, Wade Horton:
County Planning and Building Department, Marvin Rose:  

For specific violations, here are the contacts.  It makes a big difference to have this collection of incidents when these issues are raised with the Board of Supervisors:

  • Code Violations: Art Trinidade
  • Code Violations: Marie Cullinane  (805) 781-5704,
  • County Parks: Nick Franco  (805) 781-5930,
  • CHP: Michael Bueno (805) 593-3300,
  • Crime: County Sheriff  (805) 781-4550