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November 13, 2018
Together we can protect the natural environment, 
safety and accessibility of Avila.
Questionable Use of  Open Space Area

The community of Avila has long complained about the golf course use of an open space easement to not only park cars for events, but to profit by charging $6-$10 per car.

Paying for parking at May 27, 2018, golf course event.

An Open Space Easement to the County on the Golf Course (Doc. No. 21051, Official Records, County of San Luis Obispo) states: 

"Owner shall not use the Subject Property or any portion thereof as a parking lot...temporarily or otherwise ..." 

The easement belongs to the County's public. In addition to ignoring a prohibited use, the property owner's financial gain from parking fees could be considered an unlawful gift of public funds.

It's been many years of citizen complaints and no action. A positive development could be the sending of a letter from Code Enforcement to golf course owner. The contents, however, are unknown.

The County needs to resolve this situation.
Parking for golf course Tequila Festival in May, 2018.
Parking on open space for golf course concert November 4, 2018.

Fire Danger: 

Vehicles Parked on Open Space Lots

Unauthorized parked vehicles recently spotted along Bob Jones Trail have raised concerns of fire danger from parking on dry vegetation. A spark could cause a fire and with the surrounding dry grasses and parched hillsides...we all know what could happen. The unsightly trucks and RVs also interfere with the  natural landscape views for the many residents and visitors who use the trail.  

In 1998, Tract Map 2149-Unit 1 in San Luis Bay Estates was recorded creating Lot 279 which was designated as "Open Space" (photo below).  The Tract Map approval conditions require all open space parcels shall be maintained in a fire safe condition, consistent with the need to maintain and enhance wildlife habitat and native vegetation re-generation.

Community member Bob Pusanik has sent a letter to Department of Planning and Building Code Enforcement, Mr. Art Trinidade, stating, "The parking of vehicles on the open space lot, which is directly below homes in the Heron Crest HOA subdivision, creates a serious fire hazard. San Luis Obispo County would be negligent if it fails to provide a proper level of care by requiring removal of all vehicles in this high fire hazard area."

Keeping designated Open Space "open" is an ongoing challenge.
Vehicles on Lot 279 which is designated as open space.
New County Violations Resource
If you have concerns about code violations, here is a new resource at SLO County Planning and Building:  
Meeting of Diablo Decommissioning Panel
The Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Engagement Panel meets next on Wednesday, November 14, at 6:30 p.m., in the Board of Supervisors Chambers, County Government Center at Monterey and Santa Rosa Streets.
(A "poster session" from 6:00 to 6:25, at which PG&E representatives will be present to answer questions, will be in an adjacent conference room.)
Focus of the meeting is recommendations from the Panel about the decommissioning process, decommissioning financing, future use of Diablo lands and re-purposing of the facilities.  The monthly public meetings of the Panel are live-streamed on Channel 21.
Note: The meeting on Spent Nuclear Fuel is being planned for early 2019.
Roundabout Proposal for ABD at US 101
At the last AVAC meeting on November 5, SLO County Public Works presented plans for reconfiguration of the US 101 and Avila Beach Drive Interchange. G oal: "To provide traffic congestion relief and accommodate pedestrians and bicycles by reconfiguring the interchange." A roundabout is the current preferred option.

A Park & Ride will also be a part of this project which could help with traffic and parking downtown. Estimated Construction Cost: "Current alternatives range from $4 million to $7 million." 

For more information, see their website HERE and the b rochure HERE.
Reports Available on Public Works Website
Lots of information at your finger tips on SLO Public Works' website: 

"As part of a Parking Management Plan commissioned by the Port San Luis Harbor District including the town of Avila and the Harbor/Pier, San Luis Obispo Public Works is conducting a Capacity Analysis, Parking Study, and Circulation Study Update."

Click HERE to read the latest info from Public Works on Avila's traffic and parking issues.
CC4A Gets  Support from Donors

CC4A has received several generous donations during the past year. Every donation helps continue the mission to protect the natural environment, safety, and accessibility of Avila. Costs include subscriptions to Constant Contact (our newsletter and email management tool), website and domain names, and PO box. This past year we also purchased a membership to SPOKES which provides guidance on best practices for a non-profit organization.

I ssues facing Avila include safety, especially during an emergency evacuation, traffic, parking, large development, and multiplying events. Your donations are an investment in Avila's future.

You can make a donation online using the PayPal button below or mail a check to Concerned Citizens for Avila, PO Box 2476, Avila Beach, CA  93424-2476.

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