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January 31, 2018
Together we can protect the natural environment, 
safety and accessibility of Avila.
Hearing Intended for
Golf Course Events Application
Concerned Citizens for Avila will be updating you on golf course applications.

For the continually increasing number of unpermitted golf course events (for up to 3,000 attendees) a land use permit application to the County Department of Planning & Building is necessary. Instead, however, the applicant/golf course owner submitted a license application to the Tax Collector for multiple even larger events (for 3,000 to 6,000 attendees) involving 30 event days. The license application to the Tax Collector is per C hapter 6.56 of the County Code which provides for consideration of a Temporary Commercial Outdoor Entertainment License for a single event (of 3,000 or more attendees). 

Events under 3,000 attendees already have caused unacceptable hazardous traffic congestion and other impacts. Imagine double the number of attendees and also the huge increase in events and event days for tiny Avila with its unique cluster of hazards.

In addition to proposing 30 days of mega-events for several years, the applicant states, in two documents submitted to the County, intent to hold, unpermitted, an untold increased number of events for up to 3,000 attendees. 

An events venue, with conditions of operation for events, should be part of an
application for a golf course land use permit-- instead of separate applications.

You can read the application documents under Current Issues on the AVAC website HERE.

Concerned Citizens for Avila recognizes that a hold on certain types of development could be necessary until completion of the Avila Community Plan Update (Envision Avila). Approval of any large project in the interim would render the Update useless.
Golf Course Development Application
Revised & Expanded
Although this recent application is not deemed complete for processing, its magnitude is highly concerning.

While proposing components for events, excluded is proposal of events--for regulating as to number, when and how.

This latest proposal magnifies the earlier proposed golf course development project and includes:
  • A 65,340 sf Outdoor Pavilion
  • 9,000 sf Event Barn; 7,000 sf Hospitality Building
  • 100,000 sf Event Lawn for 5,000 guests
  • Nearly 150,000 sf of "bungalows" representing 255 guest rooms
  • A 4,600 sf Lobby; 12,000 sf spa; 12,000 sf Conference Space
  • Nearly 700,000 sf for camping sites holding 3,000 campers
Add to this all the staff vehicles, delivery trucks and service trucks.  Read a more detailed list HERE.
Where Oh Where is the Background Report?
As the months pass by and the extraordinarily lengthy four-year Community Plan Update process for tiny Avila lags, proposed huge development accelerates. A crucial piece of the update process, the Background Report, was announced by Planning Staff to be released for community review on November 3, 2017. Nearly 3 months later we are still waiting.

As a reminder, the Draft Background Report provides a snapshot of current conditions and constraints and an opportunity to see if there are additional study needs. This is the factual foundation to the Community Plan Update so it needs to be strong.

Envision Avila is the General Plan Update process underway (for which $800,000 was allocated). At the four community meetings since October 27, 2016, attendees have raised repeated concerns about increasing traffic congestion on busy weekends, unpermitted events, parking on open space easements, vacation rentals taking over downtown, and huge development proposals threatening the safety, natural environment and accessibility of Avila.

A terrifying reminder of the fire danger has settled on our community with the recent devastation in California from fires in Napa and in Ventura and SoCal. Deadly mudslides add to the heartbreak and fear.

We must keep questioning the wisdom of adding to an "Emergency Gridlock" situation in Avila Beach. Only one way out folks! Unless you count on boats picking us up on the beach.
What Growth is Reasonable for Avila?
It's hard to say, when our road is already at a level of use considered "impacted." If everyone had to evacuate, how long would it take? We should know this.

Another factor to consider: If tourists must wait in traffic to get to their new hotel/bungalow, and can't find a spot to park near the beach or a restaurant downtown, will they come?

Already we have heard people from Fresno and Bakersfield giving up on Avila because it is "too crowded." They are going elsewhere like Morro Bay and Pismo Beach. 

Avila Beach is, or was, a favored destination for County locals, whose taxes support the beach and harbor. Many have given up on Avila because of traffic and parking difficulties.

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