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10/9 - 10/13
Scholastic Book Fair

Board Meeting 6pm

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Parent/Teacher Conferences

Gift wrap Delivery

Java with Jay 8:05am

PTO Meeting 8:05am

Fall Break

October 3, 2017
Parent Teacher Conferences                                 

Wednesday, October 11th
 8:00 am - 6:00 pm.  
Conference times are offered through  SignUp Genius.  
 Select your class link below to sign-up for your conference time.

  K-2nd Grades         3rd-4th Grades

Conference Signup window will close next Tuesday, October 10th, at 12:30 pm

Johnny Appleseed Day!                                  
CCA Kindergartners celebrated 
Johnny Appleseed with a morning of fun activities and learning. Parents and siblings even joined in for the party!
Thank you Ms. Goodwin & Ms. Lover

Mr. Nolen Plays for 1st Graders!
CCA First Graders  are learning about the  Brass Orchestra Family.  Thank you, Mr. Nolen,  for sharing your talent  with our class! 
~ Mrs. MacFarland and  her First Grade Class

King Soopers Cards                                   
The CCA PTO will be issuing King Soopers/City Market preloaded with $2.50 for each new 2017-18 CCA family. The cards will be coming home with new family students this week.

Earning money for the school is simple:
  1. Reload your card with the cashier before check out.
  2. Pay for your groceries with the card.
  3. Reload again next time you shop.
  4. Each participating store will pay CCA PTO 5% of every dollar spent every 4 weeks, if we collectively reload $5,000 in a 4 week period.
Visualize this...if 150 CCA families commit to spending $250 with a shopping card each month, our school will earn $22,500 in one year. You can help CCA fundraise as you shop for food for your family!  If you do not have a card from previous years and would like to be a part of the fundraising, or if you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Rook by  clicking here .

Caring Communities September
Caring Community
Congratulations to all
CCA students 
who received 
Caring Communities
in August. 

Maverick the Eagle!

The Students Voted!
 Welcome Maverick 
our CCA Mascot!
Many thanks to Aaron & Sara Castro for pictures!!

This Friday is a Half-Day 
Friday October 6th is a half day.
Half-Day Pick Up Times:
K & 1st Grades:
11:45 am for the 3:05 pm group
2nd, 3rd, & 4th Grades:
11:55 am for the 3:25 pm group
7th & 8th Grades:
12:15 pm for the 3:35 pm group

Get Ready! Scholastic Book Fair October 9th to October 13th

Set the example. 


Let children see you read.

Have a collection of books

in your home with changing tastes and reading skills.


Support CCA's Book Fair. 

Allow your children to choose their own books to read. 


We still need volunteers for the CCA Scholastic Book Fair taking place next week, October 9-13! 
Dates/times currently remaining include:
  • Tuesday, Oct. 10 from 7:15-10:30 am and 1:30-4:30 pm
  • Wednesday, Oct. 11 from 7:15-10:30 am
  • Thursday, Oct. 12 from 7:15-10:30 am and 1:30-4:30 pm
  • Friday, Oct. 13 from 7:15-10:30 am
Please note: 
  • If you sign-up for the "morning rush" time frame, please arrive by 7:15 am so you are ready to begin helping   kids at 7:30 am. (The parking lot closes at 7:25 am, so you can park in the front of the school prior to your shift.)
  • Volunteers may be asked to complete other library tasks if/when book fair business is slow.
Thank you!     Amy Larson, CCA Librarian and Elizabeth Wyatt, CCA Book Fair Coordinator

HARD HAT NEWS - Foundation Walls Complete TODAY!!
Weekly Construction Update for 9/29 - 10/7 

Monday 10/2: Grout masonry walls in the basement level up to 8'. Place concrete on south foundation wall in front of window wells (upper half). This will complete the south foundation wall 100%.

Concrete trucks at 9am, 12 pm, 1:30 pm, and 4 pm.
CMU block delivery at 1 pm.

Lane closure is in effect.

  • Tuesday 10/3: Continue laying block for the masonry walls in the basement for final 4' of elevation. Place concrete on the west foundation wall. This will complete all foundation work.
  • Concrete trucks starting at noon.
  • Lane closure will be in effect.
  • Foundation crew to be demobilizing from site.
  • Wednesday 10/4: Grout final lift of masonry walls in the basement. Remove scaffolding and begin grade work in the basement. Haul out concrete debris and shotcrete overspray. Continue to demobilize foundation crew.
    • Lane closure in effect for trucks/trailers for foundation crew. Concrete truck for grout at 10:00 am.


Thursday 10/5: Continue grading and compaction work on basement subgrade.

Equipment delivery at 6 am.

Friday 10/6: Continue grading and compaction work on basement subgrade (dependent on weather).

Light vehicle traffic anticipated


Saturday 10/7: Continue/complete subgrade compaction/grading in basement. Begin underground plumbing.

JHL has planned ahead to minimize the impact to normal school operations, including traffic. Morning drop off and afternoon pick up will not change. JHL has scheduled all deliveries and truck/equipment traffic outside of our drop off and pick up times.

JHL created a safety video for our website, highlighting the efforts JHL takes to separate students from the construction as well as their thorough background checks for their employees, and other important efforts being taken to ensure a safe construction site. 

 JHL, DCS, RTA architects, and CCA leadership meet and discuss new construction tasks that involve safety matters at weekly Owner, Architect, Constructor meetings to ensure the safest site possible.

We are working with JHL Constructors and DCS, CCA's Owner's Rep, to schedule monthly tours for anyone interested in walking the project to hear and see first hand the progress being made. These tours will be held immediately following our regularly scheduled monthly PTO meetings. A PTO tour was held on Friday, 9/15. The next tour date will be 10/20 immediately following the PTO meeting.   Remember to wear close-toed shoes to participate!

Questions?  Please feel free to   click here  to email or check out our project website by  clicking here. There are exciting new photos posted!

A Message From Champions 
A message from Jasper with Champions Before and Aftercare.

These first weeks at CCA, I have enjoyed getting to know all of the Champions students and families. Thank you to parents who have been in touch with me about any concerns, and for working with us to resolve any scheduling and billing issues. My goal is to see that we are all on the same page going into October. 

Moving forward, Champions expects to have all student schedules submitted by the WED night PREVIOUS to the week scheduled. On the schedule you may choose AM care, PM care, or Champions HOUR. Since there is a rolling dismissal, we will honor Champions HOUR until 4:30pm for all students. Champions does not give credit for days schedule but unattended. However, if you have specific concerns about a billing issue, or emergency situations, we do want to work with you to find a good solution. 

Champions will offer coverage at CCA for Oct 11th, and Oct 23-27th.  The cost is $37 per day.  
Please schedule online as soon as possible!

Please contact me with any concerns or updates on the Champions phone at  720-273-9163, or email me at
Thank you!
Jasper Jones, Director

                            MAKES A  GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT!! gift_box_purple.jpg

Enjoy your student's artwork while helping CCA!           
CCA has teamed up with Original Artworks to offer this 
popular program again this year! 

This program offers a simple and fun way to preserve your student's artwork.  Sample items will be displayed in the hallway just outside the library of the school near the flags  Your student will be creating their own artwork in their art class. This artwork will be imprinted on everyday items. You can order a variety of practical items professionally made featuring your student's artwork!  
Why should you participate in this program?
This is an investment in the creativity of your student and also boosts their self-esteem! In addition, part of your purchase goes to CCA's PTO. With these funds, PTO sponsors events such as CCA Carnival, Donuts with Dads, Muffins with Moms, the CCA Multicultural Festival, Thanksgiving Baskets for Teachers, to name a few. Fundraising monies are also invested back in school through a grant program for teachers. 
Students will bring home their artwork and order form this week! Orders are due October 13th.
To volunteer contact Anna Wang 

 Your shopping can help support CCA PTO.
 Please follow the attached link to shop Amazon Smile 
and  CCA will receive money from Amazon.   Amazon Smile
Lock Down Drill on October 12
On October 12th at 9:15 , our SRO Mark Edson and other members of the Arapahoe Sheriff's department are going to practice a lockdown drill. They will be sweeping the halls and assisting us in making sure that our systems are in place and up to date, and that we are providing the safest possible environment for our students and staff.  We are excited to practice our first lockdown drill with our SRO and other members of Arapahoe County Sheriffs Department!

*****This is just a drill to ensure our system is in place.******

Student Photo Release
Dear Parents & Guardians.

This year we will be updating our website more frequently to assure it is engaging, informing and relevant. Our goal is to communicate our vibrant   CCA community and differentiate ourselves from the many school choices that families have today. We will also be developing printed materials to reflect who we are and what our mission is as a school.  

If you are a family that is happy to have pictures of your students published on the CCA website, The Eagle newsletter and printed materials, we want to hear from you!
A permission form is linked here and it is specific to the uses described, and exclusively for Cherry Creek Academy.  You can scan and email it back to us or send in with your student. Thank you for considering this. Questions? Contact Laura Rohling. Communications Specialist. 
Inclement Weather Policy
Happy Fall! 
With the rain coming, we  wanted to remind everyone of t he cold/inclement weather policy we have for indoor morning coverage this year. If it is below 22 degrees and/or actively raining, students will come inside.  On EVEN days, elementary students will go to the cafeteria while middle school students will go to classrooms.  On ODD days, elementary students will go straight to their classrooms and middle school students will report to the cafeteria.
Volunteer in Tech!
  The Technology Department needs volunteers.
  We need a few people to help with equipment cleaning (clearing air filters, sanitizing equipment, etc...).  
  Hours are flexible. Contact Ash at
Lunch Mobile APP is Here!
Mobile App for Android and Apple Now Available! Manage all of your school lunch orders from our new mobile app. Register, order, cancel, reset password and more, now all conveniently available from your mobile device. 
Download from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store by searching "Wholesome Food Services." 
Remember, orders must be placed by 1:00pm the day before delivery. Or order up to 60 days in advance. 

2017 Way to Go Schoolpool Registration
J oin Cherry Creek Academy's Schoolpool program to connect with other families to drive, walk or bike to school together.  We are pleased to partner with Schoolpool, a program to help parents get their students to/from school. It's free and there is no obligation to participate. Schoolpool is a service of Way to Go, a federally funded program of the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG).

Next Board Meeting October 10, 2017 at 6:00 pm.
Next Board Communications Committee Meeting October 20, 2017 at 9:00 am.

Parents are always welcome to attend the meetings and learn more about what is happening at the board level at CCA.  

The Communications committee welcomes and encourages parental feedback and involvement.  In an attempt to allow for more parent involvement, our next meeting will be immediately following the PTO meeting on Friday October 20 at 9:00 am.


Boys Soccer Fall 2017                         Girls Volleyball 2017

Come out to a game and show your Eagle Spirit! 
 Volunteer in the Cafeteria - We Need You!
Time: 10:40 am-1:00 pm. Come during your child's lunch or for the entire lunch period.  NOTE:  We are limited to the number of volunteers that can be in the lunchroom (max of 3 at any given time). 

Parents it is time to check your students' Milk Account. Go to: and log into your youngest child's POWERSCHOOL. 
Click BALANCE and look at "Meal Transactions" for your total.

Glass containers are NOT allowed in the lunchroom. Plastic or metal knives are also not allowed.   Please make sure your child has a lunch each day, whether it is school hot lunch or a home lunch. Please send questions to:    No glass containers in the cafeteria, please and thank you.
Students in grades 5-8 are invited to join Geography Club 
beginning 7:30 am Tuesday, September 19th in Ms. Cenname's room. 
We will play games and study various geographic topics in preparation for the Geography Bee. 

Geography Club will meet every  Tuesday  from 7:30-7:55 in Ms. Cenname's room. 
Please contact  Ms. Cenname or Mr. Mahan  for more details. 

See you next Tuesday!
Dear Parents, students, teachers, and friends,
Our school is actively participating in  Box Tops this year to earn money for Cherry Creek Academy .
Our goal as a school is to submit 10,000 Box Tops this fall.  If every student participates and submit's 25-50 or more this will be a success.  The school earns .10 cents per one Box Top clipping and they really add up when every single student participates.  read more here

Please get snipping!!  Thank you for your participation.
Melissa Shafi
Grades K - 8
Saturday October 7th, 2017
9:00 - 11:00 am
Come to camp and perform at a CCHS football halftime show!

Does your child struggle with organization and/or turning in assignments? 
Results Learning's C.E.O. (Concrete, Effective, Organizational Strategies) After School Homework Program at Cherry Creek Academy is designed to help your child build organization, time management, and study skills while completing homework.  

15 minutes in the cafeteria eating their lunches
10 minutes where students can choose to remain in the cafeteria and finish their lunches or go out to recess
15 minutes on the playground for recess
The above lists the lunchtimes for CCA students for 2017-18. If you wish to require your student(s) to dedicate the 10 minute flex time to continuing to eat their lunches, please  click here to print the necessary form. Please return the completed form to the front desk or
click here to email it.  Printed copies of this form are also available at the front desk.

Click here  for the 2017-18 CCA Academic Calendar . A printed calendar was sent home in student homework folders the week before Winter break last year. New families should have received a copy with admission. You cannot miss the calendars; they are bright, key lime green!  Please make use of the  Master Calendar  on CCA's website. It is updated daily. It runs along the left-hand side of the homepage on our website under the heading  Upcoming Events.

Need the Red, White and Blue Calendar? It's right here.