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September 12, 2017
Principal's Note
Fly Like An Eagle Team Building Day!

Welcome back to Cherry Creek Academy! It's hard to believe that we're starting our 6th week of school. I'm so glad that you are here for CCA's 23rd year. Did you know that our first CCA 8th grade graduates are now 37 years old?   Hard to believe!

Team building Fly Like an Eagle Day
What fun it was to participate last Friday in our Inaugural Fall Team Building Day! All Kindergarten through 8th grade students were paired up with student buddies from different grades, and participated in nearly ten memorable team building exercises. 

The bonding between students and student teams that I witnessed was incredible. This event surpassed my already high expectations and is certain to become an annual event moving forward.  Kudos to specials teachers 
Meg MacFarland and Kiaya Rutz for organizing such a memorable day!

Gift Wrap Fundraiser 
Our "Great American Opportunities" fundraiser is will run through this Thursday, September 14th. Thanks to Leslie Temple for Chairing
this important committee. Remember to stock up on wrapping paper and gifts! Also, make sure you called your friends and neighbors to give them the
opportunity to purchase products from Great American - while at the same time benefiting CCA!

Welcome back! 
We are so thrilled to be given the opportunity to teach your children. We have a great year planned ahead of us! Please continue to stay involved at CCA. Your combined help is the equivalent of hiring 8 more staff members each and every year! 

We welcome you, and the investment you make in your children.

Jay Cerny
Principal, Cherry Creek Academy
Our 2017 Student Council was elected on Monday.
Congratulations to our 2017/2018 Council!
Max W. - President
Nikalina S.  - Vice President
Rachel C. - Council Member
Isabella S. - Council Member
Allen R. -   Council Member
Please join us this Friday, September 15th at 8:05 am in the cafeteria for the September PTO meeting. Coffee will be available and younger siblings are always welcome. 
The 2017 FALL FUNDRAISER runs for 2 MORE DAYS! 
The Fall Fundraiser ends this Thursday September 14th! Make sure your kids are getting their COOP's!!

We only a short time left before we are through the PTO's biggest fundraiser of the year!!  
We are working with a brand new company this year and we are very excited with their catalog and online offerings.
There are a lot of fun ways for the kids to start winning prizes with this fundraiser by tomorrow, so please check your information packet!  You will want to know everything about how to earn the collectibles!
Any support that you can give will be appreciated.  Great American offers another 1,500 items online!  And remember you can order online  and have the items delivered to the school.
Visit the CCA page at 
Our code is 4939096. 
In addition to the prizes students can earn through the fundraising company, we are awarding 
T arget gift cards  to the top three students selling the highest dollar amounts of products!
       First place - $50 gift card
Second place - $40 gift card
Third place - $30 gift card
We also have free dress days for different competitions for sales and participation also!

If you have any questions please email Lesley Temple at
Besides the events the PTO sponsors, the PTO also puts money back into the school to benefit all of the students.
 Amazon Smile
Your shopping can help support CCA PTO.  
Please follow the attached link to shop Amazon Smile 
and CCA will receive money from Amazon.
As a part of your child's P.E. program this year, we are focusing on the five components of fitness - 
Cardio, Endurance, Strength, Flexibility, and Body Composition.
Get Fit for grades 1-3 and FitnessGram  for grades 4-12 are Cherry Creek School District initiatives, and while these programs are being implemented this year at CCA, they were adopted by CCSD several years ago for all CCSD schools. FitnessGram started in 2010, and is now used to measure general fitness for over 10 Million 4-12 grade US students each year. 

Students in Grades 1-3 will participate in the Get Fit Challenge during class time. The Get Fit Challenge is based on ActivityGram, which correlates with the FitnessGram assessment. The program is a collection of activities, movements, and exercises that educate students about different ways to stay active outside of PE.

Students in grades 4-8 will be participating in FitnessGram, similar to a version of the Presidential Physical Fitness Program that CCA has participated in over the years. Students will create a SMART goal, (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely) setting personalized goals for themselves, and then work to accomplish those goals. By participating in the FitnessGram assessments in the Fall and Spring, the students SMART goals are realized with real data on growth and accomplishments.
Part of the FitnessGram program has a weight component. We understand that weight, even if measured in a completely private way, can be a sensitive issue.  If you do not wish to have your children participate in the weight part of this, you can opt out of that.  The fitness results will not be as complete, but all of the other results will still be available.  Students will have no grade penalty if parents choose to opt them out of the weight portion. (There is a skin fold component to FitnessGram that CCA has opted not to measure.) 
Please see the letter from Ms. Rutz, our PE Teacher, which has many details and specific information.
To learn more about CCSD PE initiatives go here.                            
Here is the remainder of the schedule for our Volleyball and Soccer Teams

Come out to a game and show your Eagle Spirit! 
** Playoffs for top 4 teams will be 1st week of November.***
Practice will be located on the CCA Field or Gym and will be from 3:30 to 4:45 on any weekday besides Fridays and  game days . Players not picked up by 5:00 will be sent to Champions.            
Attention all CCA students and staff! 
THIS Friday, September 15, 2017 will be a "free dress day" if you give $2 to your teacher for the out of uniform privilege . All proceeds will go to the CCA Hurricane Relief Fund for the victims of the recent hurricanes.  
Let's show our Eagle Spirit as we help others!
Hello new CCA Families! 

We're adding you to our emergency texting system on Wednesday, 9/13 . You should receive a short code text from 67587. Please confirm that you'd like to receive these messages by responding "Y". This is used only for emergency texts such as lightning delay at pickup, school closures, etc.   Please email Hethyr Fouse  if you have any questions. Thank you!                               

student_help.jpg The Technology Department needs volunteers.

We need a few people to help with equipment cleaning (clearing air filters, sanitizing equipment, etc...).       
Hours are flexible. Contact Ash at

Attention CAA families!  On Friday, September 15, 2017, at 7:30 AM, come enjoy donuts, juice and coffee with your student while you catch up with other CCA families. 

Your annual activity fee covers the cost.  Students must attend with an adult.  Please RSVP by Tuesday, September 12, 2017 to confirm how many students and adults are attending. We don't want to run out of donuts or muffins!   If anyone would like to volunteer to help with the event, please contact Elizabeth Gold
Colorful Donuts and coffee breakfast composition with different color styles of doughnuts over an aged wooden desk background.
Drop Off & Pick Up.... or As The Car Turns
Dear Parents - Congratulations!  We are in Week 6 of school. Now that we have found our groove, we would like to give you some tips for school drop off and pick up.  School traffic gets heavy, so our goal is to be safe and to have traffic flow quickly.

Drop off is from 7:30 am - 8:00 am on Caley.

Pick up  locations and times change depending on the grade/carpool of the oldest sibling.

We are here to help!  Stay in your cars and we will be sure your children get to you. Ms. Sadie and Mrs. Waldron are outside in the mornings and will assist students.  If you need help please honk your horn to get our attention and we will be there for you. All teachers will be walking K-4 students to their cars in the afternoon. They will assist in getting your students to you.

Passenger Side:  Please have your student exit the car on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Please stay in line.  As students reach their cars the line will progress - promise. Pulling out of the car line or cutting inevitably slows down the process and is disrespectful to all those that are waiting their turn.

Signs  are posted to help you go through the pickup/dropoff line.

Parking lots are closed  at 7:25-8:15 am and from 2:45-3:45 pm.  If you find yourself parked in the lot during these times, please stay in the lot and a staff member will open the lot after car line is complete. We are sorry that this detains you, but this is for the safety of the students.

Other Helpful tips:
The back lot is reserved for staff parking and afternoon dismissal.

Helping your students to be ready to exit the car when they get to school helps them prepare for departure and their day of learning and adventure!  

By limiting the use of your trunk for holding student's backpacks, we can move the line even quicker and safer, especially in ice and snow.

Detailed information can be found here Look for the For Parents tab and then the Parking and Traffic section.  If you have any questions contact Sadie (our Traffic Supervisor) at

Here's to a great year! Thank you for your help!

Caring Community

Congratulations to all
 CCA students 
who received 
Caring Communities
in August. 

Students in grades 5-8 are invited to join Geography Club beginning 7:30 am Tuesday, September 19th in Ms. Cenname's room. We will play games and study various geographic topics in preparation for the Geography Bee.  Geography Club will meet every  Tuesday  from 7:30-7:55 in Ms. Cenname's room.  Please contact 
Ms. Cenname or Mr. Mahan for more details. 
After School Fencing Program

What is the Scholastic Fencing League?
Our mission is to introduce the Olympic sport of fencing to students, grades 2 nd and up in a safe and fun environment, while promoting the values of character, honor, integrity, strategy and athleticism.

How Does Our Program Work?
The Scholastic Fencing League offers instruction in the sport of fencing, including footwork, blade work, tactics and strategy by providing instructors for after-school programs which are (specially) trained in the Maestro Glon Method of Fencing.  Scholastic Fencing League offers 8-week sessions, once per week for parents enrolling their students in the program, and provides all necessary fencing equipment.
Classes for students in grades 2-8 , in the CCA Gym Thursdays from 3:40 to 4:25 PM
Practice will start on September 14th.
Course Fee
The cost for the 8-week session, once per week, is $130. Class space is limited to 20 students. 


The Board would like to extend a warm welcome to CCA's new Communications Specialist.  We are thrilled that this position has been added to the Administrative team and look forward to working with Ms. Rohling to continue to improve communication with the CCA community.

Join the CCA Board Communications Committee Meeting  this evening (Tuesday 9/12) at 5:15 in the conference room, immediately preceding the Board Meeting at 6:pm.  In an ongoing quest to improve communications at CCA, and allow the CCA Board to most effectively encourage communications between all parents and community members, we would like to invite anyone interested in being involved at the "committee level" (ie: where the "real work" gets done) to join us for these committee meetings.  This is the perfect opportunity to share your questions and feedback regarding our school and how the Board can effectively communicate with our parents and community.  

If you're able - come for the 5:15 Communications Committee meeting, then stay for the Board meeting at 6:pm.  If you're unable to attend the meeting, but have questions, feedback or general information to share regarding board communications at CCA, feel free to send an email to Communications Committee Chair, Annie Harnett at

Sept. 12  Communications Committee Meeting - 5:15 pm
Sept. 12  Board Meeting -  6:00 pm

The CCA Parent Senate Board is now called the Board of Directors. The Board invites all parents to the Committee Meetings. Meeting Agendas are available on the CCA Website by clicking here
WHAT IS PEER HELPERS?  paper_people_chain.jpg
CCA Peer Helpers is a club where students learn important conflict resolution skills in order to help their fellow CCA peers and community.
Every Friday at 7:15 am
Upstairs Conference Room
Any Middle School student who is interested in helping 
their CCA community.  Other grades are accepted with prior approval from Mr. Loomis. 
Please email Mr. Loomis at or Ms. Karah Yamauchi at   We hope to see you there!

Dear Parents, students, teachers, and friends,
Our school is actively participating in Box Tops this year to earn money for Cherry Creek Academy . Our goal as a school is to submit 10,000 Box Tops this fall.  If every student participates and submit's 25-50 or more this will be a success.  The school earns .10 cents per one Box Top clipping and they really add up when every single student participates.  

We are asking for you to send them in a baggie with your student.  They will put them in the BOX TOPS giant canister.  If they give them to there teacher, he or she may tell the student to bring them to the canister.  The BOX TOPS receiving canister will be located near the entrance to the school near lost and found, in bright purple.  This way teachers don't have to collect them and the front office does not get cluttered and overwhelmed with bags.  
There are 2 submission times per year.  One in fall, right before fall break on  Oct. 21 and again in Spring in March.  So please submit your box tops already cut.  Please do not cut the expiration date off the edge.  We are currently trying to reach 10,000 Box Tops.  We have a school committee that will be counting every week.  These next 4 weeks will be important to buy participating foods and cut them and submit them. 

If the school reaches 10,000 then Mr. Cerny has approved 
a free dress day TBD!!!   You can find BOX TOPS on all different foods, and kleenex boxes, and other popular family brand names.   Please get snipping!!  Thank you for your participation.
Melissa Shafi
Weekly Construction Update for 9/9 - 9/16  
Saturday 9/9: Continue tying rebar for east foundation wall. Adjust formwork for west and south foundation walls.
 Moderate vehicle traffic anticipated.

Sunday 9/10: Continue tying rebar for east wall, begin tying rebar for south foundation wall.
Moderate vehicle traffic anticipated.

Monday 9/11: Continue tying rebar on south foundation wall. Begin excavating and forming grade beams. Prep and place concrete for elevator pit slab. Begin setting anchors/embeds.
Moderate to heavy vehicle traffic anticipated between 10 am and 1 pm.
Two concrete trucks and one concrete pump will arrive around 11:30am - 12:00 noon.
Formwork delivery between 9 am and 10:00 am.
Tuesday 9/12: Continue tying rebar on north and south foundation walls, begin tying rebar for grade beams. Begin shotcrete for foundation walls (east wall first). Continue anchors/embeds for structural steel connections.
Moderate vehicle traffic anticipated, several concrete trucks will be in and out  between 9 am and 2 pm.  Shotcrete may resume after 4 pm if needed to hit target production.
Wednesday 9/13: Continue tying rebar for north foundation wall. Continue shotcrete for east foundation wall. Continue anchors/embeds for structural steel connections.
Moderate vehicle traffic anticipated, several concrete trucks will be in and out between  9 am and 2 pm.  Shotcrete may resume after 4 pm if needed to hit target production.
Thursday 9/14: Complete shotcrete for east foundation wall, begin shotcrete on south foundation wall. Complete rebar on north foundation wall. Continue anchors/embeds for structural steel connections.
Moderate vehicle traffic anticipated, several concrete trucks will be in and out between  9 am and 2 pm.  Shotcrete may resume after 4 pm if needed to hit target production.
Friday 9/15: Continue shotcrete for south foundation wall with the goal of completing the south wall. Over-excavate and compact crane pad area, west of the cafeteria. Continue anchors/embeds for structural steel connections.
Moderate vehicle traffic anticipated, several concrete trucks will be in and out between  9 am and 2 pm.  Shotcrete may resume after 4 pm if needed to hit target production. 
Saturday 9/16: Remove dirt ramp to expose entire west foundation wall, haul out fill material. Begin tying rebar on west wall. Shotcrete north foundation wall.
There will be heavy vehicle traffic through the north parking lot due to haul  trucks cycling for ramp removal and concrete trucks for shotcrete. JHL requests north parking lot be emptied for the day.

JHL has planned ahead to minimize the impact to normal school operations, including traffic. Morning drop off and afternoon pick up will not change. JHL has scheduled all deliveries and truck/equipment traffic outside of our drop off and pick up times.

JHL created a safety video for our website, highlighting the efforts JHL takes to separate students from the construction as well as their thorough background checks for their employees, and other important efforts being taken to ensure a safe construction site. 

 JHL, DCS, RTA architects, and CCA leadership meet and discuss new construction tasks that involve safety matters at weekly Owner, Architect, Constructor meetings to ensure the safest site possible.

We are working with JHL Constructors and DCS, CCA's Owner's Rep, to schedule monthly tours for anyone interested in walking the project to hear and see first hand the progress being made. These tours will be held immediately following our regularly scheduled monthly PTO meetings. The first tour was held on Friday, August 18th at approximately 9:00 am.   Next tour is scheduled for Friday, September 15th immediately following the PTO meeting.  Remember to wear close-toed shoes to participate!

Questions?  Please feel free to  click here to email or check out our project website by  clicking here. There are exciting new photos posted!

From Your Communications Specialist
Hello CCA Community! My name is Laura Rohling. A bit about me.  I studied graphic design, advertising and direct marketing at Massachusetts College of Art and Bentley College in the Boston area, where I grew up. My career spans 27 years and I have worked with advertising & design agencies; for companies in various industries; and private & charter schools. Work led me from Boston to Chicago and finally to Denver, where I met my husband, Hank and life has never been the same! We have 3 children, Henry, Maggie, and Max. For the past 14 years I have worked and volunteered for my children's schools. Specifically, working on communications, websites, auctions, special events and school promotion. It is a privilege to be working with the CCA staff and faculty, and as a top charter school in Colorado, very exciting! There are so many things to be proud of here at Cherry Creek Academy, and it is a joy to be among those professionals and parents so committed to the education and future of our children. I am honored to serve you!  Laura Rohling
NICHE Results
Please review our 2018 Niche Rankings, published last week on When compared to other schools, CCA had ranked scores in the 98th or 99th percentile in all areas (Arapahoe Co., Denver, Colorado, National).  Once again, congratulations to our CCA students and teachers for this strong showing., Inc., formerly known as College Prowler, is an American company headquartered in  Pittsburgh Pennsylvania , that runs a college and school   ranking   and  review site . The company was founded in 2002 as a  publisher  of print guidebooks on  US  colleges . For the past several years,  Niche has also run a website with ranking information on  K-12 schools colleges cities , and  neighborhoods .

Empowering Kids with Confidence, Power and Passion
Wednesday September 13th, 2017
7:00 - 8:45 pm

Grades K - 8
Saturday October 7th, 2017
9:00 - 11:00 am
Come to camp and perform at a CCHS football halftime show!

Does your child struggle with organization and/or turning in assignments? Results Learning's C.E.O. (Concrete, Effective, Organizational Strategies) After School Homework Program at Cherry Creek Academy is designed to help your child build organization, time management, and study skills while completing homework.
Read More Here

15 minutes in the cafeteria eating their lunches
10 minutes where students can choose to remain in the cafeteria and finish their lunches or go out to recess
15 minutes on the playground for recess
The above lists the lunchtimes for CCA students for 2017-18. If you wish to require your student(s) to dedicate the 10 minute flex time to continuing to eat their lunches, please
click here to print the necessary form. Please return the completed  form to the front desk or
click here to email it.  Printed copies of this form are also available at the front desk.

Click here  for the 2017-18 CCA Academic Calendar . A printed calendar was sent home in student homework folders the week before Winter break last year. New families should have received a copy with admission. You cannot miss the calendars; they are bright, key lime green!  Please make use of the  Master Calendar  on CCA's website. It is updated daily. It runs along the left-hand side of the homepage on our website under the heading  Upcoming Events.

Need the Red, White and Blue Calendar? It's right here.

Cherry Creek Academy