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Fly Like an Eagle & Social Media Safety / Teacher Double Feature / Eagle Awards / From The Board / Moms Night Out / Thanksgiving Baskets / CCA Foundation - End of Year Giving / Pastries with Parents / Hard Hat News & CCA Staff Tour / Skate City Night / Future CCHS Bruins Night / and more!
An informative evening at CCA TONIGHT,  November 14.   First, join us at 5:00 pm for presentations by the Elementary (K-4) team of teachers, addressing the approach, curriculum, and exciting happenings in each of our elementary grades. Stay for the "Town Hall" meeting at 6:00 pm, immediately followed by the November Board meeting at 7:00 pm. 
Elementary Teacher Presentations 5:00 pm
Town Hall Meeting. 6:00 pm Cafeteria
Board Meeting. 7:00 pm Library
(childcare will be provided for the evening)
Java with Jay 8:05 am
Picture Retake
FREE DRESS DAY! (for meeting Box Top goal)
Pastries with Parents 7:30 am
PTO Meeting 8:05 am
Thanksgiving Baskets
11/22 - 11/26
No School / Thanksgiving Break
CCA Character Program
Social Media Safety
Dave Loomis, Dean of Students

I have recently spent a significant amount of time working with students on how to properly use social media. As I have done this I have come to a realization that our parent population may find some tips and information on how to counsel your student in the new digital landscape helpful.

Today’s student is very skilled in how to access all available social media. They are much more advanced technologically than their parents were at that same age. However, today’s student is not anymore mature than their parents were at that same age.  The combination of advanced tech skills and normal pre-teen and teenage maturity are not always a good match. Students have the ability to access anything and anybody that is on the Internet. This is an awesome responsibility in your young students’ hands.

I am more frequently encountering situations in which a student has accessed something too mature for them, has posted something inappropriate or has had contact with potential negative people and sites. In many of these incidents parents have shared that while they knew their student was on Instagram or Snapchat, they didn’t know how to access these sites themselves, or weren’t fully aware of what their children were doing on these sites.  These sites are not like Facebook, which has become the place where grandparents go to see pictures of their grandkids. Instagram and Snapchat are where kids go to interact without their parents supervision. 

Social Media is changing the world we live in rapidly. As an educator I stay on top of this but it is moving at a pace that requires constant vigilance.
I understand how parents can feel overwhelmed by the rapidly changing social media landscape, and staying on top of your students’ online activity can be daunting. Here are some proactive ideas you can use at home.

  • Learn as much as you can about all the sites your child has access to.

  • Keep a close eye on what media your student is accessing. 

  • Ask to see what they are posting. 

  • Limit what they can access and make sure it is safe. 

  • Check on who their friends are on social media. 

  • Don’t be afraid to take away media access if your student is making mistakes using it.  

You, as parents, know how important this is. Technology and social media allows your student to travel the world and to learn and discover. They are still young enough that we need to make sure we are there to chaperone this travel and to keep them safe from potential hazards and dangers. 

I have listed some helpful articles and I am always available to assist you and your student.

Learn as much as you can about all the sites your child has access to.

Dave Loomis, Dean of Students
Instilling Eagle Character Traits as an Educator
By Megan MacFarland

As a teacher at CCA we all have the opportunity and privilege to invest ourselves in activities that go above and beyond the basic duties of an educator. It is here that we can engage in activities that speak to our specific interests and priorities. For myself personally, in addition to teaching music, art and physical education, I am passionate about seeing our Eagle character traits instilled in our young people. 

Each week I have the opportunity to visit the First grade classrooms and share books that model one or more of our traits. Using personal life connections and role playing, the students have a concrete lesson on how to implement the traits into their own life experiences. It is my greatest hope that listening to my funny childhood antics and learning about our Eagle traits through literature will begin to lay the foundation of character excellence.  
Eagle Character Awards were celebrated yesterday. Congratulations to all. We are proud of our students! A list of all recipients will be in next weeks Eagle.
Teacher Double Feature
A new feature! The Eagle will highlight one or two of our excellent CCA Faculty each week.
Dakota Mahan
5/6 History & Geography
Athletic Director

Dakota grew up in Oklahoma and attended
Oklahoma State University where he earned his BA in Education. After graduating he moved to California and while there, married his lovely wife Annemarie. Fun fact: Dakota and Annemarie drove to Colorado the day after they got married, after accepting a teaching position. He had to report to CCA within days.

Dakota loves the outdoors and spends time fishing, camping, climbing, and hiking. He also loves house projects and has at this point, re-done their entire house, floor to ceiling! The Mahans are very excited for the arrival of their baby girl, due in February!

He reads a lot of History and also loves Fantasy and Science Fiction. Another fun fact: Dakota
wanted to be a Fighter Pilot when he grew up. (Top Gun was his fave!)

Dakota plans to return to school to get his Masters and, hopefully, PhD/EhD so that one day he can teach teachers. He also wants to publish and is working towards a children's book and a collection of short stories that are autobiographical. CCA is truly blessed to have Dakota!
Kiaya Rutz
Physical Education

Kiaya was born and raised in Colorado. She is a graduate of Thunder Ridge HS, where her mom and dad also worked. Fun fact: her mom now works with women to break the cycle of addiction and get them rehabilitated and back to the world. Both mom and daughter are in such noble professions!

After Thunder Ridge, Kiaya went to Adams State College where she studied Human Performance in Sports and played volleyball for 3 years. Kiaya finished her degree in Human Performance in Sports at Metro State. Before arriving at CCA in June she taught at other CCSD schools. 

Kiaya has one daughter, Aaliayah, who is about to turn 5 years old and she is the joy of her life! Family is so important to Kiaya and when she is not at CCA, her spare time is spent with her daughter and family. She is a huge Jurassic Park fan and loves all the movies.

Kiaya told the Eagle that her first impression of CCA was how incredibly polite and caring the students are. She remembers after one of her first classes that she taught, students thanked her for the class and her time, and it made such an impression! Welcome to CCA, Kiaya!
From Your CCA Board

The CCA Parent Board of Directors met with Administration on Saturday Nov. 4 for the annual Strategic Planning Session, a practice that allows Administration to bring the Board and any community members who wish to attend "up to date" on current strategic planning goals and trends of the school. It was a successful meeting and we look forward continuing in excellence at CCA.
An informative evening at CCA TONIGHT, November 14.  First, join us at 5:pm for presentations by the Elementary (K-4) team of teachers, addressing the approach, curriculum, and exciting happenings in each of our elementary grades. Stay for the "Town Hall" meeting at 6:pm, immediately followed by the November Board meeting at 7:00 pm. 
CHILDCARE WILL BE PROVIDED BY CHAMPIONS throughout the evening. Come for all or part of the evening - what a great way to learn about what is happening at CCA right now!

There's no better way to be involved at CCA!
Finally, the Board wants to remind all parents that it's not too late to fulfill your requirements to run for the Board of Directors this Spring for the 2018 - 2019 school year.  In order to qualify, candidates must have attended at least two Board meetings and personally completed at least half of their family's mandatory volunteer hours prior to the election process.   You can begin fulfilling these requirements now! 
Calling All Moms!
Please join us 
THIS Friday, November 17, at 6:00 pm ,
for a fun evening with drinks and hors d'oeuvres at the  CCA's Moms' Night Out  event. Julie Williams will be hosting again this year at her lovely home
There is a $15 charge for the event.

Scrip Gift Card Fundraiser

Our Annual Scrip Gift Card Fundraiser will be kicking off this week!  It's your one stop shop for gift cards! Please check your child's backpack for the CCA Staff Wish List and order form.  All orders are due Dec 4  and will be available for pick up before school on Dec 11. If you have any questions, please contact Jenny Haynes at

Teacher and Staff
Thanksgiving Baskets

Dear CCA Parents,
Giving our wonderful teachers and staff a basketful of goodies around Thanksgiving has been a longtime tradition here at CCA.

We need your help to fill their baskets and show them
how much we appreciate all the time they give to our children. The CCA PTO will be putting together the baskets and we’re asking every CCA family to donate the item(s) listed below by grade level.

Donations will be collected curbside on Thursday, November 16th as you drop off your children at school. A parent volunteer or student council member will be in the front of the school to assist the children.

If you are attending Pastries with Parents on Friday November 17th, please just bring your donation inside the building.

If you have any questions, please contact Natalie Sourial at .
Please have your CCA student(s) bring the following on
this Thursday, Nov. 16th:

(Full Day and Half Day): 1 fresh pineapple

1st Grade :
4 pears (not ripe yet, please!)

2nd Grade :
1 bag of chocolate candy
(ie:Hershey’s, Dove, etc.)

3rd grade:
1 scented candle (6oz or 8oz please)

4th grade :
2 mangoes OR 2 pomegranates
(not ripe yet, please!)

5th grade : 1
$5.00 Starbucks giftcard

6th grade :
1 box of butter microwave popcorn

7th grade:
1 box of tea (any flavor, i.e. pumpkin spice, Good Earth, earl grey, etc.)

8th grade :
4 red apples

Thank you for helping us continue
this tradition of thanks at CCA!
PTO Meeting Friday & PTO Minutes

Please join us this Friday November 17th 
at 8:05 am  in the cafeteria for our November PTO meeting. Coffee will be served
and younger siblings are always welcome. 

Original Works to be Delivered!

Original Works orders will be delivered by the end of week this week.   Please open your order and check to make sure everything is accurate and complete. Please contact Anna Wang  if you are available to help with sorting and delivering the orders to the classroom, or if there are any issues with your orders.

King Soopers Cards
Visualize this...if 150 CCA families commit to spending $250 with a King Soopers shopping card each month, our school will earn $22,500 in one year!  You can help CCA fund raise as you shop for food for your family! If you have any questions, please  contact Rebecca Rook .

Earning money for the school is simple:
1. Reload your card at the cashier before check out.
2. Pay for your groceries with the card.
3. Reload again next time you shop.
4. King Soopers will pay CCA PTO 5% of every dollar spent every 4 weeks, if we collectively reload $5,000  in a 4 week period.
If you're looking for a tax write-off as the end of the year approaches, or want to give back to our school, look no further! The CCA FOUNDATION is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established by our founders to provide ongoing financial support to Cherry Creek Academy. All donations are used toward education and/or facility improvements so that CCA may carry out its mission of “Motivated students and responsible parents working together with exemplary teachers for excellent education." DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE! If you would like to give, you can pay via check or credit card (see the "Support CCA" tab and click on the paypal link )
Please make checks payable to the “CCA Foundation” and either bring into the office or mail to the school at:
CCA Foundation
c/o Cherry Creek Academy
6260 S. Dayton St.
Englewood CO 80111

TAX ID# 84-1431830

Many companies participate in CORPORATE MATCHING! Please check with your employer to see if they will provide some percentage of a match to your gift. To make Corporate Matching easy, just give the above information to your employer.  

If you need more information, please contact Cyndy Holmes at
Pastries with Parents
Friday, November 17, 2017, at 7:30 AM, come enjoy donuts, muffins, juice and coffee with your student while you catch up with other CCA families. Your annual activity fee covers the cost.   Students must attend with an adult.   Please  RSVP by Tuesday, November 14, 2017 and confirm how many students and adults are attending. We don't want to run out of muffins or donuts! If anyone would like to volunteer to help with the event, please contact Elizabeth Gold
Hard Hat News
Kristin Nowak, Business Directo r
 Weekly Construction Update for 11/13 - 11/18

Monday 11/13 : Masonry begins on the first floor masonry walls. Progress will start on the north and east walls. Steel framing will also begin in the basement level.Minimal vehicle traffic, with two or three deliveries throughout the day. Lane closure to be in effect from 9am – 2pm.There will be an increase in construction personnel this whole week.

Tuesday 11/14: Masonry continues on first floor. Steel framing also to continue in basement level.Minimal vehicle traffic. No major deliveries planned.

Wednesday 11/15: Masonry continues on the first floor. Steel framing to continue in the basement.Minimal vehicle traffic. No major deliveries planned.

Thursday 11/16: Masonry continues on the first floor, steel framing to continue in the basement.Minimal vehicle traffic. No major deliveries planned.

Friday 11/17: Masonry continues on the first floor, steel framing to continue in the basement.Minimal vehicle traffic. No major deliveries planned.

Saturday 11/18: Masonry continues on the first floor. North wall should be complete, work anticipated to begin on the east/north gym walls.
JHL has planned ahead to minimize the impact to normal school operations, including traffic. Morning drop off and afternoon pick up will not change. JHL has scheduled all deliveries and truck/equipment traffic outside of our drop off and pick up times.
JHL created a safety video for our website, highlighting the efforts JHL takes to separate students from the construction as well as their thorough background checks for their employees, and other important efforts being taken to ensure a safe construction site. 

JHL, DCS, RTA architects, and CCA leadership meet and discuss new construction tasks that involve safety matters at weekly Owner, Architect, Constructor meetings to ensure the safest site possible.

We are working with JHL Constructors and DCS, CCA's Owner's Rep, to schedule monthly tours for anyone interested in walking the project to hear and see first hand the progress being made. These tours will be held immediately following our regularly scheduled monthly PTO meetings. A PTO tour was held on Friday, 9/15. The next tour date will be 10/20 immediately following the PTO meeting. Remember to wear close-toed shoes to participate!

Questions? Please feel free to  to email  or check out our  project website . There are exciting new photos posted!

 A CCA Staff tour was conducted
last Friday morning
by JHL Superintendent, Nate Lucht.
Skate City Dates Set!
Save the Date! CCA Skate City nights are set!  
A fun way for students and families to get together and play outside of school hours.
Each night will have discounted pricing, special themes and food specials.

November 15 / 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

December 21 / 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
February 7 / 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
March 13 / 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Open House at CCHS

Future Bruins Night THIS Thursday, November 16th. Please arrive to the Fine Arts Theater by 6:00 pm.  
Cherry Creek High School is hosting an Open House for prospective students in grades 5 th  through 8 th . Students and parents can tour the campus and attend mini-classes with CCHS faculty.  Future Bruins Night is also a great opportunity to meet teachers, department coordinators, coaches and representatives of the numerous sports and clubs.
Come to Future Bruins Night and see everything Cherry Creek High School has to offer! For more information, please visit
Parking will be available on the north side of the campus, entering the lots off of East Union Avenue or South Dayton Street. If you have any questions, please contact Julie Hill at .

Carpool Corner
Carpool needed for 8th grader. We live on Smoky Hill and Tower. I am a nurse and my schedule is not consistent so I need someone that can be flexible. I would also be interested in joining an existing carpool to split driving 3 ways (I have room for 4-5 kids) or even paying for transportation on my work days. Please let me know if you can help, I start a new job on 10/30. Thank you! Jessica Adams  720-936-4947

If you have a posting for carpools, please  email the Eagle  by Monday at noon. The Eagle is published every Tuesday at 12:30 pm when school is in session.
Carpool Matching Service
Join Cherry Creek Academy's Schoolpool program to connect with other families to drive, walk or bike to school together. We are pleased to partner with Schoolpool, a program to help parents get their students to/from school. It's free and there is no obligation to participate. Schoolpool is a service of Way to Go, a federally funded program of the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG).

Homework Club
Does your child struggle with organization and/or turning in assignments? 

Results Learning's C.E.O. (Concrete, Effective, Organizational Strategies) After School Homework Program at Cherry Creek Academy is designed to help your child build organization, time management, and study skills while completing homework. 


P.I.N. Parent Information Network
Parent Information Network tackles tough issues and provides parent support.

If you have a posting for the Eagle  please email us    by Monday at noon.  
The Eagle is published every Tuesday at 12:30 pm  when school is in session.

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