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December 4 th , 2018
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In this Edition
  • Upcoming Events
  • SAC Survey: Coming Soon
  • The Latest News from CCA
  • School Safety
  • Skate Party: Success
  • Parking & Traffic Safety: Map
  • Winter Reminder: Weather and Health
  • Computer Sciences at Cherry Creek Academy
  • Rich Morrow Math Competition: Success
  • Caring Community: November
  • Accelerated Reader: 100 Point Club
  • CCA Script Card Fundraiser
  • Original Artworks Update
  • Amazon Smile
  • Used Uniform Sale Information
  • News from Student Council
  • Tips from Maverick
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Destination Imagination: CCA Teams Forming
  • Cafeteria News
  • Current Employment Opportunities
  • Upcoming Events in CCSD & Community
  • Cherry Creek Elementary Chess League
  • Creek Poms
  • Helpful Links
Upcoming Events
  • December 4
SAC Meeting
Basketball games: Boys Home/Girls Away
  • December 5
Schoolhouse Talk
Girls Basketball Practice
  • December 6
Finance Committee Meeting
Girls Basketball Practice
Winter Music Festival
  • December 7
Governance Meeting
  • December 10
Basketball games: Boys Home/Girls Away
  • December 11
Basketball games: Girls Home/Boys Away
Board Meeting
  • December 12
Boys Basketball game: Home
  • December 13
Girls Basketball Practice
  • December 14
Photo Retakes
  • December 17
Girls Basketball Game: Away
Boys Basketball Practice
  • December 18
Basketball games: Boys Home/Girls Away
  • December 19
CCA Tour
Girls Basketball Practice
  • December 20
Basketball games: Girls Home/Boys Away
  • December 21
Second Quarter Ends
PTO Meeting
  • December 22 - January 4
Winter Break
December 5th: Schoolhouse Talk
Please join Dr. Ann Schultz, CCA's Executive Director and other community members for an informal discussion about our school.
December 6th: Finance Committee Meeting
Please join us at 8:05 a.m. in Dr. Schultz's office for the December Finance Committee Meeting.
December 6th: Winter Music Festival
Please join CCA's K-5, Band, and Choir Students for an evening full of music and cheer.

Students are encouraged to dress up.
December 7th: Governance Committee Meeting
Please join us at 2:00 p.m.for the December Governance Committee Meeting.
December 7th: Parents' Night Off
Join us for a "Parents' Night Off" Pajama Party on December 7th
in the CCA gym and cafeteria from 5:00-9:00 p.m.

Drop your kindergarten - 5th grade kids off for an evening of fun, games, pizza, and a movie while you enjoy a night off! 

8th grade students and parent chaperones will entertain and feed your kids. Kids may wear pajamas and bring a pillow and/or blanket for movie time.

This is a fundraiser to raise money for the 8th Grade Washington D.C. trip. 

Only $20 per child for 4 hours of fun if you sign up TODAY, December 4th. Price increases to $25 per child on December 5th and December 6th. Final day to register is December 6th. 

Please send your kids with a water bottle.
Candy, popcorn, and water will be available for additional charge.

You can pay cash at the door or use paypal in advance ( r  OR )

We need at least 50 participants to run this wonderful night, so don’t delay and sign up TODAY up by clicking here .

What will you do with your night off? Dinner? Movie? Holiday shopping? 
Or just enjoy a little quiet time? It is up to you!

If you have any questions, please contact Jenny Sunker, CCA Parent and PTO committee member, at
SAC Surveys Coming Soon
Dear CCA Parents,

CCA values your feedback and would like to hear from you. After Winter Break, you will have an opportunity to provide both positive and constructive feedback on teachers and the school environment via our two annual surveys. The Teacher Feedback Survey and The Climate Survey will be available starting January 8th. You are allowed to enter two volunteer hours for taking both surveys. Please look for the link in future Eagles.
The Latest News from Cherry Creek Academy
School Safety
Cherry Creek Academy takes student safety very seriously. We are focused on student safety in a variety of ways that we have shared with you recently, including social emotional safety through school-wide initiatives like Peer Helpers and the Buddy Bench. We also shared information regarding digital citizenship in the November 13th Eagle and have arranged presentations by experts to help ensure that you're able to keep your children safe while using the internet at home.

Last week on Thursday, November 29th, CCA conducted a full scale lockdown drill. According to the police officers supervising the drill, CCA staff and students performed well. Soon after the drill commenced, parents and guardians received an email with more information regarding the lockdown drill. You can view that email by clicking here.

CCA has lockdown and evacuation drills throughout the school year and fire drills monthly. CCA also has Safety and Crisis team meetings once per month. Please note that information shared regarding safety drills are shared after the drill is completed and may be kept vague in order to ensure student and staff safety and remain compliant with Cherry Creek School District protocol.
Skate City Party Success
73 skaters came out and had a great time at the Glow Party on Tuesday, November 27th. This event raised $182.50 for CCA.
Parking & Traffic: Friendly Reminders
Drop-off Time and Location
School begins at 8:05 a.m. Supervision for student drop-off is provided from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. All students must be dropped off on the north side of Caley. There is one line of cars on Caley. We ask that you stay in this line and continuously pull up. There is a yellow sign one car length past the opening of the front lot. NO STUDENTS may be dropped off until they have pulled up past that sign. This is for the flow of traffic and the safety of all our students. Please stay in line, do not pull around cars to get ahead. 

Afternoon Pick-up Times and Locations
Strictly adhere to the indicated times. If you arrive prior to your student’s assigned pick-up time, you may be asked to leave and come back at your scheduled time. CCA staff will accompany students at all times. Those who do not have older CCA siblings or belong to a carpool with older members will immediately go outside to be picked up at their assigned time. 
For more information regarding traffic and safety at CCA,
please click here .
Winter Reminders
The cold of winter is on its way. It takes only minutes for exposed skin to become frostbitten if the temperature is below 20 degrees F and the wind is blowing at 20 mph or more, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

The Cherry Creek School District asks that parents and guardians make sure their students are prepared for winter weather. Please send your student to school dressed appropriately for daily conditions. Layers are a good idea for days that are cold in the morning and milder during the middle of the day. Protect your student’s head, hands and feet. Substantial heat loss occurs through the scalp so a hood, hat or scarf is essential. Keep hands warm with mittens or gloves and keep feet warm and dry by ensuring that your student wears socks and appropriate shoes or boots.

Students are outside both before and after school as well as during recess time. If the temperature or wind chill factor is below 20 degrees during the school day, indoor recess will be held. If school is cancelled or delayed because of bad weather, families will receive an automated phone call no later than 6 a.m. The Weather Hotline, 720-554-4701, is updated and notifications are posted on the district website,, and sent to local media agencies.

Because the Cherry Creek School District is 108 square miles conditions may vary in different areas of the district, even from neighborhood to neighborhood. Parents and guardians are encouraged to make decisions based on conditions in their area and what is best for their family. If parents choose to keep their children home from school on a day school is held, the students’ absence will be excused.

For information on weather related delays and closures, please click here.
Guidelines from the Colorado Department of Health
Computer Sciences at Cherry Creek Academy
This week is Computer Sciences Education week!

Did you know that CCA has expanded their Computer Sciences curriculum and we now have 2 technology labs and 2 amazing technology teachers. Mrs. Shepperd teaches kindergarten - fourth technology and Mr. Geltman teaches fifth - eighth. At CCA we believe that technology is the future so it extends beyond these two classrooms. Students in all grade levels utilize technology throughout the day and in their core classes because we know that computer science is a foundational knowledge that all students need.

Last year, Mr. Geltman applied for a technology grant through Century Link and was given $4,998.00 that afforded CCA the ability to purchase two 3D printers. Both Mr. Geltman and Mrs. Shepperd instill a love of technology in CCA students are are helping them get a solid foundation for a technology filled future.

For some interesting statistics about Computer Sciences in Colorado please click here. You can also click on the videos below for more general information and inspiration.
Rich Morrow Math Competition: Success
Saturday, December 1st, was the Rich Morrow Challenge at Smoky Hill High School. CCA students were placed in the Tier 1 division and performed well despite it being very tough. Charan N. from 5th grade was CCA's top performing student.
November's Caring Community
Have you heard your child excitingly tell you they visited Mr. Loomis’ mailbox today? Or have you noticed a colorful square sticker on their shirt? If you have, your child was awarded a Caring Community. Here at CCA the staff love to recognize students displaying our Eagle Honor Traits.

Bimonthly, a name from each grade level is drawn for the Monthly Caring Community Winners. Free dress and a prize is rewarded with the hopes more students will hop on board and join CCA’s anti-bullying campaign. So when you hear about your child visiting Mr. Loomis’ mailbox or see your child displaying a CCA ABC (Anti-Bullying Campaign) character sticker ask them what task they were recognized for and congratulate them on thinking beyond themselves. 
November's Caring Community Members
*Denotes Caring Community Winner
Accelerated Reader: 100 Point Club
Students who meet the following requirements by the end of the year, become members of the 100 Point Club and are awarded a customized medal engraved with their name. 

Yearly Point Requirements by Grade*
Kindergarten  - 45 AR points
First Grade  - 65 AR points
Second Grade  - 90 AR points
Third through Sixth Grades  - 100 AR points
S eventh and Eighth Grades**  - 125 AR points

Former CCA alumni Emma H. holds the record, earning a whopping 2,004 points within one year. She was only in the fifth grade and has held the record since 2009. That is a long time! CCA is due for a new record holder.

*Seventh and Eighth Grade students may take AR quizzes to earn points, even though they have no Accelerated Reader requirement.

**The points and a cumulative quiz average of 85 percent must be earned by Friday, May 3rd, 2019. 
CCA Script Card Fundraiser:
Our Annual Scrip Gift Card Fundraiser will be kicking off this week!  It’s your one stop shop for gift cards!  Please check your child’s backpack for the CCA Staff Wish List and order form or click the buttons below to access them digitally.   All orders are due tomorrow, December 5th, and will be available for pick up before and after school on December 13th.   If you have any questions, please contact Jenny Haynes at
Original Artworks: Delivery Coming Soon
Dear Parents,

The Original Artworks products are shipping this week and should be sent home with students around Friday, December 7th.

Please open your order(s) immediately and ensure that they are accurate.

If something in your order(s) needs to be corrected, please let Subha Thoppay at know as soon as possible.

Include these details:
  • Student name
  • Grade
  • Teacher name
  • Order number
  • Detailed description of the product including orientation
  • For example: "The artwork is horizontal and it's an ocean with red boat."
  • Issues with the product

Please contact Subha Thoppay at by December 12th with all of the requested details provided if you have any issues.
Amazon Smile
The CCA PTO would also like to request that you utilize Amazon's awesome Smile feature for your purchases from Amazon this holiday season. By using Smile , you can increase donations to CCA PTO.

Please visit  to set up your existing Amazon account as a Smile account.  Select Cherry Creek Academy PTO as your charity and 0.5% of eligible purchases will be given back to the PTO.
Used Uniform Sale
It's time to dig through the closets and collect your uniforms that you would like to have in the spring uniform sale. Please remember inventory sheets, instructions and forms are online . Collection days are for morning drop off only December 11th, 13th, 18th, 19th and 20th. You can drop off your uniforms at the front office again please make sure that all bags have a filled out inventory sheet. This will be the only time for uniform collect for the spring sale. if you are interested in helping with the used uniform sale please contact Nikki Takacs
News from Student Council
Snack Shack is open for 5th - 8th graders. A variety of snacks are available to purchase for $1.00 every Friday.

These snacks include Sour Skittles, Airheads, Hot Cheetos, soda, and more! All of this money will go toward the 8th grade formal and boys volleyball.

Please check back later for information about the Winter Dance.
Student Council Meetings are held every Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 a.m. in the CCA Cafeteria.
The More You Know: Tips from Maverick
  • The Yearbook Committee is looking for volunteers to take pictures for the yearbook, if you are interested, please sign up here.
  • Monday Munchies: Looking for a way to volunteer, but you're short on time? Bring treats for our wonderful teachers on Monday.
Please note the Volunteer Policy has been updated to include information on caring for pets over break: Taking home a class pet can accrue 2 hours per day that the animal is in a
family’s home.
Destination Imagination: Sign Up Now

Allowing students to use the microwave is a safety hazard and poses a risk for getting burns for students, therefore, s udents  DO NOT  have access to a microwave;
however, we do have hot water for the students who bring their own “Cup Noodles.”

Login   to see the complete line up of menu items available each day.

Order lunch at   .

You can order up to 60 days in advance and right up until 1:00 p.m. the day before delivery.

 Late cancellations can be made until 8:oo a.m. the day of delivery.

Please contact us with any questions or for ordering help at
1-800- 872-0226
Current Employment Opportunities
  • Substitute Teachers

If you are interested in any of the positions listed above, please click here for more information and email your resume and cover letter to .
Upcoming Events in Cherry Creek School District & the Community
Cherry Creek Elementary Chess League
Cherry creek Elementary chess league is District level chess tournament run for Kindergarten to fifth grade students. The meets are on Thursdays for each Thursday, starting in January (date to be finalized). If you are interested to participate in the tournament email  for further details.