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January 23, 2018
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  • Upcoming Events
  • Important News from the CCA School Board
  • No Name Calling Contest Winners
  • Dress Code Policy Reminder
  • Geography Bee Winners
  • Seasonal Reminder- Illness Policy
  • SAC Committee Thanks YOU!
  • Letter of Intent to Withdraw
  • Fly Like an Eagle
  • Important Message from Champions After School Care
  • Accelerated Reader 100 Point Club
  • A Message about Lunches
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Spring Uniform Sale Update - Cancelled
  • Hard Hat News
  • Helpful Links
1/23 - Geography Bee; Girls Basketball American Academy in Castle Pines; Boys JV Basketball, American Academy in Parker, Boys V Basketball, American Academ y in Parker
1/25 - Academic Awards Assembly; Boys JV Basketball C2E ; Boys V Basketball C2E
1/26 - Student Council Movie Night
1/30 - Athletic Pictures
2/06 - SAC Committee Meeting
02/08 - Eagle Honors Assembly
02/09 - Q3 Midterm; Financial Committee Meeting
02/13 - Middle School Teacher Introduction and Presentations; CCA Board Meeting
02/14 - Governance Meeting
02/16 - PTO Meeting; Construction Tour
02/19 - President's Day: NO SCHOOL
02/21 - Java with Jay; School Tour
02/23 - Teacher Work Day: HALF DAY
02/28 - Parent Teacher Conferences: NO SCHOOL
Date: January 25 th
• K-1 st grade : 9:45 - 10:15
• 2 nd -4 th grade : 9:00 - 9:30
• 5 th -8 th grade : 8:15 - 8:45
Location: CCA Cafeteria
We apologize for any inconvenience to parents who believed the Academic Awards Assembly was on January 16 th .
Athletic Pictures on January 30 th
Athletic pictures will be taken after school during normal practice time on January 30 th .

Order forms will be coming home soon!
We are at 900 box tops and need to reach 10,000 to get another free dress day .

Deadline is Feb.20th.

Please make sure the are cut down.
It will save the box top team a lot of time!
CCA Multicultural Festival 2018: Celebrating the Cultures of the World

Date: Friday, March 16th
Time: 5:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Are you excited about celebrating the different cultures of the world with a fun filled evening of
music, dance, food, and activities from various countries?

Please, use the links below to represent a country or volunteer to help:
To volunteer to represent a country:
To volunteer to help with the Festival in general:

Stay tuned for information about performances!

Your ideas, suggestions and feedback is always appreciated. Please, send your comments to
Important News from the CCA School Board
The CCA Board had an informative and productive meeting on Tuesday evening, January 16. Thank you to everyone who attended.

A huge congratulations to the whole CCA Community, especially our students, teachers, and administration for once again receiving the 2017  John Irwin School of Excellence award . CCA is one of only 9 schools who has received the award every year since the awards inception in 1999.  
In addition, the Board is proud that CCA Administration was selected to talk at the  Colorado Charter Conference  this year: “The Death of Antiquated Strategic Planning.” Kristin Nowak will also be a panelist in Business Leadership session. The leadership team also applied and was accepted at  Harvard Graduate School of Educational Leadership  over the summer.   
The Board wants to remind all parents that it's not too late to fulfill your requirements to run for the  Election to the Board of Directors  this Spring for the 2018 - 2019 school year. In order to qualify, candidates must have attended at least two Board meetings this school year and personally completed at least half of their family's mandatory volunteer hours prior to the election process. You can begin fulfilling these requirements now! See the full Election Policy and list of Eligibility Requirements   HERE . There's no better way to be involved at CCA.There will be three spots up for election/re-election this year. They are: Jennifer Bailey, Tom Malott, Bob Jamieson.   The Board approved two additional parent representatives to serve on the 2018 Election Committee, adding Meredith Quarles and Rebecca Rook to the 2018 Election Committee as parent representatives.

The Board approved an updated  Grievance Protocol  that is part of the CCA Parent Handbook and CCA Teacher Handbook. You can see the protocol on page 37 of the  Parent Handbook . In addition, Annemarie Mahan has been collaborating with teachers to add a section in the parent student handbook on  Building a Positive Community . This will include messages such as assume the best; understand that teachers have the student’s best interests at heart; don’t escalate matters unnecessarily; positive collaborative communication. This new language will be completed before enrollment packets go out so that it can be included.
The monthly  Finance Committee  meeting was last Friday. The current budget was done in May 2017, and the Board approved an adopted revised budget for the rest of the school year. We are $30,000 under budget.   
The  Governance Committee  proposed and the Board approved an amendment to the non-negotiable stating that a school year must have a minimum of 182 7-hour days. The revision calculates the hours of instruction in a different way. Our non-negotiable of 182 7-hour days will be converted into instructional hours, which will be 1274 hours. This will allow credit to be given to ½ days of instruction and allow administration more flexibility when drafting the annual school calendar. In addition, the school calendar for the 2018-2019 school year was presented and approved.
No Name Calling Contest
Great job to all of the students who created amazing posters! It was astounding to see how creative and thoughtful our students are!
K-1: Iris D. and Michael G.
2-4: Karolina C. and Sasha S.
5-8: Sarah R. and Emma H. 
Dress Code: A Friendly Remider
  • No costume headbands or hair accessories
  • One pair of post earrings only
  • Solid, uniform colored socks and tights
  • Students must wear a belt if their pants have belt loops

It is Cherry Creek Academy’s philosophy that the learning environment is significantly influenced by student’s attire. The purpose of CCA’s uniform policy is to reinforce an academic atmosphere, minimize economic and competitive differences among students, reduce the distraction and cost of fashion, and reduce disruption and disciplinary problems.

Please take a few moments to review the student dress code policy on pages 24-27 in CCA's Parent Student Handbook .
Smart Watches Policy
"Smart Watches" are allowed at CCA. However, if they become a distraction to a student they will be confiscated and the student will lose this privilege. If your student chooses to wear a smart watch at school, it must remain on "airplane mode" during school hours. This feature prevents the watch from sending and receiving text messages and phone calls.
Geography Bee
Great job to all of our 5 th -8 th grade students who participated in CCA's Annual Geography Bee! It was amazing to see how astute our students are!
Pictured (from left to right): Juliana Giroue, Prakash K. Dakota Mahan, and Danny F.

Prakash K. - First Place
Danny F. - Second Place
Seasonal Reminder
You must keep children home if their temperature is 100.3° or above without medication.

Please keep sick children home in order to preserve a healthy school environment and prevent the spread of illness.
SAC Thanks You!
A big THANKS to those of you who participated in the SAC Surveys.
The data collection window is now closed and the data is being reviewed.
Feedback received for teachers will be used for performance evaluations, and Administration and SAC will be reviewing the Climate Survey data. The data will be compiled and shared with the CCA Board and SAC.
The data will be shared with the community during the MAY Town Hall, so please be sure to attend! 
Letter of Intent to Withdraw 2018-2019
It is that time of the year again! 

We are beginning the enrollment process for the 2018-2019 school year. In order to ensure we have an accurate count for the upcoming school year we ask that you complete the attached form only if you do NOT plan on your child returning to Cherry Creek Academy.

For your convenience, please use this form: Intent to Withdraw

Forms must be completed by February 2 nd .

Letters can be delivered in person, by email , or fax (303-779-8817).
A Message from Mr. Loomis- Student Dean
I recently spent time helping a student who was exhibiting some major symptoms of anxiety. This student had a conflict with another student and was struggling to figure out how to proceed. There were a lot of tears and anguish. This student needed a "cool down period" in order to get their anxiety under control, but eventually this student was able to “pull it together” and go back to class.

Anxiety is a common problem among students. There is a lot of pressure on students to succeed both academically and socially. Some students handle this pressure better than others.

I spend a lot of time helping the students at CCA deal with their stress and anxiety. I know many parents also deal with these issues, both their own anxiety and stress and their children's. I’ve been asked several times for some advice on how I help students calm down and move past sometimes crippling anxiety.

Here are a few things parents can try.

1. Remind your student to breathe. I have students take deep breaths and concentrate on their breathing. As simple as this sounds, it helps most students start the calming process.

2. I tell them “ I get anxious sometimes too.” I then share a time when I was stressed. I try to find a story I can share that is similar to what they are going through. Empathy helps ease a student’s anxiety.

3. “We are a team.” Let them know you will work on whatever it is that is stressing them together. As a team you can overcome anything.

4. Remind them that worrying is normal. Students need to know that being anxious does not mean something is wrong with them.

5. Tell them, “ You are not alone in how you feel.” Share stories of people who have been anxious or afraid. Letting your student know that other people have to overcome anxiety too helps. Let them know everyone has these moments of fear or anxiety.

6. Tell them “You can do this.” Have them repeat this or a similar phrase over and over. Athletes use these types of phrases frequently when competing.

I hope you find some of these useful.
Thank you and I hope everyone has a great week.
A few announcements from Champions.
All Champions locations will be closed on President's Day, Mon 2/19, for a professional training day.

Please mark your calendars for that day and make sure you have other plans for your child.

Champions will be offering care on half day, Friday, February 23 rd ,
and full day, Wednesday, February 28 th .
HOWEVER, we need at least 10 kids enrolled in order to offer coverage here at CCA. Otherwise, care will be offered at another location, most likely Parker Performing Arts School .

If you plan to use Champions these days, please enroll online ASAP.

Summer registration is now open!

You can register online in your parent account. Summer program will be held here at CCA, and hours will be 8a-5p Monday- Friday. We will be closed July 4 th . We will be hosting other schools here as well, and we anticipate some of these other schools will have a high enrollment.

Please sign up as soon as you can to ensure a spot!
If you have questions, please ask Mr. Jasper!

As always, you can reach us at 720-273-9163 or .
100 Point Club

Students who meet the following requirements by the end of the year, become members of the 100 Point Club and are awarded a customized medal engraved with their name.

Yearly Point Requirements by Grade

Kindergarten - 45 AR points
First Grade - 65 AR points
Second Grade - 90 AR points
Third through Sixth Grades - 100 AR points
Seventh and Eighth Grades - 125 AR points

Seventh and Eighth Grade students may take AR quizzes to earn points even thought they no longer have and Accelerated Reader requirement.

The points and a cumulative quiz average of 85% must be earned by Friday, May 11th.

Former CCA alumni Emma Hope holds the record, earning a whopping 2,004 points within one year. She was only in the fifth grade, at the time, and has held the record since 2009. That is long time!

Is it time for a new record holder?
We Need You!
Volunteer in the Cafeteria
10:40 am - 1:00 pm


Students DO NOT have access to a microwave; however, we do have hot water for the students who bring their own “Cup Noodles.”

Reminder letters will go out next week for all students with low or outstanding Milk Account balances.

Go to: and log into your youngest child's POWERSCHOOL. 
Click BALANCE and look at "Meal Transactions" for your total.

Please send questions to:

As always, orders can be placed until 1:00 p.m. the day prior to delivery.

Please contact us with any questions or for ordering help at
1-800- 872-0226
CCA is looking for a dedicated crosswalk guard to work for a couple of hours each day. The hours are from 7:15-8:15 and 2:45-3:45 M-F. Please email Mr. Hargreaves if you are interested in applying for this position! Your responsibilities will include; reliability, supervising children, escorting students and families across the street.
Used Uniform Update
Dear CCA Families,

Due to construction at CCA, Uniforms are being stored at a storage unit and other issues we regret to inform you that we are canceling The spring Used Uniform Sale.

We will be collecting used uniforms for the Fall Used Uniform Sale in May.

Dates and times TBD

Thank you,
Used Uniform Committee
  • Saturday 1/20: Electrical routing investigations in the existing building (for the new RTU power feeds).
  • Monday 1/22: Complete framing the first floor admin area, continue electrical and HVAC rough-in for the first floor admin area, continue exterior building insulation. Complete CMU pilaster installation at Stair 5.Minimal traffic anticipated, no major deliveries scheduled
  • Tuesday 1/23: Complete framing in the basement around stair 3, begin framing around stair 5. Continue electrical and mechanical rough in in the first floor admin area. Continue gym electrical rough in. Continue exterior building insulation. Remove temp wall in existing admin hallway and secure exterior doors into the new construction space.Minimal traffic anticipated, no major deliveries scheduled
  • Wednesday 1/24: Complete framing around stair 5, continue electrical/mechanical rough in on the first floor. Deliver and stage drywall for the basement the basement. Resume steel erection at the first floor NW entry (near the elevator). Continue exterior building insulation.Minimal traffic anticipated
  • Drywall and insulation delivery scheduled for around 10 am.
  • Thursday 1/25: Continue drywall installation in the basement. Continue steel erection at the NW entry. Continue electrical and mechanical rough-in for the first floor. Continue exterior building insulation.Minimal traffic anticipated, no major deliveries scheduled
  • Friday 1/26: Continue drywall installation in the basement. Complete steel erection at the NW entry. Continue electrical and mechanical rough-in for the first floor. Continue exterior building insulation.Minimal traffic anticipated, no major deliveries scheduled.
JHL has planned ahead to minimize the impact to normal school operations, including traffic. Morning drop off and afternoon pick up will not change. JHL has scheduled all deliveries and truck/equipment traffic outside of our drop off and pick up times.

JHL created a safety video for our website, highlighting the efforts JHL takes to separate students from the construction as well as their thorough background checks for their employees, and other important efforts being taken to ensure a safe construction site. 

JHL, DCS, RTA architects, and CCA leadership meet and discuss new construction tasks that involve safety matters at weekly Owner, Architect, Constructor meetings to ensure the safest site possible.

We are working with JHL Constructors and DCS, CCA's Owner's Rep, to schedule monthly tours for anyone interested in walking the project to hear and see first hand the progress being made. These tours will be held immediately following our regularly scheduled monthly PTO meetings. The next tour date will be 02 /16 immediately following the PTO meeting.  Remember to wear close-toed shoes to participate!

Questions? Please feel free to  to email  or check out our   project website  to see all the exciting new photos we have posted!