CCA praises co-op-friendly motion passed this week in Parliament

Ottawa, April 7, 2017 - The Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) congratulates Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada (CMC) on the occasion of a breakthrough Private Member's Motion adopted in unanimity by the House of Commons on Wednesday.
Motion M-100 tabled by Liberal M.P. Alexandra Mend├Ęs (Brossard - St-Lambert) sends a clear message and mandate to the Government of Canada to establish a framework that will promote the recognition and development of co-operatives in Canada. It also asks Government of Canada Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) to establish a national co-operative development strategy.

In a release issued yesterday, CMC President Doug Potentier applauded the vote: "This motion is an important step toward building public and government understanding of how co-operatives contribute to economic growth and prosperity in line with the government's own priorities.  Energy transition, indigenous and rural community development, emerging digital platforms, home care, health care and any number of other challenges we face today are ideally suited to co-operative solutions." 
"We are very pleased to see this come to pass and commend CMC on their excellent government relations work and advocacy that led to this success," says CCA Executive Director Michael Casey. "Much of our co-operative development work around the world entails working with governments and civil society in many of our partner countries to establish laws and legislative frameworks which enable the growth and strengthening of co-operatives, credit unions and their federations. CMC has been actively engaged in promoting and advocating for this Motion which will be an important catalyst for co-operative development in Canada. This has been on the agenda of past lobby efforts by CMC Board members visiting Members of Parliament."
Mr. Casey was invited by CMC Executive Director Denyse Guy to attend and observe the vote in the House of Commons and to join CMC staffers and Board member Stephanie Guico in a meeting afterwards with the sponsoring M.P. Alexandra Mendes and her staff, as well as supporter M.P. Lloyd Longfield (Guelph).  
The Motion:   

"That, in the opinion of the House, the government should recognize the important role co-operatives play in the economy and ensure that they continue to thrive by taking concrete steps such as: (a) developing, in consultation with provincial and territorial governments, Indigenous communities and the co-operative sector, a federal co-operative strategy to promote and support Canada's co-operative sector; and (b) providing periodic progress reports on pre-established goals and targets."

What is a Private Member's Motion?

Private Members' motions are used to introduce a wide range of issues and are framed either as orders or resolutions, depending on their intent. Motions attempting to make a declaration of opinion or purpose, without ordering or requiring a particular course of action, are considered resolutions. (House of Commons Procedure and Practice (Second Edition, 2009
M-100 is the platform upon which the government can engage with co-operative and mutual stakeholders. To solve our challenges together using the co-operative model, the Government of Canada needs to promote the co-operative model, contribute to its development, and facilitate an exchange and dialogue with the co-operative sector. Motion M-100 is catalyst to achieving that goal.

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Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada (CMC) is the national, bilingual association for co-operatives and mutuals in Canada. Through advocacy with the federal government, CMC provides a knowledgeable voice committed to improving the economic and regulatory environment for co-operatives and mutuals on behalf of our members. CMC's members come from many sectors of the economy, including finance, insurance, agri-food and supply, wholesale and retail, housing, health, forestry, education, funeral services, public utilities and community development. CMC provides leadership to support, promote, and develop the co-operative economy in Canada. The co-operative and mutual movement in Canada counts more than 18 million memberships from approximately 9,000 co-operative and mutual enterprises.
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