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The Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles is a partnership of the ten agencies listed below. We work together to coordinate and deliver services to strengthen families and ensure high-quality child care and early learning across Los Angeles County.

Cristina Alvarado
Executive Director
Coming Soon To A Freeway Near You

The Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles is fortunate to share a long-term advocacy relationship with Senator Holly Mitchell.  This is why we're happy to convey to you our upcoming Public Service Advertising Campaign.

Together with Senator Mitchell and the California State Outdoor Advertising Association, the Child Care Alliance will feature the billboard pictured above at strategic locations within Los Angeles.

Fiona Stewart Selected Master Leader
We are honored to announce that our very own Fiona Stewart was selected as a Master Leader by Child Care Exchange.  She is among 38 Master Leaders chosen as "Experienced Professionals who have proven themselves able leaders in their organization and who are taking leadership in building the profession and advocating for children and families."

Fiona is Program Director of the Child Care Alliance.  She oversees professional development programs such as  Gateways for Early Educators™, Race to the Top, Choose Health LA Child Care, Nemours Early Care and Education Learning Collaboratives and the ECE Workforce Registry.

There is currently an intense focus on the quality of early childhood education, and to have this type of expertise available within the Child Care Alliance asserts our commitment in this area.

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Choose Health LA Child Care Report
We continue to deliver programs at the community level through our partner agencies.  As one example, the Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles has a successful partnership with the LA County  Department of Public Health.  The graphic below shows some specific results of this work for Fiscal Year 2014-15.

Overview of Scope of Services Rendered By The    Child Care Alliance
We are also working closely with our statewide early education groups such as the R&R Network, CCDAA, CAPPA and others to address important Legislative and Policy issues currently facing the Early Care & Education (ECE) field.

Most recently, we participated in statewide conversations around the provider reimbursement rate and how to address the Regional Market Rate and the Standard Reimbursement Rate.  As ideas continue to unfold and policy solutions are considered, we will share updates on this very important issue affecting subsidized families and providers throughout our system.

To provide a brief overview of the breadth of our services in LA County, Child Care Alliance agencies serve the following:

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