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July 24, 2019
Kentucky All STARS 2020
Beat the rush-renew this year
With the completion of the Race to the Top Grant and the implementation of the Kentucky All STARS Program over the past few years, the Division of Child Care (DCC) continues to look to the future. In doing so, DCC identified a daunting task for 2020. There are currently 637 providers at All STARS level 3-5 who need to renew in 2020.

Renewal of 637 providers will be a huge undertaking because one of the steps these providers need to take to maintain high quality levels of 3-5 is to have an environmental observation visit. Currently Kentucky All STARS has a maximum of nine field staff who conduct these rating visits using Environmental Rating Scales (ERS). To better ensure that all visits are conducted in a timely manner, DCC is encouraging these 637 high quality providers to begin renewal now instead of waiting until next year.

If you would like to renew this year, please follow these steps:
  • Request to be moved to a higher quality level within the Provider Portal. Once in the portal, select your name from the "Assigned Provider" grid and click "Request Re-evaluation" from the left navigation bar.
  • Submit the Standards of Quality Verification Checklist (DCC 432)

After you submit the DCC 432 checklist, DCC will review the documentation. If approved, then DCC will set up an ERS visit with you.

For more information on Kentucky All STARS, click here

CCAP Changes for Full-Time Students 
Change in working requirements        
The goal of the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) is to provide access to quality child care to enable parents to work outside of the home, further their education and job training and/or participate in the Kentucky Temporary Assistance Program. As of July 1, adult parents enrolled full-time in a certified trade school or college or university no longer need to work 20 hours/week to qualify for child care assistance.

To learn more about the Child Care Assistance Program, visit https://benefind.ky.gov/ or contact DCBS Family Support at 855-306-8959. Spread the news to families in your program with this flyer.
Two New 4C CDA Preparation Program Classes Begin in August      
Register today!      
Are you interested in turning your job into a career? Learn about how the 4C CDA Preparation Program can help. Two new 4C CDA cohorts begin in August.  
  • August 7: The Boone County cohort begins meeting on Tuesday evenings at Indiana Wesleyan University (500 Meijer Dr., Florence, KY)
  • August 17: The Madison cohort begins meeting every other Saturday at Children, Inc. (333 Madison Ave., Covington, KY)
If you are interested in being in either of these cohorts, contact Andrea Heil at aheil@4cforchildren.org or 859-547-5087.  You may qualify for a scholarship. Click here to access scholarship information and application.

The Erikson Institute Early Math Collaborative has resources to help you include simple math concepts every day in your program. In this article, ideas on ways to practice counting using children's favorite books are shared. "Children need experiences and practice counting in different, flexible ways while learning these rules of counting. And what better way to do that than through the books they love to hear over and over." 
Save these dates
Aug. 7: New CDA Preparation Program begins in Boone Co.
Aug. 17: New CDA Preparation Program begins in Campbell Co.

Oct. 25-26: 4C Leadership and Early Childhood Conference at the Sharonville Convention Center
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