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There is just a lot going on right now! This seems to be true not only at CCAP but also in every county. Somedays we seem to put out one fire, only to turn and see a new one coming at us.
After two years of a pandemic, it seems that we are rolling with the punches over and over again. Assessing new information, seeing what changes need to be made, reinventing how we do things. It can be unrelenting, and very stressful.
For those of you whose counties are part of the CCAP UC Trust, you have access to EAP services from Mazzitti and Sullivan. The Employee Assistance Program is part of the cost for coverage from the unemployment compensation trust. 47 counties and county related entities are members. If your county is not a member, check to see if your county has an EAP.
We can all use help dealing with the constant change we are seeing – and while change is often good, many times it can be overwhelming. I encourage you to use your EAP services and get assistance. It is confidential, professional, and it can really help.

Make sure you contact us when you need help with something,

      John Sallade
PCoRP Board Finalizes Pricing and Coverage For June 1 Renewal
With the June 1, 2022 PCoRP renewal comes an improvement to PCoRP’s deductible billing practice. Currently, when a payment is made on a claim, this triggers a deductible bill to the member (with the exception of those claims that do not have a deductible, or claims in which the deductible has already been satisfied). Therefore, in the life of a claim, members can expect to receive multiple deductible requests until the deductible is met.
Effective June 1, 2022, PCoRP staff will streamline the process by sending monthly deductibles to members. Members can expect that within the first two weeks of each month they will receive all their PCoRP deductibles and trailing documents in one mailing for that given month; no further deductibles will be sent until the following month.
Additionally, members will only receive their deductible bill when:
  • The claim payments exceeded the elected coverage deductible,
  • At the conclusion of the claim, or
  • For those members that have elected higher deductibles we will collect in $10,000 increments until the deductible is met.
This change will provide more efficiency and accuracy with our claims handling and billing of deductibles. With the consistency of monthly billing vs. sporadic bills, we hope this will ease the process for the members, and lessen the administrative deductible tracking done per claim by the members.
Here’s what PCoRP members can expect after June 1, 2022:
  • Monthly deductible bills from PCoRP.
  • Less deductibles bills, as we will track and wait to collect in full, at closure, or increments of $10,000.
  • Claims will continue to send all supporting documentation to support the bill (defense invoices, estimates, expert fees, vendor invoices, etc.).
As we navigate this change, please know that that our team remains committed to you and the entire PCoRP membership. If you have questions or concerns about this change, please contact Cassie Troup at (717) 736-4756 or via email at
Hot Topics
Cyber Insurance Pricing Increases Significantly
We just completed a policy year for PCoRP, so there were lots of PCoRP grant applications to process in May, as many members wanted to ensure they used their funds for the year.
One thing to keep in mind for both PCoRP and PComp loss control grants, is that they are NOT intended for routine maintenance projects. Our committee reviews each grant request and if it appears to be routine maintenance, we will deny the request or seek more information.
The more information you can provide about the grant, particularly how you see the funding helping to reduce risks or claims, the quicker we can review your request.
If you have questions, contact John Sallade.
UC Trust Declares $2.75 Million Dividend
At their May 13 meeting, the CCAP UC Trustees approved distribution of a $2.75 million dividend to the members of the Unemployment Compensation Trust. Checks will be mailed to the members this month with emails to each member with the details of their dividend amount. Every member of the Trust will receive a dividend, with amounts ranging from $1,401 to $373,472.

The amount of each member’s dividend was determined by the UC Trust’s actuary, and is based each member’s claims experience relative to the entire program’s claims costs.

Including this year’s dividend declaration, the UC Trust has returned over $16.4 million to its members since 2014!

Questions about the dividend, or about the UC Trust, should be directed to Desiree Nguyen at CCAP.
Sylint and CCAP Extend Cybersecurity Services through 2023
Sylint is a preeminent information security and incident response firm. Sylint’s team of experts blend and balance knowledge gleaned from addressing attacks by national, state and organized crime threats with information security posture to provide actionable intelligence and recommendations at various levels. The CCAP Sylint program offers tiered services that include threat intel, internal and external scans, collaborative reviews, recommendations, and much more. To learn more about the cybersecurity services and pricing structure of the program, contact Kim Ade.
Is your county a PCoRP Member? As a PCoRP member, the CCAP Sylint Program could potentially qualify to receive grant funding of up to $20,000.
It’s a simple process to apply!

For additional information on the grant funding and application process, contact Keith Wentz.
New CCAP Associate Members
Marsh McLennan Agency, LLC
Employee Benefits, Insurance

Marsh McLennan Agency, a business of Marsh McLennan (NYSE:MMC), is a local provider of business insurance, employee health & benefits, retirement, and private client insurance solutions across North America. Our team has significant experience coordinating benefits with school boards and districts, municipalities, and counties with diverse populations. We enjoy longstanding partnerships with 97 public sector clients and help them navigate the ever-changing environment to meet their unique needs.
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"Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."

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