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April 2015 Edition

Jesus is risen!  That is the joyous message that Easter Sunday brought us and is the cornerstone of our faith!

As we shake off the cold, icy grip of winter for the slowly warming promise of spring rebirth, take a few moments to see all that our church is involved with this April and all you can do to help us succeed.
We're Baaaaccckkk!!  At Malerbo, that is!
The Town of Burlington has given the OK for our church to run the concession stand this Spring.which runs from April 25th through June 20th (no games Memorial Day weekend, possible make-up on June 27th).

This fundraiser not only helps our goals, but allows the community to learn more about our church on a weekly basis.

Please click here to learn more about why we do this and how you can sign-up to help!  This is a great community service opportunity for our Teens!
Fundraising Saturday - Grab a Hot Breakfast, Drop off a Can or two and Ring the Bell at Dubliners!  All on April 11th!
fishing-pole-handles.jpg Fisherman's Breakfast, 5 am until 11 am - This fundraiser directly supports Christian Education, so come on down on Opening Day for a hot breakfast!


Volunteers are still needed for 8:30 am to about 12 noon to help wait tables, cook the meals and clean up afterwards.


Can & Bottle Drive, 8:30 am until 12 pm - The weather forecast cleared up, the Big Tex has had the winter damage fixed and our community has a TON of returnables sitting in garages, sheds and basements.  Bring yours down and spread the word so we can raise much needed funds to keep our church moving forward in 2015!  


KC Dubliner Grille & Pub Burlington Bell KC Dubliners Night, 5 pm until ?? - Please support the Burlington Bell as they raise funds for all their community efforts.


They have been great in supporting our causes by getting the word out on all we do.  Drop by to mingle with our community, grab a bite to eat or buy a raffle ticket or two! 

Moderator Moment - Share a Little Bit of Your Time & Talent...Please!
A Distinguished Award from the Burlington Chamber of Commerce
Tim Higley, 2015 Burlington Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Volunteer 

We are so proud of Tim for being nominated and awarded this very meaningful award!  All of us who know Tim can attest to how much he does for our Church and all he has given to the Cub Scouts!

As Business Committee chair, I value his dedication, insights and positive attitude he brings to all we do.

As a parent, I am thankful for his unwavering dedication to the Christian Education Sunday School program and our Youth.  The Polar Express caroling bus was such a hit with our community!

As a friend, I am grateful for the helping hand he lends when we need to shovel, to mow or simply brainstorm a way to solve an issue.

I am proud to be associated with Tim and extend my thanks to all he has done for us.  I invite you all to the Awards Dinner on May 21st to show our support for Tim and other deserving award winners.

Click here for the Awards Dinner details and how you can get tickets.  Once again, thank you Tim for all you do and the sacrifices you have made for others.
The Business at Hand
Better Weather = Maintenance Needs

As the weather warms, we will need volunteers to help keep our property looking good.  Please review and respond so the Business Committee can plan properly.  Thank you!

Spring Clean up May 2nd, 8:30 am until 12 noon-ish
It is that time of year again and we would like to get all the "stuff" off our parking lot, lawn and around the church.  If you can make it, even for an hour, please email so we make a plan of attack.  Wear your yardwork clothes, bring a pair of gloves and any tools (shovel, rake, wheelbarrow) that may help.

We would also like to thank Supreme Forest Products for making free mulch donations (with free delivery last year).  If you have any mulch needs, please visit their location at Hinman's Lumber on Rt. 69 and tell them you are from the church.  We hope to hear soon what they can do for us in 2015!

Lawn Mowing & Trimming Volunteers
We truly need to know who can volunteer time to mow and trim around the church.  We use a riding mower for the Labyrinth and the area near the parking lot.

For the grass in front of the church, one would need a push mower.  Please email ASAP if you can help so our Committee can make a schedule.  Have a son or daughter needing community hours?  This is a great way to get them and help us!

Are you getting a new tractor this year? How about donating the old one if it's in decent shape as our current riding mower has many hours on it.  If you have an old push mower, we'll accept one of those as well!  All we ask is they have no major maintenance issues to avoid a budget buster issue!

Email us if you can help and/or donate a mower.  Thank you in advance! 
More News of Interest...
Be sure to check out the Our Church Family  and The Deacons' Bench  pages on our website as they share even more details on today's CCB news of importance:
  • Scrips is a KNOWN WAY to raise money & reduce the deficit - Commit to our Church by committing to this program.  See Maryann Burns to learn how easy it is to do.
  • Enlarge the Choir - Walk-ins are welcome for all sections of the Senior Choir.  Rehearsals are Saturdays 9 am to 10:15 am and Sundays 8:30 am to 9:45 am.  You don't need to be a member of our church to be a member of our choir, you just need to like singing and not be intimidated by the commitment.
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Stay Connected
Frank's Flix and The KC Sisters - SAVE THE DATE!

Frank's Flix - Friday, April 10th !

This month Frank's Flix is happy to present  Big Hero 6 (PG, 102 minutes)!

Drop off is at 7 pm and you can send them in with dinner, if you wish. Pick up will be at 9 pm.

We are asking that a parent stays because we only have one adult to supervise due to a Cub Scout ceremony for our family.

We'll have popcorn and juice, but feel free to bring your favorite goodies as well.

As always, Frank's Flix movies are free but goodwill donations are accepted to replenish the Frank Parmer Fund which is dedicated to helping the children of our Congregation.
Spring Music Series Concert
Save the Date!


"The KC Sisters" | Spring Music Series Concert | Sunday, May 17th @ 3pm 


Join us for a fine afternoon of music by The KC Sisters, five sisters ranging from age 11 to age 17 singing a wide variety of genres & styles.

This is a FREE CONCERT and open to all in our Community!


There will be snacks and light hors d'oeuvres immediately following the concert and freewill donations are greatly appreciated.

Congregational Church of Burlington We had a wonderful Annual Meeting with yet another satisfying Potluck Lunch...thank you to all who attended and all the committee chairs who prepared their reports

We also had many people step up to fill a good percentage of our open committee slots, thank you! and it's important! 

Please find one or two causes you can support and/or volunteer for this month or early next month.  It is so much easier to spruce up the grounds, serve a hot breakfast or sort the cans when we have enough volunteers.

I thank all who will step up in advance!  Enjoy the better weather!


Jerry Burns
Business Committee Chairperson
Digital Marketing & Management Chairperson