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CCBA Conference 2023 Heads to Palm Springs, CA
How does the CCBA national conference add value to your CCB journey?

Dr. Don Gladney from Palm Beach State College says the conference serves as a fantastic reminder that "we are not alone" on our CCB journey.

During the 2023 Conference in Palm Springs, CA, guests will have the opportunity to engage with and learn from new and veteran CCB colleagues like Don along with the nation’s top CCB researchers and practitioners as we Imagine the Possibilities for Community College Baccalaureate Degrees!

Learn more and register today at and mark your calendar for February 15-17, 2023.
CCBA Appointed to AACC Commission
CCB National Research & News Roundup
What’s working in community college baccalaureate degree programs
“While CCB degrees can be offered in a wide range of fields, they are typically focused on programs of study that are critical to local and regional economies where community college students live and work.” READ MORE

Legislature Moves to Expand Nursing Education in Washington
Technical and community colleges received more than $3.7 million for at least 50 additional nursing slots. READ MORE

A Comparative Perspective on the Community College Baccalaureate Focusing on the Scale of the Degree
This research article compares the baccalaureate-granting of American community colleges with the comparable activity of counterpart institutions of five other countries. READ MORE

A Growing Practice with Potential to Narrow Equity Gaps in Bachelor’s Degree Attainment
A research team at UCLA has analyzed multiple data sources to assemble a comprehensive portrait of participation and outcomes in CCB degree programs across California. READ MORE
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Since 1999, the Community College Baccalaureate Association (CCBA) has been the nation’s only organization dedicated to promoting baccalaureate degrees on community college campuses as a means of closing racial, ethnic, and economic gaps by providing its members access to research data and strategic guidance as they develop and implement their baccalaureate degree programs.