Volume 4, Issue 2 | February 9, 2017
CCC Technology For Student Success News

Welcome to the February 2017 issue of CCC Technology For Student Success News featuring updates on the latest progress of the Online Education Initiative (OEI), Common Assessment Initiative (CAI) and Education Planning Initiative (EPI).

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The California Community Colleges (CCC) Course Exchange is now live. Capping off years of team work, the CCC’s first-ever course exchange is cross-registering students at pilot colleges through the Online Education Initiative (OEI).
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Following announcement of a new timeline for the systemwide common assessment known as CCCAssess, the California Community Colleges (CCC) Chancellor’s Office and Common Assessment Initiative (CAI) provided an update on the pilot effort.

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On Jan. 23, the California Community Colleges (CCC) Education Planning Initiative (EPI) hosted a webinar focused on the CCC MyPath student services portal and the Career Coach tool being offered as a component of the portal.
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