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CCCA is a Supporting Member of STEP
We are pleased to announce that CCCA has joined the 

Sustainable Technology Environments Program (STEP) Foundation 

and Board of Directors as a supporting member. 


Joining STEP gives our association and members another opportunity to express leadership in sustainable products and manufacturing operations. 


We recognized the structured cabling industry had to be more proactive in giving what designers and building owners needed - 

user-friendly solution for rating the sustainability of cable products and the processes that manufacture them. Through STEP we can offer that solution.



Popular webcast now on the CCCA website 
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        Non-compliant Communications Cable... 
   How Big is the Problem? What Are Your Risks? What to Look For?    




Learn vital information on the fire risks and potential legal liabilities 
posed by the installation of communications cables that are not compliant with the fire safety requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC).
A joint effort by the CCCA, UL and the law firm, Crowell & Moring, 
the webcast originally aired February 1st on Cabling Installation & Maintenance. 
Watch Now 
Part 1:  How Bis Is the Problem and What Can Be Done?
Part 2:  Risks and Legal Considerations
Part 3:  UL Labels and Marks for Telecom Cables
Each segment has the same brief introduction to the whole program.
CCCA Presents at 
UL's Anti-Counterfeiting Workshop 

UL's 2-day workshop in Long Beach, CA in June included a program to protect the trademark property rights of manufacturers and thus, protect consumers from illicit and potentially hazardous counterfeit products.


The workshop, which included a special emphasis on wire and cable, was designed for information sharing and networking among manufacturers, distributors, law enforcement, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the FBI, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and INTERPOL.


Several CCCA member companies attended, along with other wire and cable firms. CCCA presented on its experience and findings in studying counterfeit communications cables and connectivity products.



For almost 15 years, UL has taken an aggressive stance against counterfeiting. Its recently introduced holographic label for communications cables incorporates cutting-edge technology, elevated security features, and a unique hologram that is easy to identify and validate, yet incredibly difficult to replicate. 


Product counterfeiting is a big business - estimated to cost hundreds of billions of dollars each year. It impacts the economy in a variety of ways, including consumers that believe they are buying authentic products, legitimate manufacturers that invest in safety and quality manufacturing processes, and distributors and retailers who want to provide safe, reliable products to their customers.  


2nd Quarter 2012
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Ongoing ALERT-
Copper Clad Aluminum Cable
CCCA continues to encounter several sources in the U.S. promoting Cat 5e and Cat 6 cables made with copper clad aluminum (CCA) conductors.  
While perfectly functional and acceptable for certain other cable designs, CCA is not permitted for Category UTP cable. 
It is not compliant to Telecommunications Industries Association (TIA) standards and National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements for fire safety.
the Canadian Communications Cabling Fire Safety Association  (CCCFSA),
our neighbors to the North, for the work they are doing in Canada to promote the use of FT6 (CMP) listed cables in return air plenums.  
Like CMP, FT6 cables produce very low levels of smoke and minimize fire propagation when compared to other alternatives.

View video on their website of the dramatic results of a cable fire.



















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