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We are so grateful to be able to bring you this powerful plenary session: Join us and learn from these leaders who are part of the C.A.R.E (Coalition on Anti Racism Education): A Collaboration for Antiracist Community Development. This team will give us insight and valuable resources, and action steps on this critical topic.

Adriene "Alex" Davis, Ed.D.
Assistant Vice Chancellor of EWD/
Executive Director of LA/OC Regional Consortium
of 28 Community Colleges

Lisa Wilson M.Ed.
Activist and Founder of C.A.R.E. Coalition on Anti Racism Education | Educator
| Keynote Speaker | Grant Writer | Prison Reform | Curriculum Writer | Professor

Narges Rabii-Rakin, Ed.D.
Chief Advisor on Academic and Diversity Programs at
Rancho Santiago Community College District

Siri Brown, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs at
Peralta Community College District 


Scheduled for Tuesday, October 13, at 10 AM, this session provides insight into how collaborative partners throughout the Greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas have created platforms in response to the structural racism dialog and Chancellor's Office "call-to-action" initiative through a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in an environment where social justice and human rights are hanging in the balance.

Leaders from the Coalition on Anti Racism Education (C.A.R.E.) and Rancho Santiago Community College District's Academic and Diversity Programs will provide details on available resources that give participants access to:

1. Equity checklist for environment and curriculum.
2. DEI integration resources and techniques to integrate into teaching practices.
3. Q & A session for participants about specific areas of interest to provide equity for all students.
4. The session will also provide digital resources for community partners that help to close the equity gap for students; devices, food, funding for college, career explorations, etc.
5. DEI practices for on-boarding new hires.
6. Practices and coach tips on engaging individuals in, what might be considered, challenging DEI and antiracism conversations.
LinkedIn has become a must in professional development, networking and as a learning tool. Ryan Zervakos will lead us into a greater understanding of this powerful platform

1, LinkedIn Best Practices and Insights
LinkedIn’s vision is to help create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. As the world’s largest professional networking site we are committed to creating a
platform that allows anyone to connect to opportunity. During this workshop you will explore how to utilize LinkedIn as a professional social media platform where you can build a powerful network, become a thought leader, optimize your personal and professional brand, and digitally network with just about anyone in the world and more.

Using LinkedIn Learning for professional development
LinkedIn Learning, formerly Lynda.com, is LinkedIn’s content platform designed to bridge a skills gap. LinkedIn Learning has over 10,000 courses with over 400,000 videos specifically produced and curated to help just about anyone develop themselves professionally. LinkedIn Learning is free to every faculty and staff within the CCCS through the Vision Resource Center.

You won't want to miss this learning opportunity.
As a follow-up and deep dive into Susan Jones; Keynote Presentation: ACES, Behavior and Us!, she will continue the conversation with three Webinar style workshops:

1. Caring for Self in Crisis* A trauma informed approach in learning how to mindfully increase awareness of regulatory systems for integrating growth in neurological care for self first in order to be able to better connect and establish relational trust with others in the midst of environmental chaos.

2. Restorative and Trauma Informed- Join us in integrating a trauma informed approach to restoring relational harm when harm has occurred between two or more participants as well as how to increase community wide sense of value and belonging by using restorative practices in any environment.

3. Relationships, Relationships, Relationships- We have been told to establish relationships with our most challenging students, staff and/or families, but how do we do this? This workshop looks at attachment theory, historical trauma and
current behavior allowing participants to have a better understanding of the ‘What, Why and How?’ of a truly trauma informed environment.

We feel this will be a very beneficial and timely series in our current environment.
Residence: Moorpark 

Organization: Moorpark College

Occupation: Interim Dean of Student Learning – Physical Sciences and Career Education

First Job: My dad had a men’s clothing store when I was a young boy. I would often go with him to the store and help out. I would spend the day with his tailor and who taught me how to do alterations. He showed me the art of fitting a suit for a customer, how to “chalk”, adjust seams, trouser breaks, cuffs, it was fun! I also learned how to tie bow ties and various knots for neckties. I remember being the only kid sporting an Italian handmade silk necktie with a Windsor knot. I rocked it in 3rd grade!

Thoughts on Career Education: I recognize that students with diverse backgrounds begin their undergraduate studies at different academic levels and learn in different ways.
I see myself as a practitioner-scholar who is committed to enhancing the Career Education field by encouraging students and career builders to enter into programs of study that are not typically represented by nontraditional individuals.

Favorite Music: If you come to my house you would find an extensive music collection. All genres, and various formats, from LPs, discs, and various digital formats, there’s always something playing in the house. But we have 2 boys, Gavyn & Tyler, 10 & 8, and lately, we always seem to be streaming the Kidz Bop channel.

Favorite Book: CCCCO Budget Accounting Manual. I know, I need better reading material! I have an accounting background and worked in the financial services space prior to a career in higher ed. I’ve always been intrigued by how the CCC system functions within generally accepted accounting principles.

Hobbies: I cycle weekly and always look forward to putting in the miles. When not cycling I enjoy surfing and paddle-boarding. My sons have picked up surfing and it’s been epic when we all get in the water.

What got me interested in my work: I don’t remember ever saying, “When I grow up, I want to be a college dean”. But I’m thrilled I landed here in this position. I left a career in banking and finance for a full-time Accounting instructor and I always appreciated my former deans and managers who did whatever it takes to remove obstacles and focused on my success in the classroom. As a dean, I want to do the same for my faculty. Support them, remove obstacles, and provide resources so they are successful in the classroom. This position allows me to see all the faculty talent around our division and campus. 
Why we all do what we do

"Too often, according to Dr. Rita Tamer, ASL instructor and department chair at Saddleback College, the “L” in “ASL” is overlooked".

“What people don’t understand is that the language, itself, is a true language, with grammar rules and syntax,” says Tamer. “Some have attempted to take ASL thinking it was going to be easy, then realized that there is a lot more to it than they realized.”
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