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This monthly newsletter is provided to inform the public of behavioral health issues that are happening around the Capitol. Our members get an additional biweekly newsletter and detailed policy updates, including opportunities for participating in creating policy that protect and enhance behavioral health interests.

Rusty's Corner
by Rusty Selix, CCCBHA - Director of Public Policy & Advocacy
Board of Directors

What Happens Next in Washington
It's hard to think about anything beyond the president's unbelievably offensive statements made on Tuesday in response to the Charlottesville protests and Neo-Nazi terrorist attack that killed one woman and injured many. The statements were broadly condemned by both Republican and Democrat congressional leaders, but what impact will this have on policy?
Even before these recent inflammatory statements there was growing discomfort between the president and many senate republicans which should reduce the White House's ability to exert pressure on individual Senators. However, it is unclear whether this will have any impact on what happens. 

Strong Economy Boosts Revenues
We have a long way to go this fiscal year, but with the stock market hitting an all-time high, real estate increasing, and Silicon Valley leading the way, we should have a strong year for state and county revenues, especially for Mental Health Services Act funding which tends to rise almost perfectly in sync with the stock market. This time of the year, state agencies need to start developing budget proposals for 2018-19 and there could be a budget surplus that agencies can propose to expend. 

AB 1250- Jones-Sawyer - Destroys Behavioral Health System
AB 1250 is the bill that will make it impossible for counties to contract out nearly all behavioral health services even though 70 percent of services are currently done by private providers. The bill is currently pending in the Senate Appropriations Committee. As announced in prior communications from CCCBHA, we expect the bill to go on the Suspense file. If that happens the Committee will vote on the bill on Sept. 1. If approved, both houses of legislature must then agree by Sept. 15 to send it to the governor for final action.

There has never been a bill this devastating to our system, as it would put most community agencies out of business outside Santa Clara County. In addition, cities including San Francisco and Berkeley are exempted for political reasons. Everyone who cares about behavioral health should be alarmed about this bill and voice out their opposition by contacting legislators.
Visit the links below to find out more about the devastating AB 1250 bill:
Erin O'Brien
Community Solutions
President Elect
Christine Stoner-Mertz
Past President
Darrell Evora
Uplift Family Services
Sparky Harlan
Bill Wilson Center
Cynthia Jackson Kelartinian
Heritage Clinic
Vice President
Leon Hoover
Kings View Corporation
Ray Banks
Turning Point of Central California
Carolyn Chadwick
Tessie Cleveland Community Services Corp.
Vitka Eisen
HealthRIGHT 360
Lorna Jones
Bonita House
Debbie Manners
Scott McGuirk
South Coast Community Services
Camille Schraeder
Redwood Children's Services
Al Senella
Tarzana Treatment Centers
Hugo Villa
The Village Family Services
Executive Director
Paul Curtis
Director, Public Policy & Advocacy
Rusty Selix
Mission:  The California Council of Community Behavioral Health Agencies (CCCBHA) promotes comprehensive, responsive and integrated service systems by enhancing the ability of nonprofit member agencies to provide mental health services that empower the people we serve to lead full and productive lives.
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CCCBHA Announcements
Hill Day in Washington, D.C.
Upcoming Events
The National Council's 13th Annual Hill Day 
will take place Oct. 2-3, 2017 in Washington, D.C. Have you registered yet? Join more than 600 advocates on the Hill! 

Meet Your State Captain
CCCBHA is proud to announce Sara Kahoalii, Director of Programs and Operations will be the State Captain for Hill Day! Sara will be the go-to resource for California attendees on Hill Day. 

2017 California Behavioral Health Policy Forum: From Vision to Implementation.
Sept. 6-8, 2017
San Diego Hilton
If you are planning on attending the above Behavioral Health Policy Forum, you'll have a chance to hear CCCBHA Executive Director, Paul Curtis, speak on the Legislation Panel about current legislation and the future landscape of CCCBHA policy efforts.

CCCBHA Member Selected
CCCBHA Member Mental Health America of Los Angeles  of Long Beach, Calif. was selected as one of 11 CBHOs to participate in the 2017 Cancer Control Community of Practice. Over the next six months, participating community behavioral health organizations (CBHOs) will partner with their peers and technical experts to develop and implement action plans to enhance their cancer control and prevention efforts directed toward people with behavioral health conditions. Contact Tracy Gnadinger at 
[email protected] for more information.
Hill Day Webinar: Knock Hill Day 2017 Out of the Park
Sept. 7, 2017
3:00 PM ET.

2017 California Behavioral Health Policy Forum
Sept. 6-8, 2017
Hilton San Diego
1775 East Mission Bay Drive

Foundation for Suicide Prevention's 
Out of the Darkness 
Sept. 30, 2017
9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Capitol Building 
West Steps
1400 10th St

OPEN MIND's Free Webinar:
Developing A Cross-Organizational Treatment Planning Model
DHCS Presentation in Southern California: Implementation of Managed Care Regulations
Aug. 21, 2017
10:00 - 11:00 AM PDT
Register here
Click here for more details

Behavioral health clinicians who are working in the fields today are facing extremely challenging treatment situations with at-risk children, individuals, and families. These professionals are required to make important, moment-by-moment clinical decisions relatively independently. Even with academic and on-the-job training, this complex and demanding task can be overwhelming and leads to a high burn-out rate, particularly for early career clinicians.

Join OPEN MINDS Senior Associate, Dr. Sarah Fine, for this coffee break case study focused on how to develop a cross-organizational treatment planning model, along with tips for successful implementation.
Sept. 11, 2017 10 am - 3 pm
St. Anne's - Foundation Room
Los Angeles, California  90026
Sponsored by CCCBHA for member agencies. Registration for non-members $20. Valet parking available for $4 per vehicle, as well as limited parking in overflow lot.

Presentation Summary:
On May 6, 2016, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued Final Rule CMS-2390-P which primarily amends and expands the requirements of Title 42, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 438, pertaining to Medicaid Managed Care (MMC). CMS' intent was to modernize the MMC regulatory structure to facilitate and support delivery system reform initiatives resulting in improved health outcomes and improved beneficiary experience, while effectively managing costs. One of CMS' primary goals with the revised rule is to align MMC with other federal health care programs.
CCAPP:  Fourth Annual California Addiction Conference
California's Premier Event for Addiction-Focused Professionals 
California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals' mission is to promote excellence in the delivery of services focused on substance use and its problems by providing the highest level of advocacy, competence, and ethics among programs and professionals. 

Sept. 28 - Oct. 1, 2017 
Sheraton Park Hotel at the Anaheim Resort
1855 South Harbor Boulevard Anaheim, CA 92802
Hotel reservations: 714-750-1811

Look forward to fun and excitement, raffles, meeting new friends, networking with programs and professionals and more!
Sample sessions include executive leadership, LQBTQ+, criminal justice, prevention, DHCS updates and other cutting edge presentations and breakout sessions!
Article: Opioid Use and Mental Health
Greater opioid use and mental health disorders are linked in a new study

A new study suggests that people with anxiety and depression are consuming a disproportionate share of prescription painkillers, a finding that could add a new wrinkle to the epidemic of opioid use in the United States.

Researchers at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and the University of Michigan found that nearly 19 percent of the estimated 38.6 million people with those two most common mental health disorders received at least two prescriptions for opioids during a year. And more than half the prescriptions for the powerful, highly addictive painkillers went to individuals in that group, the researchers asserted...

Continue reading: Washington Post
Article: A Cry for Help
From big cities to small towns, employers can no longer afford to stay on the sidelines when it comes to addressing today's workplace substance-abuse problem. But HR executives must exercise care as they walk through a substance-abuse legal landscape that includes issues of medical privacy, disability law, and balanced and effective performance management...

Continue reading: HRE Online
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