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How CCCE Customers Can Utilize State and Local Financial Resources to Help with Energy Bills

CCCE Policy Board of Directors Approves Rate Adjustment to Support 2022 Community Investment

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As Central Coast Community Energy concludes its fourth year of operation, CCCE continues to be grateful and are honored to be serving our Central Coast community. We look forward to more collaboration and shared successes in 2022– together we are creating a stronger and more resilient Central Coast. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy and continues to find ways to conserve energy or evaluate opportunities to electrify their vehicles, home, or workplace. CCCE is making significant gains throughout the Central Coast and we could not do it without you.
CCCE customers including households, property owners, businesses, agriculture, and public agencies are eligible to apply for rebates and incentives offered by CCCE Energy Programs:

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How Central Coast Community Energy Customers Can Utilize State and Local Financial Resources to Help with Energy Bills 
There are many financial resources available to CCCE customers. Customers enrolled in CCCE continue receiving their CARE, FERA, AMP, LIHEAP and Medical Baseline discounts; with no need to reapply for these programs. Those enrolled in CARE/FERA may also be eligible to apply for the Arrearage Management Plan (AMP) program which shields customers with past-due balances from disconnections. Customers may also be eligible for the LIHEAP program which offers financial assistance to help pay for future dues. Learn more at 
CCCE Policy Board of Directors Approves Rate Adjustment to Support 2022 Community Investment Through Bill Credits for Low-Income Customers, Competitive Rates, Energy Program Funding, and Focused Services for Member Agencies 
The December 15 Policy Board meeting resulted in nearly unanimous support for Resolution No. 2021-PB-09 to approve CCCE’s 2022 CCCE Rate Plan that will deliver the most competitive pricing to date for customers receiving CCCE service in PG&E service territory. Current estimates – based on CCCE published rates and PG&E estimated rates – show CCCE Electric Generations Rates could be up to 43% lower than PG&E when averaged across all customer classes but those final numbers won’t be finalized until CPUC approval. Newly enrolled customers receiving service in SCE service area will continue receiving electric generation service at a 2% discount when compared to SCE Electric Generation Rates.  

Despite national energy costs seeing a ten-year high, CCCE and its customers are heading into 2022 in a very strong position. These opportune conditions will allow CCCE to provide extra support to low-income customers by applying $100 bill credits (an estimated $10 million dollars in total) in late summer/early fall 2022. Additionally, 2022 rate planning is forecasted to increase CCCE’s Rate Stabilization Fund reserves, provide CCCE Member Agencies with access to additional funding for electrification and energy innovation projects, and continue providing all CCCE customers with access to Energy Program funding. To date, since launching in 2018 CCCE has, in partnership with funding partners, already made $26 million in Energy Program rebates and incentives available to customers. 2022 will be even better with an estimated $20 million in energy programs funding.  

Learn more about the approved rate design here with the following resources: 
Central Coast Community Energy is Hiring!
CCCE staff will be out of office starting Friday the 24th to 31st. CCCE staff will return to office the 3rd of January 2022 
Central Coast Community Energy Launches Electrification and Innovation Grant Program for Community Education Workforce Training, and Municipal Electrification Projects 
With a renewed focus on workforce training as well as funding for cities and counties served by CCCE, CCCE hopes the available funding for community education and workforce training will address gaps in workforce training that have slowed the advancement of electrification in the building and transportation sectors.
Through shared interests around reducing emissions and advancing clean energy technologies and resources, these cities and counties served by CCCE can collaborate with CCCE to access Planning, Implementation and Innovation Grant funds that support the planning and implementation of city and county electrification projects such as fleet vehicle operations, municipal properties, and community infrastructure. The Planning, Implementation and Innovation Grant Program also includes funds for innovation in support of deploying new and innovative electrification or energy technology. Learn more about the Community Education and Workforce Grant Program at and learn more about the Planning, Implementation, and Innovation Grant Program at
Central Coast Community Energy Launches Expanded Electrify Your Ride Program 
Central Coast Community Energy launched an updated version of its successful Electrify Your Ride energy program, providing CCCE customers with access to $2.8 million in rebates for electric-powered transportation including purchased or leased new and pre-owned electric vehicles (EVs), motorcycles, and bicycles. Electrify Your Ride rebates also cover costs associated with the purchase and installation of chargers to power up EVs at homes and workplaces including labor and related electric panel updates or replacement, part of a CCCE Energy Program “readiness” measure designed to prepare customers for more all-electric conversions such as appliances and water heaters. Learn more at
CCCE Summer Readiness Program Pilot Conserved Energy, Contributed to Grid Reliability, Delivered $86k in Customer Bill Credits
Earlier this year, Central Coast Community Energy launched its Summer Readiness Program (SRP) Pilot in response to statewide initiatives designed to reduce grid stress, increase grid reliability, and reward customers for participating and contributing to SRP goals. SRP offered a voluntary group of CCCE’s commercial, industrial, agricultural and Member Agency customers incentives in the form of bill credits for reducing energy use during times of increased summer grid stress. SRP ran July 28 through September 8 and triggered five grid stress “events” during which participating customers conserved enough energy to receive a combined $86,303 in bill credits. During these five events, overall CCCE customer energy usage was up 1.5% – an indicator of the increased demand anticipated during these events – but customers participating in SRP managed to reduce their usage by a combined total of 10% during these times. This is a great example of coordinated efforts to counteract anticipated grid stresses. Many thanks to participating customers for making this first iteration of SRP a success.

Staff is already working on plans for increased participation and improved results in 2022 as part of an agency commitment to contribute to a more resilient and stable grid for the Central Coast region and the State of California.
Upcoming Rebates and Incentives through CCCE Energy Programs Launching Throughout 2022! 
Look out for updates in Central Coast Community Energy’s newsletter and social channels to see when applications go live!

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In an effort to continuously connect with customers Central Coast Community Energy encourages public participation in the following meetings. Meetings are currently held on Zoom with available dial-in options and attendees may provide live public comment through Zoom or by submitting public comment in advance via email at Sign up to receive public board meeting notices that include the meeting details here.
Operations Board of Directors Meeting 
Wednesday, January 12, 2022 at 10:30 AM

Community Advisory Council Meeting 
Wednesday, February 2, 2022 at 4 PM 

Policy Board of Directors Meeting 
Wednesday, February 16, 2022 at 9 AM
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