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April / May 2020
Now, more than ever, the CCCIA is here to help.

Dear CCCIA Members:

Our member businesses are experiencing a range of challenges associated with COVID-19, from employee bandwidth to time constraints - all within our rapidly changing health environment. Based on this, we have put all future events “on hold”.

These include:
Monthly Dinner/Board Meetings
Spring Golf Tournament
All “live” Networking Events

We continue to closely evaluate information as we receive it and will share with you moving forward.

The CCCIA will remain open for business. However, we may operate on reduced office hours and will be integrating remote work as needed. If you would like to visit us, we encourage you to call ahead, (239) 772-0027, and then wash your hands and come see us. 👏 👏 👏

Public health experts advise anyone who is most vulnerable to complications from COVID-19 to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations to stay home as much as possible and avoid large gatherings. Please follow CDC recommended respiratory etiquette and safe hand washin g practices and stay home if you feel ill.

As testing becomes more available and results come in, public health experts say it is possible there will be news of more cases in SWFL. To help support the public health response we will continue to monitor the changing news of our region and keep you up to date on new developments. In this issue of the newsletter we will provide links for up to the minute Federal, State and Local Covid-19 information.

Thank you for supporting our community through partnering with the CCCIA. As we begin to reopen our State, we will continue to keep sending out information as we get it. Please remain safe and I am confident we will see each other soon. Remember, the CCCIA is here to help! We are all in this together!
Marty McClain, EnviroStruct, LLC.
2019- 2020 CCCIA President
Florida COVID-19 Resources
Governor Ron DeSantis COVID-19 Resources is being updated constantly. You will find the most up to date guidance.

Get important updates and information on COVID-19 in Florida,

Text FLCOVID19 to 888-777

Governor DeSantis presented his Safe Smart. Step by Step Plan to Reopen Florida. As construction was deemed an essential service, many of you have continued to work during the stay at home order, the following information below, will lay out the Governor's plan to reopen Florida starting with phase 1. 
The Governor announced Safer at Home order will expire at midnight on May 3rd. At that time, all Florida counties with the exception of Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Broward, will begin to reopen in steps.
Here is the breakdown of Phase 1 of the Governor's plan and how it will be implemented. There is also link for a pdf copy of phase 1 you can click below.  
 Phase 1 to Reopen Florida:
  • Schools remain distance learning.
  • Visits to senior living facilities are prohibited.
  • Elective surgeries can resume.
  • Restaurants may offer outdoor seating with six foot space between tables and indoor seating at 25% capacity.
  • Retail can operate at 25% of indoor capacity.
  No change for bars, gyms, and personal services such as hair dressers.
  •  Vulnerable individuals should avoid close contact with people outside the home.
  • All individuals, when in public, should maximize physical distance from others.
  • Avoid socializing in groups of more than 10 people in circumstances that do not readily allow for physical distancing
  • ​Face masks are recommended for all those in face to face interactions and where you can’t social distance.​
​Please  Click Here   for the Governor's plan for Phase 1 to reopen Florida.
As we continue to slowly reopen our state, we will make sure we pass along the information as soon as we receive it. We are looking forward to when everyone can get back to work and we can see our members again.
CDC COVID-19 Resources
Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an illness caused by a virus that can spread from person to person. Learn ways you can protect yourself and others from COVID-19. This document can be printed and posted in your businesses,or shared on your web sites and social media accounts.
Additional information/resources
COVID-19 info & Resources
Governor's Executive Orders
CC/Department Specific information
Questions please reach out to Dawn at or
City of Cape Coral Response to Covid-19
The City of Cape Coral has NOT declared a local emergency. The challenge of COVID-19 is unprecedented and at this time a declaration of a local state of emergency in Cape Coral provides no benefit to the community. A declaration in the City of Cape Coral allows for the authority to direct an evacuation, obligate emergency expenditures, authorizes access to private property for debris removal and emergency vehicle access, a possible curfew or limit on alcohol sales. Lee County, the State, and the President have made declarations, which ensures the County is eligible for federal disaster funds. There also is a substantial cost to the City if/when a declaration is made, which could be an extended amount of time.
Members supporting Members. Some of our members are struggling. Make a difference and call upon your fellow CCCIA members when you need a product or service. Access the directory with the link above.
New Member Application
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Florida Construction News Covid-19 Edition
Should work continue or stop as pandemic sets health and safety challenges for Florida's construction industry?

This pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for Florida's construction industry.

Florida Construction published their Spring 2020 edition with Covid-19 tips and tricks designed specifically for our industry. Click through to read more.

We want to make your photos FAMOUS!
The pandemic has put our new web page and office move "on hold". We would still like to include your view of Cape Coral on our page. Photos of your building projects are welcome. We would also like to see sunsets and celebrations. If you have a photo to share with us, please email pictures to
Building Industry News
Bill Johnson, Jr, IOM
Executive Director / CEO
239-772-0027 - Office
239-980-4612 - Cell
Builders Liaison Meeting

With the current stay at home executive order and the CDC guidelines of not having meetings with 10 or more people we did have to postpone our Builders Liaison Meeting scheduled for March. I have been in contact with our Building Official Steve Poposki and as soon as we are cleared to meet in groups again, we will get a date and put this meeting back on the schedule.

If you are having an issue please do not hesitate to reach out and i will be more than happy to assist you in working with the City to resolve your issue.

"Is there a subject you would like to know more about? Please message me directly!"
CCCIA Update
First , I want to reach out and wish nothing but the best to all of our members and their families during these times.

While our industry remains essential, we are all still dealing with the new quarantined lifestyle. I can tell you it is interesting working at home alongside my wife Laura, while we virtual school our two daughters.

I wanted to give our membership an update of where the CCCIA has been during the back half of March and April. Our office has essentially been closed since March 13 and staff has been remote working from home. With all of our systems in the cloud, we can continue to conduct business as close to normal as possible. I have been going into the office to check mail regularly which allows me to get out of home school that is my house.

As you know with the current state of affairs, the CCCIA has had to cancel all of our committee meetings & dinner meeting(April) for the months of March and April. We did postpone our CCCIA Spring Classic Golf Tournament and are looking to reschedule for late summer / fall.

We are hoping to get back to our regular schedule in June as our State starts to reopen in the month of May. As we know more we will pass this info along to you, we can't wait to see all of our members again.

In the paragraph below, I will go into more detail of what the CCCIA staff has been doing for our members when it comes to working with the City of Cape Coral Building Department.
City of Cape Coral Building Covid-19 Update

The CCCIA along with the City of Cape Coral Building Department have been working together to make sure our members are kept up to date on the status of the Building Department while working to maintain our levels of service.

Both DCD Director Vince Cautero & Building Official Steve Poposki have been updating me regularly on the status of the Building Department and handling any issues that have come up during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of the things we have accomplished over the last six weeks include the following: The City implemented a plan to keep their lobby open, while maintaining the social distancing protocols of the CDC. However, policy changed and dictated that the office had to be closed. We worked with the City to set up drop box's and expand their electronic permitting process to keep permits moving forward. The City also put a process together to allow contractor's to submit Single Family Home permits electronically. This change keeps us building today and in the future and we are happy to say that, this feature will be included in the roll out of the new permit system later this summer, but in the interim, this was helpful to the industry.

The CCCIA advocated for the Building Department with City Management to implement a process to streamline the inspection process. This required the purchase of smart phones for all Building Inspectors to replace the older technology flip phones and Skype via computers currently used to complete inspections. With virtual inspections becoming the new norm, The City knew this process had to be improved to keep moving forward. The CCCIA encouraged the City to upgrade to smartphones for all of the inspectors. As anyone that uses one knows, these tools will make their jobs easier and more efficient, therefore making all of our jobs easier. They will roll out the new technology to City Inspectors in the days ahead. Virtual inspections will run much smoother. We at the CCCIA would like to thank the City Manager, John Szerlag, for working with us to improve the inspection process for everyone..

Lastly, as you know, we have a variety of issues we have been working on with the City. These run from seawalls standards to 60/40 ect. With the onset of COVID-19, these meeting were placed on hold. We had our first virtual meeting to discuss these issues, yesterday, April 30th. We will continue to meet weekly and I will keep you updated via email as we resolve issues and draft and approve the proper language to be included into our new Land Development Code.

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Say, "I DUE!"
As a non profit organization, the CCCIA relies on the collection of dues and fund raising events to support our organization and staff. With all fund raisers on hold, we request that if you have received an invoice from us, and plan to continue your membership, please remit your payment or contact to defer payment. Please confirm your commitment to the CCCIA for 2020. We know we live in challenging times. We want to work with you to stay engaged with the CCCIA community. Build, Benefit, Belong! We really are all in this together.

MJD Enterprises
MJD Enterprise Solutions
Phone: 908-247-2326
Affordable Health Plan Options
Our member, MJD Enterprise Solutions, LLC asked us to share this information with you. Some of our members may have recently lost health coverage, or are interested in offering an affordable healthcare option to your families and employees. This plan allows you to consult with doctors by phone or video with no co-pays or deductibles

Please reach out to Mary Cranden for additional information..
Please see below for link for the New Land Development Code.
City of Cape Coral New Land Development Code
The City of Cape Coral Adopted a new Land Development code in August of 2019

The CCCIA formed a task force to review this new code and work on several issues that relate to our industry and the way Single Family Homes are built in Cape Coral.
QLESS Permitting Sign In Service
City of Cape Coral Building Department
The City of Cape Coral’s building division is using the QLess sign in and “join the line” for permitting services on line or via cell phone app.

The link below will direct you to the City’s website for more information.

The flyer below can also be disseminated to your employees to make them aware of the new sign in system.
The final link below will give you detailed instructions on how you can use this system that you can print out.

This system will greatly enhance your customer experience and keep you from waiting long periods of time in City Hall.
City of Cape Coral Building Department February 2020
Permit Applied Report
City of Cape Coral Building Department February 2020
Permit Issued Report
CCCIA New Member & Renewals Spotlight
Welcome Our New March /April
CCCIA New Members

  • Seminole Casino Hotel
  • Bolcor Flooring and Interiors

Members don't do business with non-members. Spread the word about the benefit of being a CCCIA member. Send your referrals to Janis at
CCCIA Member Renewals
March / April 2020

1 Year
  • Mr. Electric of SWFL
  • Verizon Wireless/Cellularsales

2-6 Years
  • Samaritian Health & Wellness Center
  • Palmetto-Pine Country Club
  • Gator Electrical Contractors
  • Jason's Drafting Services, Inc.
  • Import Cabinet Brokers, Inc.
  • Gulf Coast Nail & Staple
  • Marks Cabinetry Service

7-10 Years
  • Marvin Development Corporation
  • Lee County Sheriff's Office
  • Water Medic of Cape Coral, Inc.
  • Tibbetts Lumber Co.
  • All Fences Contractors, Inc
  • Markham, Norton, Mosteller Wright & Co.
  • Sinclair Custom Homes

11- 14 Years
  • Action Automatic Door & Gate
  • Cabinets Plus, Inc.
  • Lee Drywall, Inc.
  • Extreme Care, Inc.

15+ Years
  • Tundra Homes
  • Wayne Wiles Floor Coverings

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