Construction/COVID-19 End of Summer Update
September 2020
Now, more than ever, the CCCIA is here to help.

Dear CCCIA Members:

Welcome to the end of Summer and beginning of another school year, our first while dealing with COVID-19. So far hurricane season has spared Florida, but has caused devastation to other Gulf states. The Farmers Almanac is predicting a frigid winter across the US and election season is really heating up. What a wild year. I for one will celebrate when this chaos has passed and we can return to a "NEW" and more pleasant "normal"

I hope this letter finds everyone well and with Fall approaching, ready to overcome anything else 2020 throws at you!

On the bright side, proving once again that we have all chosen the best place to live and work, Cape Coral ranks #3 for the BEST and MOST affordable places to live in Florida. We already knew this and we welcome the business and friendships that new residents to SWFL will bring! Please be sure to read the MarketWatch report in this newsletter.

Let's recap, COVID-19, Wild Hurricane Season, School Starting and the prediction of a frosty winter and an election year. We will get through this. Together, we will emerge better than ever. Have faith and rely on the CCCIA for updates and the latest information on our industry and the Construction in Cape Coral.

As you are aware, the CCCIA is a member driven organization and funded by our membership dues. We are always striving to improve living and working in Cape Coral and beyond. Thank you for partnering with us.  

Marty McClain, EnviroStruct, LLC.
2019- 2020 CCCIA President
Cape Coral ranks #3 in the MarketWatch, "Best and most affordable" places to live in Florida
Affordability is more than just cheap housing options; it indicates a high quality of life as well as affordable costs of living. This list is not simply made up of cheap options, but looks at places where you can find community and a sense of purpose: where you would actually want to live. Home is where the heart is, so here are reasons why these six cities will steal your heart.
Florida COVID-19 Resources
Here is what you can do RIGHT NOW!
What you need to know about COVID-19 in Florida
Residents advised to wear masks in public and socially distance. Avoid crowds, closed spaces and close contact.

Text FLCOVID19 to 888-777 for updates

The elderly and those with underlying medical problems like high blood pressure, heart problems and diabetes are more likely to develop serious illness.
Donating Plasma is one of the ways you can help those fighting COVID-19
If you have had COVID-19 and have been completely symptom free for at least two weeks, your plasma may help save the lives of other patients.

Want to go shopping? Take a mask.
Target and CVS will require masks in U.S. Stores, joining Walmart, Costco and Kohl's. Just in! Publix mandate starts July 21st.

FaceBook Covid-19 information Center. Easy to use and updated constantly
Continuing efforts to Mask Up Cape Coral! Spread the Word, Not the Virus.
Please print and post on all of your entry points in your offices and job sites to encourage safety.
What Employment Laws Could Look Like After COVID-19
Expert advice for traversing the post-pandemic workplace
The reopening of America’s workplaces is creating a variety of challenges for employees and employers alike. In some cases, employers attempting to resume operations are hampered, and in some instances, they are unable to do so due to laid-off employees’ reluctance or refusal to return to work. Many are receiving more in unemployment benefits as the result of the $600 per week federal enhancement than they would make working. That additional amount was scheduled to end July 31.

Despite the recent comments by some in the federal government that it will not be extended, the staggering numbers of unemployed—many of whom worked at jobs that have been eliminated due to business closures—will require a continuation of enhanced benefits in addition to the increase from 26 weeks to 39 weeks of eligibility, which was also provided.

There has been some speculation that if the federal add-on is continued, it could be reduced to some lesser amount. The figure of $450 per week has been mentioned. This could exacerbate the refusals to return to those jobs that are available. For some, the short-term additional benefits outweigh returning to a job they fear may be lost in the near future anyway.
As a construction worker, how can I protect myself and slow the spread?
CDC COVID-19 Resources
Where can I get more information?
Stay informed. Talk to your employer, supervisor, or union representative who is responsible for responding to COVID-19 concerns. See these sources for more information on worker exposures to COVID-19:

Florida COVID-19 response- Florida Health
Terms & Conditions for all of your binding project documents
Focus on Contracts
Today’s construction landscape is difficult to navigate with its continually changing variables, delays, work stoppages, additional project requirements, health concerns and financial restraints. Nothing is certain, as job starts are delayed, schedules are modified weekly, customers stop and then restart projects, codes are enhanced, rules change and pressures mount to run your business smoothly. With all this evolving chaos and additional risk, you must take a hard look at how you manage your contracts in these changing times. Now more than ever, your contract must be right before you start any work. And you must manage it to the letter to maximize your return on performing the work. 

Lee County COVID-19 Numbers as of September 9th
  • All data comes from Johns
Hopkins University (JHU). JHU gathers COVID-19 data from the World Health Organization, the European Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, and local health organizations.

  • Confirmed cases
The total number of people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

  • Deaths
The total number of people who have died due to a confirmed case of COVID-19.

  • 5-day moving average
The average number of new COVID-19 cases for a given day, the two days before that day and the two days after that day. This trend line is used to show patterns more clearly.

2nd Annual Preferred Materials Clay Shoot is ON!! SAVE the Date 11/6/20
DEMAND EXCELLENCE! Members supporting Members. Some of our members are struggling. Make a difference and call upon your fellow CCCIA members when you need a product or service. Access the directory with the link below.
New Member Application
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Farts, Chain Link Fences, o2/Co2 and Toxins! Oh My!
Industry News
CCCIA - Industry Update

Members & Friends,
I hope this message finds you all well. As we wind down 2020, I can honestly say this has been one of the most interesting years I have ever seen. No one figured the extent of what the COVID-19 pandemic would do to not only our economy, but our lives in general.

We have been very fortunate in the construction industry, as many of you know, business is as robust as ever and some have increased. We are seeing the cost of building supplies rise over the last few months and these changes will impacted not only the way we sell our homes but the cost to build them.

The CCCIA continues to work with the City of Cape Coral Building Department to keep our industry moving forward. Some nagging topics like the 60/40 issue are close to resolution! This is another benefit of being a member of the CCCIA. If it effects is, it effects the community!

I am proud to announce that we will be holding our 2nd Annual Preferred Materials CCCIA Clay Shootout on Friday November 6th. See the save the date above. We are looking forward to this event and being able to see our members again. More information will be out soon! This will be a limited event so make sure you get signed up ASAP. We will also have sponsorship opportunities to highlight your business. First come, first served.

As always, if you know of anyone who could benefit from membership in the CCCIA we gladly welcome the referral. We have been the watchdog for the industry for the last 49 years and have accomplished much for our membership in that time. We are as only strong as our members and without your support, we couldn't do what we do.

I wish you all success! Please stay safe.

Bill Johnson, Jr, IOM
Executive Director / CEO
239-772-0027 - Office
239-980-4612 - Cell

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Say, "I DUE!"
As a non profit organization, the CCCIA relies on the collection of dues and fund raising events to support our organization and staff. With all fund raisers on hold, we request that if you have received an invoice from us, and plan to continue your membership, please remit your payment or contact to defer payment. Please confirm your commitment to the CCCIA for 2020. We know we live in challenging times. We want to work with you to stay engaged with the CCCIA community. Build, Benefit, Belong! We really are all in this together.

CCCIA Member Spotlight!
Dawn Stratton
Phone: 239-772-027

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Please see below for link for the New Land Development Code.
City of Cape Coral New Land Development Code
The City of Cape Coral Adopted a new Land Development code in August of 2019

The CCCIA formed a task force to review this new code and work on several issues that relate to our industry and the way Single Family Homes are built in Cape Coral.
QLESS Permitting Sign In Service
City of Cape Coral Building Department
The City of Cape Coral’s building division is using the QLess sign in and “join the line” for permitting services on line or via cell phone app.

The link below will direct you to the City’s website for more information.

The flyer below can also be disseminated to your employees to make them aware of the new sign in system.
The final link below will give you detailed instructions on how you can use this system that you can print out.

This system will greatly enhance your customer experience and keep you from waiting long periods of time in City Hall.
City of Cape Coral Building Department August 2020
Permit Report
City of Cape Coral Building Department August 2020
Inspection Report
CCCIA New Member & Renewals Spotlight
Welcome Our New July / August
CCCIA Members

  • Allied Portables, LLC
  • Aran & Franklin Engineering, Inc.
  • Fildi Pools
  • Vantage Construction Services
  • PowerBlock Builders, Inc.

Members don't do business with non-members. Spread the word about the benefit of being a CCCIA member. Send your referrals to Janis at
CCCIA Member Renewals
July / August 2020

1 Year
  • Accountology Bookkeeping Solutions
  • Apex Roofing and Restoration

2-6 Years
  • Drake Ready Mix
  • Realmark LLC
  • Advance Solar & Energy, LLC
  • Rusnell Marine Construction, LLC.
  • Lake Michigan Credit Union
  • Suncoast Beverage Sales
  • Trademark Roofing
  • Florida Blower Door
  • Lusk Drasites & Tolisano
  • Gulf Coast Premier Homes

7-10 Years
  • Artesian Pool Construction
  • Siesta Pebble
  • Ardurra Group

11- 14 Years
  • Nextran Truck Centers of Fort Myers
  • Wright Construction Group
  • Honc Docks & Lifts
  • Honc Industries

15+ Years
  • Spiro & Associates
  • Beattie Development Corp.
  • Advanced Roofing & Sheet-Metal
  • Waste Pro of Florida
  • Koogler Homes
  • Sunset Pools

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It seems the skilled labor shortage still persists despite the shutdowns and delays caused by the corona virus pandemic. Fifty-two percent of construction firms reported still having difficulty finding qualified workers in a survey conducted by the Associated General Contractors of America and Autodesk. That’s also in spite of 60% of those firms saying they had experienced project shutdowns or delays due to COVID-19.
Looking for help? Looking for work? Members helping members. It's what we do!
We can help you find employees or employment. Please send us a share worthy job description with all details necessary to get the word out. The better the job description or resume, the faster we can get the job done!

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