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December 2020
Now, more than ever, the CCCIA is here to help.

Dear CCCIA Members:

I will begin by wishing the CCCIA Membership a Happy Holiday Season. I find it incredible how fast a year passes by. Though we wish we were ending 2020 in our typical CCCIA Gala Festive Fashion we also find it extremely important to protect our Membership, Families and Staff.

As I write this, my final Presidents Letter for the CCCIA, I want to take a moment to thank the Membership, Various Boards and Committees for allowing me to represent the organization as its President for the past two years. It has been an Honor and a Privilege to have served you in this capacity, “Thank You”. 

Now on to the important things, having spent time, “Socially Distanced of Course”, with your new CCCIA 2021 President, Melanie Williamson, and Vice President, Don Koogler, the CCCIA’s 50th Anniversary promises to be one of the most exciting years yet for members and the community. Stay tuned for a full year of exciting 50th anniversary events.

We are kicking off “2021” with our largest and most anticipated event. The 2021 CCCIA 50th Anniversary Builders’ Showcase of Homes. This event has been carefully planned to appeal to buyers near and far. We look forward to everyone enjoying the inspired home builds and designs presented by our Builder members.

You still have time to purchase 1/8th, half and full page advertisements in the magazine. We quickly sold out our first 48 pages, but we reserved the right to expand the book with affiliates and builders NOT participating in the Showcase. The deadline was 12/11/20 so call the office NOW if you are interested. Prices start at a mere $350 up to $1,500.00.

Winter is here and so are the Snowbirds. We can’t stress enough to remember; with the increased population we are seeing increased exposure of COVID 19. Even with the possibility of a vaccine just around the corner, please set a good example for others and comply with businesses' Mandatory MASK policies and social distancing requirements.

In closing, a special “Thank You” to Bill Johnson Jr. You most definitely made the last couple of years enjoyable and interesting. Your Staff is the best, Dawn Stratton has been great to work with and the events that we have had reflected outstanding creativeness. Janis, spent much of her time behind the scenes and was still able to recruit quality members despite the circumstances of this past year.

2020 has been extremely challenging for non-profits and yet our contribution to the community is more important than ever. As we advance into our 50's we will continue to grow and provide a valuable service to you, our members and the City of Cape Coral. Thank you for your support the last two years.
Best Regards,
Marty McClain, EnviroStruct, LLC.
2019- 2020 CCCIA President
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2021 50th Anniversary Builders' Showcase of Homes sold out first 48 pages!
Reach over 70K customers in print and unlimited numbers electronically
We may be expanding the book by 4 pages. Let us know today if you want to participate. The 2021 Builders’ Showcase of Homes will fully maximize your investment in the CCCIA. The buyers will be able to open participant’s websites, plot their route to your model via Google/Apple maps and be able to see a picture of the exterior of your entry.

New this year, 1/8th page ads for affiliates!
Variety of Media Options used in Campaign
Print Ads with the NEWS-PRESS, Digital Banner Ads, Facebook Targeted Advertising, Targeted email Marketing, Geo-Fencing, Slip sheets and Mobile High Impact Mobile Banner Ads.

Advertising will start in mid-December and continue through mid-March of 2021 to maximize your advertising investment and to drive traffic to your models long after the showcase has concluded
The Builders' Showcase of Homes is one of the most anticipated events of the year for Cape Coral. 2021, as the 50th anniversary of the CCCIA, will exceed past success!
Continuing efforts to Mask Up Cape Coral! Spread the Word, Not the Virus.
Please print and post on all of your entry points in your offices and job sites to encourage safety.
Florida COVID-19 Numbers as of December 15th
  • Lee County numbers are no longer available. Only state numbers.

  • All data comes from Johns
Hopkins University (JHU). JHU gathers COVID-19 data from the World Health Organization, the European Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, and local health organizations.

  • Confirmed cases
The total number of people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

  • Deaths
The total number of people who have died due to a confirmed case of COVID-19.

  • 5-day moving average
The average number of new COVID-19 cases for a given day, the two days before that day and the two days after that day. This trend line is used to show patterns more clearly.
SCAM ALERT! Sheriff Marceno and the BBB warn of Zoom Phishing Attacks!
Because of Covid-19, many businesses have moved meetings from in-person to virtual platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. If your organization allows employees access to virtual conferences and webinars, it’s important you heed the latest warning from the Better Business Bureau on how to protect your company from scammers trying to gain access to personal and professional information.

Here’s how the scam works:

Out of the blue, you receive an email, text, or social media message that includes Zoom’s logo and a twist on messages such as, “Your Zoom account has been suspended, click here to reactivate” - “You missed a meeting, click here to see the details and reschedule", or “Welcome to the platform, click on the link to activate your account.”

No matter what kind of phishing message you receive, the hook is for you to click on the link included in the email in hopes of downloading malware or redirecting you to a fraudulent page where you are prompted to enter your login information.

To avoid becoming a victim of this scam:

Double check the sender’s information. Zoom.com and Zoom.us are the only official domains for Zoom. If an email comes from a similar looking domain that doesn’t quite match the official domain name, it’s probably a scam.

Never click on links, images or files in unsolicited emails.

Resolve issues directly. If you receive a suspicious email and you aren’t sure of the legitimacy of it, contact the company’s support department on their official website.

Sheriff Carmine Marceno reminds everyone to “Pause and Think before You Click." 
Less Availability of Building Materials Emerges as a Significant Pandemic Challenge for Contractors
Material Costs Concerns Remain High

More contractors are facing a shortage of building materials as the pandemic continues, according to new fourth quarter data from the United States Chamber of Commerce Commercial Construction Index. This quarter, 41% of contractors say less availability of building products and materials is a severe consequence of the pandemic, up from just 15% saying the same in Q3. Most (71%) contractors say they face at least one material shortage, up 17 points from 54% in Q3.
The most reported material shortage is wood/lumber, which has seen higher demand from a boom in residential construction during the pandemic. Now, 31% of commercial construction contractors report a shortage of lumber, up 20 points from 11% last quarter. Of those contractors experiencing shortages, 89% say it is having a moderate to high level of impact on their business, up from 75% saying so last quarter. Despite growing concern over materials shortages, the overall index score this quarter rose slightly to 60, up from 57 in Q3.
All three of the index’s main indicators rose: Contractors’ confidence in new business opportunities over the next year inched up one point to 57, revenue expectations increased four points to 52, and backlog rose two points to 70. Despite the gains, the index remains significantly below the score of 74 from the first quarter of 2020 before the pandemic.

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Industry News
CCCIA - 2020 A Year in Review

Members & Friends,
I want to wish all our members Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! 2020 has been a year like no other. I speak for Dawn, Janis and myself I when I say that we are happy to see it end.

The CCCIA, like many other non-profits, has had to take a step back and adjust to the current state of affairs. As you know, we are driven by membership dues, special events and sponsorships. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on our ability to host the events we love and rely on for funding. With the shutdown, we ceased all our dinner meetings and the golf and poker tournaments were cancelled. We worked with our members in deferring dues to help out anyway we could. The staff and I all worked from home and Zoom became the new normal for all of our meetings. Through it all, we still had some major accomplishments for our industry partners and members.

In late May we reconnected our Stakeholders group with the City of Cape Coral and dealt with some of the major issues our industry was facing. Leading our Stakeholders group was your CCCIA President Marty McClain and other members who put their time, treasure and talent into accomplishing these tasks.

  1. We found a resolution to the 60/40 impervious challenge that had become a major hurdle in getting new homes approved.
  2. We established fall protection standards and what is allowed in the (PUE) Public Utility Easement.
  3. We helped get Building Department staff a much needed 100k technology upgrade that included smartphones for all our inspectors, thus facilitating virtual inspections which saved time and money for all.
  4. 25% reduction in all permit fees across the board. This should save the industry over $2 MILLION DOLLARS in the first year.

These are just the big ones. There were many other issues solved and some still in-process that could not have been tackled without the support of our members.

In October we were finally able to have host a dinner meeting. This was our first since March. We were honored to meet our new City Manager Rob Hernandez and got a chance to hear his vison for Cape Coral. In November we hosted our Contractors Roundtable and had the opportunity to hear from the experts how the industry was doing and where they saw us heading. It was nice to be able to meet in person again. In November we held our first fund raising event of the year, The 2nd Annual Preferred Materials CCCIA Clay Shoot was a huge success. Thank you to all participants, sponsors and volunteers made this event happen.

Our 2020 Holiday Party and ACE awards were canceled this year to ere on the side of caution. To comply with current CDC guide lines, that advise against large gathering, we felt it was in our members' best interest to come back in 2021, when we have the all clear, with an even bigger event.

2021 is the 50th anniversary of the CCCIA, All of our events will be focused on celebrating who we are and why we are here. We look forward to celebrating with our members. Please plan to participate in these events. To kick things off, our 2021 CCCIA Builders Showcase of Homes will take place the last two weekends in January and the first weekend in February. We quickly sold out the first 48 pages and anticipate a successful event that highlights our Contractors and our 50 years of service to our community. You can visit our ALL NEW website www.cccia.org for more information.
As always, if you know of anyone who could benefit from membership in the CCCIA we gladly welcome the referral. We have been the watchdog for the industry for the last 49 years and have accomplished much for our members in that time. We are stronger in numbers! We could not do what we do without your support.

I want to thank my staff and our Board of Directors for giving their time and talent to the CCCIA. Thank you too to all of the Committee and Task Force members that I have worked along side to keep our industry moving in the right direction.

Special thanks to my outgoing President Marty McClain. Marty took on the task of manning the ship for two years as President. I want to say thank you for all your guidance, wisdom and always being a phone call away when I needed it. It was an honor working with you my friend and I look forward to the next chapter

I wish you all success!

Bill Johnson, Jr, IOM
Executive Director / CEO
239-772-0027 - Office
239-980-4612 - Cell

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Say, "I DUE!"
As a non profit organization, the CCCIA relies on the collection of dues and fund raising events to support our organization and staff. With all fund raisers on hold, we request that if you have received an invoice from us, and plan to continue your membership, please remit your payment or contact Dawn@cccia.org to defer payment. Please confirm your commitment to the CCCIA for 2020. We know we live in challenging times. We want to work with you to stay engaged with the CCCIA community. Build, Benefit, Belong! We really are all in this together.

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Please see below for link for the New Land Development Code.
City of Cape Coral New Land Development Code
The City of Cape Coral Adopted a new Land Development code in August of 2019

The CCCIA formed a task force to review this new code and work on several issues that relate to our industry and the way Single Family Homes are built in Cape Coral.
QLESS Permitting Sign In Service
City of Cape Coral Building Department
The City of Cape Coral’s building division is using the QLess sign in and “join the line” for permitting services on line or via cell phone app.

The link below will direct you to the City’s website for more information.

The flyer below can also be disseminated to your employees to make them aware of the new sign in system.
The final link below will give you detailed instructions on how you can use this system that you can print out.

This system will greatly enhance your customer experience and keep you from waiting long periods of time in City Hall.
City of Cape Coral Building Department October 2020
Permit Report
City of Cape Coral Building Department October 2020
Inspection Report
CCCIA New Member & Renewals Spotlight
Welcome Our New November
CCCIA Members

  • Groff Building Contractors, LLC.
  • US Building Group, Inc.

Members don't do business with non-members. Spread the word about the benefit of being a CCCIA member. Send your referrals to Janis at janis@cccia.org
CCCIA Member Renewals
November 2020

2-6 Years
  • Windward Construction
  • Jason's Drafting Services, Inc.
  • SW Florida Dream Homes
  • The Home Mag

7-10 Years
  • Tracey Quality Building
11- 14 Years
  • Adams Homes

15+ Years
  • Tri-Circle Pavers
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Esterline Construction is a General Contractor that builds multifamily apartments around the state of Florida. We are currently looking for skilled tradesmen in the Fort Myers area.
Tasks vary but may include:
 Window installation
 Appliance installation
 Cabinet work
 Light plumbing and electrical
 Painting
 Trim
 Carpentry
 Drywall and texture
 Punch and repair
 Construction clean-up
Job Type: Full-time during the duration of the project

Hourly: $18 - $20
Experience: Skilled Labor
5 years

The Carlton of Fort Myers construction site office: 10631 Metro Parkway, Fort Myers

o: 813.752.3300
c: 813.450.7964
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