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July 2021 Newsletter
Networking and Poker, what could be better?

Now, more than ever, the CCCIA is here to help.
Good Day fellow CCCIA Members,

Thank you Aubuchon Homes for the exciting networking event last Thursday. Great crowd, delicious food and drinks too. If you did not take their "Tour Around The World", you missed out on an opportunity to learn more about the products and services under the Aubuchon umbrella. You also missed out on winning TWO tickets on the Key West Express and a $250 gift card. (See photos later in this newsletter.) Thank you again Team Aubuchon and congratulations member David Janofsky with Gulf Western Group.

Now on to serious matters....POKER! The CCCIA 2021 Hard Hat Hold'em Poker Tournament is THIS Friday, July 16th at the Cape Coral Yacht Club. The cost to play is only $90 and includes $10K in chips, dinner catered by Rib City and sponsored by Koogler Homes, and beer and wine. Guest/spectator tickets are $40 and include everything except the poker chips. What a fun night out this will be. Register today.

We still need a few sponsors for the Poker Tournament so please let us know if you would like to support the CCCIA and help us make this event unforgettable.

Dinner meetings resume August 12th at the Palmetto-Pine Country Club.

As always, if you need me, please reach out.
Best Regards,
Melanie Williamson
Williamson and Sons Marine Construction, Inc.
2021CCCIA President
Aubuchon Networking Highlights
Conrick PR
Trademark Roofing
Billy Joe
Best of the Cape
Tour De' France
Flo with Progressive
Thank you Aubuchon Homes for Hosting!
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August 17th Webinar: Construction Bookkeeping and Accounting
2021 is our 50th Anniversary!
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Connected Jobsites: The Future of Safety & Productivity
Realizing the benefits of IoT tech & welcoming construction’s digital transformation
by Robert Costantini, CEO of Triax Technologies, Inc.
Since the Internet of Things (IoT) arrived in construction, many firms have taken advantage of it. For those who have worked on an IoT connected jobsite, the disruptive change is obvious: significant improvements in safety, productivity and efficiency.

Andrew McAfee, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientist and bestselling author who studies how modern digital technologies are reshaping our world, said in an interview with the American Enterprise Institute (AIE), “Incumbent organizations, over and over again, miss disruptive change. And they find their margins eroding, they find their customers going elsewhere. They kind of sit around and go ‘what the heck happened here?’”

Worksite connectivity is here to stay and it’s going to have an impact on the industry at large. There are four key areas where worksite connectivity can be game-changing: worker-to-worker, management-to-worker, worker-to-environment and worker-to-equipment.

“Incumbent organizations, over and over again, miss disruptive change. And they find their margins eroding, they find their customers going elsewhere. They kind of sit around and go ‘what the heck happened here?’” - American Enterprise Institute

A safe and healthy workforce is paramount, and, in fact, is the No. 1 focus of most contractors. By leveraging the IoT in construction, worker wearable devices can communicate with each other and improve safety by alerting workers of potential risks. The real-time alerts triggered by these devices can make a worker stop and think, encouraging behavioral changes as it relates to operating in a hazardous area or complying with physical distancing rules.

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It's Summertime

Members & Friends,
I can remember the time when summertime was our time to relax. A time where everything slowed down for a few months, but that is not the case anymore,

June was the first month since April of 2006 that we were over 400 single family permits issued in one month. That is 15+ years. The City reported in with 408 single family home permits issued. We are seeing a trend of permits coming out of the Building Department that is similar to 2003. We currently have had 3053 single family permits issued and the City still has three months left in their fiscal year 2021. To give you some comparison, in FY 2020 the Building Department issued a total of 2276 single family permits and 1874 were issued in 2019. If we continue at this pace, we should be close to the 4000 single family permits issued. (Close to 100% growth!)

The CCCIA is keeping busy working with the city making sure we keep the ball moving in the right direction. With such an increase in permitting, there are challenges to stay on top of.

I wanted to thank both Paradise Grills and Team Aubuchon for hosting two great summer networking events for the CCCIA. Both events had quality attendance and it was great to be able to meet and talk with so many of our members. We also had potential members in attendance. We hope to bring them into the CCCIA family shortly.

As a CCCIA member, think about companies you work with that would benefit from membership. Your referrals are mutually beneficial.. As I tell our members, we are stronger in numbers! The CCCIA is the association supporting the construction industry. We are your advocate in the City of Cape Coral.

Lastly, if you like playing poker, we have the event for you. On Friday July 16th, our CCCIA Hard Hat Poker Tournament is being held at the Yacht Club. With a $1000 first prize, some lucky person is leaving with a nice pay day from a night of fun. All the information for the tournament is located in this newsletter and there is still time to sign up, If you have any additional questions, give the office a ring and we will be glad to help you out and sign you up,

Stay safe and healthy.
Bill Johnson, Jr. IOM
Executive Director/CEO
611 S.E. 11th Street, Suite A
Cape Coral, FL 33990
(239) 772-0027 (office)
(239) 980-4612 (cell)
(239) 772-0071 (fax)
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Dawn Stratton
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Please see below for links for the Significant Changes to the
7th Edition 2020
Florida Building Code .
7th Edition 2020 Florida Building Code
The City of Cape Coral Adopted the new 7th Edition 2020 Florida Building Code on 12/31/20.

Permits applied on before 12/31/20 will fall under the old 6th Edition 2017 Florida Building Code.

The CCCIA along with the Lee BIA put on a code class in December to help our members with the significant changes. Please click the links on the left for more information .
The below link will provide you access to the City of Cape Coral's Community Development website and all news on the Building Department. There is a wealth of information there and the CCCIA works with the City to make sure the major announcements are sent to the industry prior to going on their site.
Cape Building Department - Monthly Building Reports
City of Cape Coral Building Department June 2021
Permit Report
City of Cape Coral Building Department June 2021
Inspection Report
CCCIA New Member & Renewals Spotlight
Welcome Our New June
CCCIA Members

  • Southwest Waste Service
  • Mulvaney Construction Services, Inc.
  • Wildlife Relocation Services
  • Tactical Roofing Solutions. LLC.

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CCCIA Member Renewals
June 2020

1 Year
  • Roof Smart of S.W. Florida, LLC
  • Premier Flooring

2-6 Years
  • A& B Plumbing of SW Florida
  • Northpointe Bank
  • Option One Builders
  • Spiro Services, LLC.
  • SWFL Water Testing, LLC.
  • Priority Business Solutions
  • CONRIC PR & Marketing
  • Williamson Brothers Marine Construction
  • Williamson Brothers Roofing
  • Compass Construction
  • LCM Engineering

7-10 Years
  • Stokes Marine
  • Coral Isle Builders
  • D.R. Horton

11-14 Years
  • Air Techniques Heating & Cooling

15+ Years
  • Storm Smart
  • The News-Press
  • PCC Tile
  • Spiro & Associates

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