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Council of the Baptized (CoB)
CCCR and CoB need your financial support.   

We are a growing number of Catholics stepping up and claiming our voices in our local Church.

We've been taking action, providing a forum for questions of conscience, and giving voice to the faithful in our Archdiocese: 
  • Claiming a voice in selecting our new bishop
  • Raising concerns about Church teachings on sexuality, marriage, and family
  • Calling for an Archdiocese Pastoral Council that is transparent and includes voices from all segments of our community
To continue our work and take it to the next level, we need to raise $100,000 for this next year.  

Please give prayerful consideration to becoming a sustaining supporter by signing up to make automatic monthly contributions.  We welcome and appreciate any amount or one-time donations. Simply click here and hit the " Credit Card Donations" button for credit cards or the " Checking Account Donations" button to use your checking account at your bank.

(A fundraising letter will be mailed out soon.  Your early contribution reduces that cost.)

You are CCCR and CoB.

Together with your interest, participation, and financial support, we'll make it work.

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