It's time for some serious cyber bidding!

Start your week different and mark dibs on all your favorite items!

Ladies, start claiming your Mother's Day gifts with these exciting, self-care items. Men, plump up your man cave with sports memorabilia... I'm talking jerseys and swag from the Giants, 49ers, Raiders, and the Golden State Warriors! Don't worry, there's things for the kids too like soccer training, gymnastics and swimming lessons...
Here are ways you can help us save CCCS!

  • Give generously to our COVID-19 Relief fund if you are able to. All giving is participation and nothing is "too small" (Luke 21:1-4).

  • Share our auction website with family, friends, former colleagues, church members, and neighbors on Facebook, LinkedIn, Insta, and Twitter.

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  • Buy a $5 ticket to our "Pick a Grape" Contest. For $5 you could win a one-night stay at one of the finest hotels in Napa, plus you get free wine tasting at Judd's Hill. No expiration date.

  • P-R-A-Y for our school auction

  • Bid and have fun! This is our first online auction, make it memorable. Dress up with your family in your superhero costume or t-shirt and share it with us. Let's make history together!
When we originally planned this year's auction, we never imagined that our superhero and villain theme would be so fitting. In our invitations, we wrote: "Help Us Save Contra Costa Christian Schools Crab Feed & Auction." As we start our online auction, let's keep this Batman signal in mind...