Hello Alex,

The children of Miami-Dade County need your help!

Tomorrow, Wednesday 09/07/22 our School Board will discuss and vote on Agenda Item H-11 which seeks to Recognize and Observe the month of October as LGBTQ History Month throughout all Miami-Dade public schools in our district. The agenda item (see here) also includes educating our children on LGBTQ History.

If you oppose this, we ask that you engage your civic duty and execute on both or at least one of the following actions:

  • Write the School Board and Superintendent to inform them of your opposition to this item, and ask them to VOTE NO on item H-11. CCDF provides the following tool to facilitate this action for you. See tool here

  • Sign up to speak at tomorrow’s School Board meeting on this Agenda Item during the Public Hearing section of the meeting, and address our School Board and Superintendent directly with your concerns. To sign up speak fill out this form here, and email it to Request4Appearance@Dadeschools.net . Please show up at 4:00pm latest and be prepared to speak. 

School Board Meeting Address:

1450 N.E. 2nd Avenue Miami, FL 33132  



CCDF & Education Advocacy:

CCDF, Miami-Dade is a nonprofit organization that is committed to defending the rights of parents to safeguard their children. We accomplish this through local government Oversight & Accountability. State Law provides parents with the right to inspect the curriculum being used to instruct their children. Engaged parents, fighting for their children, are the key to holding the Miami-Dade County School Board members and this school district accountable for adhering to the rule of law.

We intend on assisting parents and our community in preventing overreach by our elected representatives, ensuring due process and equal protection for all citizens under the United States & and State of Florida Constitution, Florida sunshine law and the Florida Department of Education regulations.

Why do WE oppose this:

WE believe this agenda item violates certain provisions of the Parental Rights in Education Law - HB1557 (see here), the Parents Bill of Rights - HB241 (see here), and other Florida Statutes that provide for age-appropriateness, for the suitability of material/content/resources to our students’ needs, and for the ability of the minor children of our school district to comprehend material/content/resources that they are exposed to in the School Environment. In addition, a district-wide recognition and observation of LGBTQ History throughout the month of October imposes material, content, and resources on all of the minor children in our district in a manner that does not is not conducive to informed consent or adequate provisions for parents to opt-out from their children being exposed to these materials, content, and resources.

Additional Resources:

  • A similar agenda item was discussed and voted in by our School Board last year. Please see here video of the Board Members' discussion and subsequent vote. We believe you may find this enlightening and it will provide context for tomorrow's Board discussion and vote. See time stamp 2:49:48 through 3:35:23

  • To provide context for what may be expected throughout all public schools in our district should this observance and recognition move forward; here is a list of the other observance/recognition days, weeks, or months that our district already celebrates. If you are familiar with the school environment (decorations, resources, content posted) in relation to these observances, you can get an idea of the exposure all of our children will be subject to in relation to the LGBTQ observance and recognition.

  • It is important to note that Miami-Dade County Public Schools district already offers ample resources for LGBTQ youth. Please see here information on some of the current LGBTQ tools and resources that our School District currently provides to our children. 

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