Wed, August 21 6:30 PM
Hi Everyone,
We are all catching our breath after a fantastic 4-day show. I think Laurie and Ann might still be sleeping 😋.
Mother nature and the protective powers joined forces and gave us four great show days, while evenings not so much as we had a couple of thunderstorms and some showers right at the time of cocktails/dinner.😱
Once again our club is thankful to Harvey and Mary for their generosity and gorgeous venue, we should be proud to sponsor one of the most prestigious shows in the country--many exhibitors said this).
"Dear club members, Mary and I would like to express our sincere gratitude for volunteering for the show. As it grows bigger each year, we rely on our members for their invaluable help. We cannot do this without you." -- Harvey Waller
Our next meeting will be August 21st @6:30 and will be a potluck. We need to discuss the upcoming Tub Parade and Fall Fun Day, as well as a program for the rest of the year.
I have recently been in contact with Dr. Andis Knaeps, a well known Equine Sports medicine and therapy Veterinarian, who has written numerous articles on conditioning in the heat, leg injury therapies, and was on board for the Olympics in Georgia.
He is willing to come up and be a guest speaker during his slow time (October/November). Fingers crossed.
The Tub Parade needs at least 15 vehicles to make a parade--we have 7 confirmed. Please see the attached form and sign up to be a part of this historic event.
See you all on Wednesday the 21st.
Barry Roberts diving Percheron geldings put to a fully restored antique milk wagon
The Tub Parade needs at least 15 vehicles to make a parade. Please see the attached form and sign up to be a part of this historic event.
Save the Date: Lenox Tub Parade, September 7

Everyone that was in last year's Tub Parade: Please keep us in mind for September 7th. We have a major sponsor this year so we will also be able to give our exhibitors money toward decorations.
Anyone who has not exhibited in past parades: We would like to have a few more parade worthy entries to make the parade spectacular. So please save the date for September 7th .
Minutes from CCDS Meeting July 18

Harvey called the meeting to order at 7:30.

The minutes from our last meeting, April 24, 2019 that were emailed to the members were approved unanimously. The most recent meeting in May was the Annual Meeting. Time flies...

In one week the entries for the Orleton Farm Driving Show will close and we expect several who have called, but the paperwork is coming in slowly. There is a late fee of $10 per class, but even so there will be late entries to deal with.

For Sale:
Running Brook Roadster
Large single horse size.
48" wheels, 85" shafts, Brass hubs, shaft tips, rein rail. Patent Leather dash, burnt gold striping.
Contact Jen Wilcox:  413.229.3165
More Driving Events In Our Region...

August 23-25: Tri-County Carriage Association, Great Lakes Carriage Classic, Ancaster Fair Grounds, Jerseyville, ON Prize List
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