Happy Holidays

To CCDS Members and Friends

A Festive Evening at Harvey and Mary Waller’s Party Barn

Our meeting and holiday celebration at Harvey and Mary Waller's party barn was a night to remember. The atmosphere was festive, and the food was nothing short of incredible. We would like to thank everyone for bringing their best potluck dishes, which made the evening even more delightful. We enjoyed spending time with old friends and making new ones. It was truly a night of great food and great company. All while being entertained by Jack Waldheim’s beautiful singing and guitar playing from Christmas songs to his own music from the balcony in the party barn.

The fireplaces were roaring and added that touch of ambiance while we all settled into a delightful evening of catching up and celebrating the last gathering before Harvey and Mary head to sunny Florida for their winter retreat. 

December Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm by our President Harvey Waller. The short discussion of new officers was addressed. Glenn Van Ort requested the close of nominations and the officers in place will remain for the next year. All were in favor for another year of our current officers.

The Directors’ terms do not expire until 2027, so no need to address that currently. Harvey thanked everyone for their participation and helping to keep this club going.

Harvey then took us through the calendar of events for 2024. Lots of exciting events and ideas coming forward. More to follow. 

2024 Dues!!!

CCDS Annual Club Dues are due for 2024. Send them to Laurie Danaher asap...

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