NW Oregon Works has jobs and funding for small business NOW!

If you’re a business that:
  • Can make PPEs, masks or something essential in addressing the COVID-19 health and economic pandemic, and/or if you need more workers to do that, please contact NWOregonWorks.org
  • Needs creative grant and funding sources, please contact NWOregonWorks.org

If you’re not sure what you need but you’re trying hard to find ideas and potential sources of help, please contact   NWOregonWorks.org

If you are, or know someone who is, unemployed and don’t want to be,  NWOregonWorks.org  can connect you with businesses that are operating safely and producing – and hiring.

NW Oregon Works got Layoff Aversion (LA) money to 10 Columbia County businesses right away after CCET alerted you to their Layoff Aversion program last week. It works. That LA funding is gone, but there are new, different funds available now. Heather DeSart, of Oregon Works points out that “The funds do have some restrictions, so they may not be able to do everything folks need them to do, but we’re always happy to brainstorm with businesses to see if we can make something work.”
Northwest Oregon Works is committed to supporting impacted employees and businesses to the greatest extent possible. To this end we have summarized below the current guidance on how both workers and employers can access support in Oregon. As you are aware, the situation is evolving fairly quickly and therefore we included links to pertinent information to ensure you have the latest information.
Unemployment Insurance  - Individuals who cannot work may apply for unemployment insurance. Please know that applications can be completed online through  this site
WorkShare  – a program that helps businesses avoid layoffs by leveraging unemployment insurance (UI) to subsidize a portion of lost wages.
Rapid Response  – is a task force specifically designed to promote economic recovery and vitality by planning with businesses to avert or respond to layoffs and dislocations to prevent or minimize the impact on workers, businesses and communities. Our team will work directly with businesses and their employees to assist in layoff aversion strategies, help affected worker apply for unemployment benefits, find access to health care resources and training so they can get back to work rapidly.  Please contact Program Manager Debra Smith directly at  Debra@onwib.org  or (541)921-7329 for more information.
Other Helpful Resources:

COVID- 19 Employer & Worker Support & Resources - Special Announcement
InRoads Credit Union taking PPP applications TODAY!

InRoads Credit Union announced that after Congress authorized additional stimulus funding last week, the Credit Union will start a 2 nd  round of SBA PPP loans on today. They are currently processing applications for established InRoads business partners (business accounts).

Business owners can request SBA PPP Loan application packets by contacting Inroads or sending an email to:  Business.assistance@inroadscu.org Inroads Members can visit their website to get additional information for Covid-19 assistance programs: i nroadscu.org/ or inroadscu.org/covid-19/

In its announcement last week, InRoads declared it has funded over $1m in SBA Payroll Protection Loans for ten of its business members through the Small Business Administration’s Payroll Protection Program. The credit union currently has 50 more applications waiting for the additional Congressional funding approved last week.

The SBA Payroll Protection Program is a loan designed to provide direct relief for small businesses to pay up to eight weeks of payroll costs, including benefits. Funds can also be used to pay interest on mortgages, rent and utilities.
Tomorrow, watch for updates on: Governor Brown’s Public Health Framework for
Restarting Public Life and Business and her guidelines to re-open rural communities
Columbia County Economic Team (CCET) is working to assist businesses navigate through the Coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic disruption….and plan for recovery. Business survival and retention is a top priority. We all want to emerge from the other side of this able to restore our businesses, livelihoods and economy. Reaching out countywide, Columbia County Economic Team will be communicating with you regularly.
If you have received this email as a forward from a friend and wish to receive future COVID business retention, resiliency and recovery updates from CCET, please contact us at:  w negelspach columbiacountyoregon.com  or click here  to be added to our list. to be added to our list. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn by clicking the buttons below.

Paul Vogel
Interim CEO
Columbia County Economic Team