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Volunteer of the Month
Each month we will recognize those whose contributions inspire us and who demonstrate excellence in their service to others. This award was created to thank those outstanding individuals and to bring to light the immense efforts, time and resources that are generously given to the Foundation.
Alie Plouff
Alie Plouff’s road to volunteering began after her mother was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma. Her mother was a nurse and instinctively knew she would have to research and be proactive in seeking treatment for her disease. Alie fully supported her mother and became a caregiver. After discovering the Foundation, Alie attended her first annual conference in 2017, with her entire family, and immediately knew she wanted to get involved with the Foundation. Why? Because she saw first hand how patients received the support they needed - the encouragement, the support, the resources, and the hope. The experience was extremely positive for her mother, even attending the conference while in hospice care. 

At that time the CholangioConnect program was fairly new, and after hearing about the program during that conference, Alie began volunteering as a mentor. She knew it would be helpful to so many others. Alie has mentored many over the last few years and feels it is one of the most rewarding things she has done as a volunteer. She understands the stress caregivers are under, having seen it all first hand herself, and has a desire to alleviate some of that stress for others. Her goals as a mentor include being a good listener, a neutral party, support, and most importantly a friend in a time of need. But her desire to help did not stop there. With an eagerness to do more, she also began taking on administrative projects, followed by conference volunteering, joining the Social Media Team, and is currently spearheading another CARE Team launch on the East Coast. Alie loves volunteering and has made it an important focus in her life. For her, it turns her grieving process into a positive direction. She says it’s effortless to get started, and enjoys the time helping others. She loves the friendships that come through volunteering.

Does she have time for anything else? It seems she does, as she is currently a full time student in a master’s program for occupational therapy. Alie is from New England and loves to spend time at the beach. She loves her dog, Brady, and is a big New England Patriot football fan.  

It is a great honor and privilege for the Foundation to recognize Alie Plouff as the Volunteer of the Month!
You did it!
We are overwhelmed with your generosity and support. Thank you for making Campaign for the Cure such an incredible success!
Team CCF Update
Runner Spotlight

Introducing Diana Park of McKinney, Texas. Diana is an athlete, avid runner, wife, and mom to three adorable girls who often join in on her workouts. Diana has run with Team CCF in the Run Houston! Clear Lake 10k race and two Bank of America Chicago Marathons! She has already attained her fundraising goal for this year's Chicago marathon in October. Diana runs in honor of her mom and best friend. Diana's mom was always there for her and her brother - attending every sporting event and supporting her kids in every endeavor. Diana runs in her honor and in hope of finding a cure cholangiocarcinoma. Thank you, Diana, for your support and dedication!
Team CCF is looking to recruit runners for our upcoming Fall races.
Sept. 29, 2019

Nov. 9, 2019
Nov. 23 - 24, 2019
Awareness Store
Happy National Friendship Day!
August 4th is National Friendship Day.
Thank you, volunteers! Thank you for being an incredible friend of the Foundation! To celebrate your contributions, please enjoy
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Volunteers Needed
Social Media Influencers
Social Media Influencers work to recognize and support people hosting social media fundraisers, spread awareness of the Foundation’s mission, and research and develop social media campaigns.

Key responsibilities:

  • Supports our current online fundraisers in their efforts through social media;
  • Develops relationships, including businesses, to create social media campaigns that increase awareness and expand our social media following;
  • Improves our social media programs and campaigns; and
  • Researches articles/events that promote the Foundation’s mission and spread awareness.

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