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Volunteer of the Month
Each month we will recognize those whose contributions inspire us and who demonstrate excellence in their service to others. This award was created to thank those outstanding individuals and to bring to light the immense efforts, time and resources that are generously given to the Foundation.
Lisa Craine
Lisa Craine is a mother of two sons and is also married to her high school sweetheart, David. She is 100% Italian and loves to spend time in the kitchen cooking for her family. She was diagnosed with Stage IV Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma in 2010 and given only six months to live. It has been a tough journey with two liver resections, 52 rounds of chemo in four different regimens, radiation three times and other complications, but Lisa manages to find the joy in her journey. Now she views the difficult times as life experience and feels it’s those things that make her a better advocate with more compassion. 

Lisa connected with the Foundation after getting acquainted with the patient discussion boards. She reached out to a fellow patient after reading an article about her and felt like that began to offer her a lot of hope. She no longer felt isolated and alone on an island of a rare cancer. Lisa’s second opinion team, which she calls her “Survivor Partner Team” never took away her hope either. That is the hope she desires to share with other patients and families. Lisa has mentored dozens of patients through the CholangioConnect program, but is also actively involved in mentoring with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation and Imerman’s Angels. She and her husband, David, founded Craine’s Cholangiocarcinoma Crew and together have raised over $205,000 strictly for research.

Additionally Lisa serves as a Research Advocate, Patient Advocate and is a member of the CARE Team. She helped to organize the CARE Team’s first mini-symposium last year, and has a second event planned for this summer in Chicago. She has given countless hours to patients all over the country, and often finds herself chair side of local patients undergoing treatment. Lisa helps others navigate second opinions, clinical trials and new treatment options every week over the phone. Lisa has presented her story at multiple conferences and is a passionate voice for rare cancer. Her dedication to passing hope on to others is clearly evident in all she does. It is a great honor and privilege for the Foundation to recognize Lisa Craine as the Volunteer of the Month!
You did it!
Ellen Dunlap advocates for Cholangiocarcinoma at the Relay for Life in Anaheim, CA. It was a 24 hour event hosted by the American Cancer Society. There she shared the Mutations Matter campaign information.
Research advocates Lisa Mitchell, Mary Ott, Melinda Bachini, Kathy Forsey and Lisa Craine gather for dinner and conversations about cholangiocarcinoma at the Accelerating Anticancer Agent Development (AAADV) Workshop in Bethesda, MD last month.
Kicking off AAADV Pre-workshop for Patient Advocates with research advocates Lisa Craine, Lisa Mitchell and Melinda Bachini. All three advocates received patient scholarships to attend.
Cait and Mike Telaak pictured above.

Congratulations to Cait Telaak for being awarded the Daily Point of Light Award on May 14, 2019!

"Volunteering has become so much more powerful to me now that the cause is personal. Constantly talking to patients and caregivers allows me to give back, because I owe CCF for how they provided resources to me when I was first diagnosed. This cancer seems to pick almost to a person, the most remarkable, loving human beings."

"As much as I would love to say, ‘be gone, cancer,’ we are not able to control the cells dividing in our body. I have to focus on what I can control, and that’s how I engage with my reality and how I respond to it. The most meaningful way I’ve been able to do that has been through volunteering, finding that purpose in something that is otherwise so cruel and random. There has been so much joy and connection to be found in the relationships I’ve formed." - Cait Telaak

Team CCF Update
Upcoming November Event:
November 23 and 24th  
Philadelphia Marathon, Half Marathon and 8k

Team CCF is proud to again be partnering with the Philadelphia Marathon. Let us pay for your bib!
Contact  Meredith.mcguffage@cholangiocarcinoma.org  if you are interested.
Thank you to our wonderful TeamCCF runners this past month. Libby Sharkey ran the Cleveland Half Marathon May 19th in honor of her mom, Carol Pike. Libby raised over $700. Eugenia Lin ran the Colfax Half Marathon May 19th in honor of her mentor, Nancy Offer. Eugenia raised over $250.
Meet some members of Team CCF
TeamCCF would like to give a special shout out to Rich and Linda DeCample who ran the Lincoln Half Marathon in Lincoln, NE in memory of their son Matt DeCample, a patient speaker at Annual Conference 2019. Matt passed away from complications of cholangiocarcinoma on March 3, 2019. 
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Volunteers Needed
CARE Team Members

  • CARE Team Members work to positively impact the lives of cholangiocarcinoma patients through advocacy, research and education. Key responsibilities include helping spread awareness in communities - including local events, hospitals and clinics; creating, attending and supporting local fundraising efforts; and educating others about the cancer, research and clinical trials available.

Please email cindy.thomas@cholangiocarcinoma.org with interest in this position.

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