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Catholic schools have seats available right now, and scholarships are being offered to families in need

As a community foundation, we take pride in the promotion of the good works of the grants that we make from our clients’ funds. For the next few months, we are running a campaign to bring greater awareness to the grants our donors make available for Catholic school education. This privately funded campaign has a two-pronged approach – first to invite students and their families to attend our Catholic schools and second to demonstrate the return on investment a Catholic school education offers.


The invitation: Through the campaign, families throughout the five regions of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles will learn that Catholic schools are an affordable option and an excellent choice for Pre-K through High School learning. Families are encouraged to go to their pastor or their local Catholic school to ask for an application and a tuition assistance form. Our schools are parochial schools, not private schools, and are available to all who want to come.


The investment: The campaign will appeal to donors who want to invest in the future of this community and our Church by supporting the under-served children who attend Catholic schools. The return on the investment is expressed in continuation and graduation rates as well as the character, ethics and good citizenship that is developed in each student.


Overall, the campaign’s message is that schools are open, and offer a diverse curriculum that runs the gamut from basic reading, writing and math to science, technology, and performing arts. Seats are available (and affordable) so a quality learning experience in a faith-filled environment is there for those who choose a Catholic school. Just apply and join a caring and safe environment and to find out the possibilities! As for the donors, the campaign’s message is simply that there is no greater investment in a student, especially a student living at or below the poverty line, than in providing them access to a quality Catholic school education.


As you hear our message over the airwaves, social media platforms and in print, please send your thoughts and any feedback you may wish to share. The campaign is 100% funded from private donors.

Kathy Anderson

President and Executive Director

CCF-LA’s Catholic school awareness campaign builds momentum to compliment CEF’s grassroots efforts

With an 8th to 9th grade matriculation rate of 100% and a high school graduation rate and college acceptance rate of 98%, access to our Catholic schools is crucial and life-changing for both the families and communities we serve through the Catholic Education Foundation. These results are remarkable when considering the average income of a family of four receiving a CEF tuition award is $36,500 and these families live in the most economically underserved areas of our Archdiocese.  

This school year alone, CEF has provided tuition awards for over 14,000 students and funded approximately $21 million. Thanks to the New Enrollment Initiative (NEI) program, there are over 4,000 new students in our Catholic school system year-to-date.  

Over the past two years, CEF has been working directly with school principals and administrative staff on grassroots marketing and communications. We provide resources, training, Zoom workshops and marketing collateral to schools participating in the NEI program to market their schools and inform their communities of the availability of tuition awards – all in order to boost enrollment. Every unfilled seat is a missed opportunity for a child to learn and succeed.

CCF-LA’s Catholic school awareness campaign will build another level of momentum to compliment CEF’s grassroots efforts. Our Catholic schools are excited and prepared for the campaign’s message that their schools are available, affordable, and ready to teach their children in a faith-filled environment.

In 35 years, CEF funded 215,000 tuition awards and disbursed over $242 million to students across the three counties of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Now is a moment in time to get the word out and ensure that our Catholic schools will always be there to provide an exceptional, well-rounded education in a safe and nurturing environment guided by the values of our faith.  

It has been my privilege and honor to administer the CEF programs for over 25 years. It’s a good investment and I know it works. Every tuition award application I read reminded me of my family. My grandparents could not read nor write, my father had a third-grade education, and my mother was nearly ten years old when she began school because my grandfather didn’t believe a woman needed an education. The greatest gift my parents bestowed upon me was a Catholic school education in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and for this I am forever grateful.

Theresa Fragoso

Director of Operations, Programs and Chief of Staff 

The importance of a

family meetings for your legacy

A family meeting could be held in several ways surrounding several topics related to family relationships and business, so when we discuss a “family meeting” at CCF-LA what does that entail? We are talking about a philanthropic family meeting. Our family meeting topics range from simple discussions around what is a grant and how to make one, to complex conversations around the goals and responsibilities of next generation advisors. While every family is unique and different in their legacies, one thing remains true: it is never too soon to begin the discussion. In fact, the sooner you begin discussing your giving goals and plans, the better.


The more time you spend discussing why you give and where with your children and grandchildren, the better understanding they will have of your intentions – and vice versa. By beginning the discussion now, you not only have an opportunity to teach philanthropy, but you will also be able to learn more about what they find important and impactful, and why. That is a great joy we’ve seen in our current clients – they are learning new things about their children and grandchildren’s passions that they might not have known otherwise. 

The CCF-LA Family Office is dedicated to making family philanthropy possible and easy! From family meetings to our range of DAF services, we are dedicated to supporting your family legacy. 

Karen Duncan

Director of Family Office

Bishop Dave O'Connell Memorial Fund

CCF-LA creates the Bishop David O’Connell Memorial Fund for the benefit of St. John's Seminary

Msgr. Tim Dyer’s eulogy for Bishop Dave on March 1st served as our inspiration for creating a memorial fund at CCF-LA for the benefit of St. John's Seminary. Funds are to be used for the vocational priestly formation process to emulate the charism of Bishop Dave O'Connell, the man, the priest, and the bishop.

Click here to donate to the Bishop Dave O'Connell Memorial Fund.

Photo: Bishop Dave O'Connell climbs a high summit in the San Gabriel Valley on April 23, 2020 to bless the most populous counties of Southern California and beyond during the coronavirus pandemic.

Timely and Customized

Client Service

Since it is tax season, do you have all your receipts for your 2022 charitable donations?

At CCF-LA, it’s one-stop for all your charitable giving receipts. Client Services processes your tax-deductible deposits to your Charitable or Agency Fund within 24 hours of receipt and you get written confirmation immediately. Grant requests are processed within 2 to 3 business days while we conduct due diligence on the recipient.

Stocks and mutual funds contributions are liquidated on the same day if received during market hours and within 2 business days cash is typically in your account and you receive the high/low tax receipt. 

If you call CCF-LA’s offices to inquire about your grant or account, a colleague will answer your call so you can speak to a live person.

Tania Naaman

Director of Client Services and Assistant Secretary

Finance Market Updates

In March, word of losses at a few banks sparked fear for depositors and led to a bank run that resulted in regulators seizing regional lenders Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank and generated nervousness around the health of the US banking system, particularly in other regional banks. By the end of the quarter, fears of a wide-spread issue were largely allayed. Separately, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates another 25 bps March, bringing the Federal Reserve Funds Rate to 4.75% - 5.00%. The last time that the Rate was at this level was the fall of 2007.

U.S. stock indices posted positive returns in the first quarter - the S&P 500 Index rose +3.67% in March, bringing the first quarter return to +7.50%. Growth stocks trounced value for the quarter and small capitalization stocks underperformed mid and large capitalization stocks across the style spectrum. International Equity markets lagged the U.S. markets in March but remain ahead for the first quarter, returning +8.47% for the first three months. Fixed Income markets marched higher in March with the Bloomberg US Aggregate Bond Index up 2.54%.

As for the pooled funds we manage, the Balanced Pool portfolio returned +2.33% (net of fees) in the month of March and +5.48% for the three months ending March 31, 2023. The Intermediate Fund pool returned +1.90% for the month and +3.02% so far this year. The estimated annual yield on the Short-Term Investment Fund account is currently +4.21%. 

Andrew O'Boyle

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

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