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  • New Volunteer Policy
  • You did it!
  • Volunteers Needed
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Veterans Day - Call for Photos

We would like to share our gratitude for veterans on this upcoming Veterans Day. Please send photos of your beloved veterans to share on social media in their honor. Send photos to cindy.thomas@cholangiocarcinoma.org by Nov. 7, 2018.

Learn more about CCF's veterans initiatives below.
Upcoming Events
November 4 - Charity Partner Meeting for Colfax Marathon in Denver
November 17 & 18 - AACR Philadelphia Marathon
November 18 - Berkeley Half Marathon
Denver Colfax Marathon
Denver Colfax Marathon
Denver Colifax Marathon
Volunteer of the Month
Each month we will recognize those who contributions inspire us and who demonstrate excellence in their service to others. This award was created to thank those outstanding individuals and to bring to light the immense efforts, time and resources that are generously given to the Foundation.
Gavin Strachan
Like most people, Gavin had never heard of Cholangiocarcinoma until his Dad was diagnosed with it in the summer of 2008. Gavin clearly remembers the day of diagnosis and how devastating it was - “like getting hit in the head with a cricket bat,” he recalls. Having a loved one receive a terminal diagnosis of an unheard of disease is shocking.

Immediately Gavin went online to begin research for his Dad. He discovered the Foundation that summer. Gavin remembers how difficult it was to navigate through an internet awash with mountains of inaccurate information, and quickly realized the Foundation gave him a place to seek help and get answers. He found the Discussion Board, shared his Dad’s situation and asked loads of questions. While no one had all the answers, he felt supported within this online community and knew others were rooting for his Dad, and for him.

Because of his personal experience with the support and encouragement, Gavin has felt a passion to help others in the same shoes. For nearly ten years, Gavin has paid it forward. He has given hope to patients, caregivers, friends and family members. Gavin has spent hundreds of hours reading, researching, and posting current research to the discussion boards all in hopes of benefiting someone else who suffers. He volunteers out of his true concern for others and hopes to lighten the load of the really tough times he knows others face. Gavin volunteers so that others will never have to feel alone!

The Foundation would like to thank Gavin for his kindness, compassion, dedication and talents. It is a great honor and privilege to recognize Gavin Strachan as the Volunteer of the Month!
New Volunteer Policy
Due to changes in our insurance requirements, as of this September, the Foundation has instituted a background check policy for all volunteers. Volunteers in the CholangioConnect (CC) Program have already been asked to complete this process. If you are involved in the CC Program and have not yet completed your background check process, please do so. Other volunteers will be soon be receiving instructions on how to complete the process. We thank you for your cooperation in this new policy!
You did it!
Over 286 hours of volunteer power were donated in September! We thank you for every effort! All of those hours mean lots of support, kindness and encouragement for so many.
Volunteers Needed
Cheer squad volunteer
Cheer Squad Volunteers encourage, support and give a vital boost to runners and walkers in races.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Make as much noise as possible in support of Team CCF!
  • Bring your shout outs, signs, noisemakers and lawn chairs to encourage Team CCF!
  • Create an exciting environment for everyone!
  • Help spread awareness.
Choose your race!

Races coming to Denver, CO - Philadelphia, PA - Berkeley, CA this month!
Email meredith.mcguffage@cholangiocarcinoma.org if you are interested in this position.
Patient Mentors
Our CholangioConnect Mentoring Program is growing and to keep up with all the requests for mentorship we need more Patient Mentors for newly diagnosed patients. In order to qualify as a Patient Mentor you MUST have been personally diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma. 

For more information about the CholangioConnect Mentoring Program please visit the link below.

Volunteers in Action
Hannah and Eli rasing funds for CCF during their lemonade stand.
Volunteers spreading awareness at the Chicago Bears game.
Chicago Bears players receive their CCF awareness bracelets!
A Call for Videos
Candles for the Cure - December 2018

With our Candles for the Cure campaign fast approaching in December, CCF is calling for your video contributions. If you would like to share a short video on who you will light your candle for, why you donate, or what it means to have others donate in your honor, please send them to cindy.thomas@cholangiocarcinoma.org by November 19th. Also, please keep in mind the following criteria when submitting:

  • No more than 45 seconds in length;
  • Please include good lighting;
  • Please include clear audio; and
  • Landscape/horizontal formatting.

We would like to share your videos through social media during the month of December and have included some examples (see below) for you to get started.
Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation | (888) 936-6731 | info@cholangiocarcinoma.org | cholangiocarcinoma.org