Fall 2022

P.O. Box 1046
San Luis Obispo, CA 93406
Message from the President
Marilyn Blake, President
As this year comes to an end, I find myself thankful for having been able to serve as President of Central Coast Funds for Children. I am fortunate to be in the company of such dedicated, hardworking, committed, and compassionate women.
I joined this group of women eleven years ago because I liked what the organization stands for “Raising funds for children in need in San Luis Obispo County."
Indeed, all the money
raised stays in our county. We have raised over $100,000 this year and will have donated over $2 million in funds since 1994.
Our fundraiser alone raised over $64,000 this year through the hard work of our members. Thousands of children in San Luis Obispo benefit from these monies.
This group of women who call themselves CCFC is very inspirational and I’m proud to be a part of this organization.

All for the KiDZ
The members of Central Coast Funds for Children want to thank you for your support of our Fundraiser “All for the Kids.” With donations like yours it enables our organization to continue our mission of helping children in need in San Luis Obispo County. We value the trust you place in our organization, and we deeply appreciate your support.
Edie and Bo Lycke
Bill and Allison Lauderdale
John and Kaaren Abbate
Craig and Joan Kincaid
Michael and Carolyn Klingler
Ed and Bernie Kurtz 
Placer Trading Company
Sharon Beko
Bruce Ekmanian
Norman and Sharon Beko
Kim Conti and Dan Degroot
Larry and Jeanette Meek
Meredith Takken
Steve and Shelly Maguire
Jerry and Patti Hempenius
Dr. Steve and Ann Hansen
Cyndi Framme and Frank Sheahan
Jim and Elaine Gardiner
Brad and Ginny Parkinson
Jim and Sue Miers
Pam Zweifel 
Judy Straw
Eric & Jennifer Wand
Jane Toschi  
Ann & Orlando Berry-Gallegos
Larry Fleur/Alethea Justus
Dennis & Cheryl Fernandez
Angelo & Corinne Cilli
Mary Ciernia
Mark & Sue Daritz
Brian Christopher  
Bill Travis
Peggy Bowman-Kelly
Don and Ricki Pace
Greg and Marci Braze 
Lea and Braze Engineering

Theresa Theiler 
Joan Borger
Jules & Joanne Rogoff
Don & Toppy Miller
Herb & Diane Filipponi
Bob & Christine Williams 
Annika Scranton
Laureen Wallravin
Thomas and Clair Mastin
Lyle Meek
Dan O’Hare    
Terry/Marion Roberts
Dr. James Tedford
T. L. Thompson
Jim and Ann Whitehead
Gary and Joyce Zanini
Villa Margarita Mobile Home Park
Dr. Roger Steele
Margaret Cooper
James and Margery Harris
Jim Irwin
Barney Reitner
Judy Barnett
Lionel Beyer   
Peggy Bowman-Kelley
Deronda Burdette
Joanne Burke
David and Kelli Cole
Vince Crooks   
Faith and William Fieldhouse
Iris Gould
Hobie and Colleen Herber 
Dr. Sonny and Shelly Higgenbotham
T. and Marionee Hollister
Ken and Gaby Levine  
Cole Foundation
Morgan/Flagg Family
Edie and Bo Lyke
Bill and Allison Lauderdale
Mac & Bonnie Brinton
Steve & Deronda Burdette
George & LeeAnne Fisher
Cyndi Framme
Jerry & Patti Hempenius
Kurt & Bonnie Kennedy
Martha Michalojko
Norman & Sharon Beko
Michael & Carolyn Klinger
Ed & Bernie Kurtz
Brad and Ginny Parkinson
Placer Trading Company
John & Kaaren Abbate
Craig & Joan Kincaid
Mike & Christy Palmer
Cheryl Fernandez
Ingrid Siegel
Carol Siegel
Bruce Falkenhagen
Kristy Wilson
Marilyn Blake
John & Karen Abbate
David & Susan Murray
Craig & Skye Christakos
CCFC Honor Board


This Honor Board was created to recognize, acknowledge, and pay tribute to the nominees for their contributions, dedication, service, and inspiration in all that they do not only for CCFC and but other areas as well.

A variety of silent auction items were donated for our fundraiser.
Trustee, Ricki Pace, created the raffle
prize display board.
All for the Kidz fundraiser was held at the SLO Country Club.
Earl's of Tuesday entertained guests with music and dancing.
Jenny Mulks, of Along Comes Hope, draws the winning raffle ticket with President, Marilyn Blake, and Vice-President, Cyndi Framme, assisting.
This beautiful Christmas quilt, handmade by CCFC member Christy Palmer and trustee,
Cheryl Fernandez, was a live auction item.
CCFC Member, Corinne Cilli, sold vintage jewelry at our fundraiser.
Chef Charlie Wayne Paladin, of Cass Winery, offered a cooking class and private gourmet dinner for six, as the raffle prize.
Thank You to CCFC
Members & Trustees
Thank you to the following CCFC Members for their contribution in making this fundraiser so successful. Members solicitated and/or donated silent and live auction items, served on committees to make this fundraiser happen, and worked at the event. And a special thank you to Ann Berry-Gallegos and Edie Lycke, co-chairpersons for All for the Kidz.
Marilyn Blake
Peggy Bowman-Kelley
Corinne Cilli
Colleen Clarke
Julie Cross
LeeAnn Fisher
Cyndi Framme
Lynn Hames
Patti Hempenius
Alethea Justus
Bonnie Kennedy
Carolyn Klingler
Christy Palmer
Cindi Powell
Joanne Rogoff
Linda Rundstrom
Emilia Simoes
Debbie Stiles
Kristy Wilson
Mary Ciernia
Deronda Burdette
Chery Fernandez
Leila Humphrey
Susan Murray
Ricki Pace
Trustee Luncheon

CCFC Trustees were recognized for their ten or more years of service with a luncheon held in their honor at the San Luis Obispo Country Club. Trustees in attendance, standing left to right are: Leila Humphrey, Cheryl Fernandez, Paula Tolbert, Mary Ciernia, Ricki Pace, Ann Hansen, Bonnie Brinton.
Seated left to right are Francine Johnston, Judy Barnett, and Verniece Lincoln. Not pictured are Susan Murray, Jeanette Meek, Deronda Burdette and Diane Martinelli.
Breaking News ~
CCFC Members Tour KSBY
Special Activities Chairperson, Corinne Cilli, arranged a tour of KSBY television studio for CCFC members. When we watch the evening news, we will never see it as we once did!  Pictured left to right are: Alethea Justus, Joanne Rogoff, Cheryl Fernandez, Linda Rundstrom, Ricki Pace, Carolyn Klingler, Debbie Stiles, Christy Palmer, Cindi Powell, Corinne Cilli, Marilyn Blake, Cyndi Framme, and LeeAnn Fisher. It was very informative and fun!
CCFC Donors 2022
Committed $500+

The Estate of Shirley J. Otto, Joe Bourdean, Executor
Pete and Patty Pepper
Jim and Ann Whitehead
Craig and Toni Kincaid
Mary Benner
Mrs. Roberta Parsons
Edie Lycke
Jeff and Carla Cole Foundation
Melinda Bollinger
Paula and Scott Lewis
Miossi Charitable Trust
St. Barnabas Thrift Store
Shelley McConnell
Steve and Phyllis Dorsi
Caring $35 - $99      
Mr. Randal Cruikshanks
Jim and Marge Harris
Janet and Dave McLaughlin
Ann Berry-Gallegos
Frederika C. Thompson
Judith Jimenez
Faithful $100 - $299

Claudia Rose
Helen and Walter Rehm
Dr. James M. Raveret     
Rev. Lionel and Linda Beyer
John and Landy Forsberg
Darlene Dechance
Phyllis Cameron               
Ann Barclay 
David and Francine Johnston
Bob and Debbie Wacker
Penny Porter
Erick and Jennifer Wand, Graphics by Erick        
Compassionate $300 - $499

None at this time.

In Memoriam and In Honor Of

None at this time.
In Memoriam / In Honor Of:

Consider making a donation to Central Coast Funds for Children. 100% of all donations go directly towards the funding of grants to organizations and agencies in San Luis Obispo County.