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Fourth Quarter 2019 

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4/4/20 - 19th Annual Open House event.
Hours 9am to 2pm


12/10/20 - Annual Meeting  at The Pavilion, Cypress Ridge

Sandra Fischbein, 

CalCoastPalms, LLC.


Butch Yamashita,

Corey Nursery


Ulf Schnack, 

Ball Flora Plant


Jane Riffle, Ball Tagawa Growers



Karen Robb,
Target Specialty Products

Jennifer Dobbe

Holland America Flowers


Micah Lopez,

Pacific Sun Growers Greenhouses


Ben Trogdon, Pacific Sun Growers



Kim Wilenius, C&M Nursery


2019 Open House Reusable Bag



19th Open House
Saturday, April 4, 2020
Hours 9AM-2PM

 Education Center at
Olympic Hall,
Nipomo High 


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Message from our President

Happy New Year to you all !

The board of directors and I are very happy to welcome a new grower member to CCGGA: West Covina Nursery!
West Covina Nursery is a family owned business that has been in Nipomo for over 30 years.They grow a wide range of landscape perennials, shrubs and trees in their lovely nursery on El Campo Road. West Covina was one of the founding members of CCGGA back in 1990.
Please join me in welcoming Diane, Corrine and the rest of the team! 


Beginnings of the CCGGA  ~ circa 1990

Our first organized meeting was held in April of 1990. I don't recall exactly where it was held, but we had Bob Lilley, then Assistant Ag Commissioner there to talk about land use plans and proposed county greenhouse zoning and buffer zone issues. Also, Rick Landon, Deputy Ag Commissioner spoke on the new pesticide use and reporting regulations that we all are so familiar with now.

During the first year we started having regular Steering Committee meetings at different lunch spots in Nipomo. Our primary goal was to form a consensus of opinions and standards so we could speak with one voice when addressing land use planning issues.

In August, we got together with the local chapter of the California Association of Nurserymen to sponsor an Integrated Pest Management seminar at the Women's Club building in Arroyo Grande. We brought Michael Parella and his staff down from UC Davis for a daylong event. I remember we paid their travel costs and put them up at the Kon Tiki Inn in Pismo Beach. CARR pitched in also... I think they paid for a bar-b-que lunch. Needless to say, Diane (West Covina nursery) and I were relieved when we figured out that we had broken even on the event...whew!

Charter Member Nurseries:

All Seasons
Brassica Wholesale Nursery
C & M Nursery
Sunshine Flowers
Central Coast Greenhouses 
Countryside Nursery
Flower Farm Nursery 
Fides-Clearwater Nursery 
George Ball Research Greenheart Farms
Hamilton Nursery
Koch California
Koch Mesa Nursery
May Floral
Mesa Magic Nursery
Native Sons Wholesale Nursery 
Nipomo Mesa Farms
Nipomo Nursery
Nobel Floral
Pacific Sun Growers 
R Christian Farms 
West Covina Wholesale

Charter Member Associates:

Farm Bureau 
Independent Greenhouse Services
Twyford Plant Laboratories 
Western Farm Service

We have come a long way!


CCGGA Annual Meeting was held at  the Pavilion last month.

Corey Nursery was  presented the 2019 "Good Neighbor Award"

President Sandra presenting Butch the Award 
for Corey's contributions to the principles of CCGGA's  "Good Neighbor Policy"

A great lunch as usual

Our keynote speaker was John Lindsey, PGE Meteorologist. John's  annual weather predictions are always well received

Weather charts and stories...

Right before the final remarks and Raffle


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The  Central  Coast  Greenhouse Growers Association (CCGGA) was founded to provide a cohesive organization that acts as a good neighbor within the local and regional community, providing information and education to neighbors; other community groups or businesses; and county, state, or federal agencies.
The CCGGA acts on behalf of its members in resolving issues that may arise with neighboring communities, as we work to coexist and enjoy the numerous benefits the Central Coast provides for both living and growing high-quality plants.