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August 2014 

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Industry Interview: Sandra Fischbein
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18 - Steering Meeting 

26/27 - AG Harvest Festival



16 - Steering Meeting



20 - Steering Meeting



4 - Annual Member Meeting at Cypress Ridge



Layci Gragnani,  

Greenheart Farms


Sandra Fischbein, Speedling Nursery


Eric Djafroodi, Clearwater Nursery


Julie Hoyt, Crop

Production Services


Dave Pruitt, iHort 

Ben Trogdon, Pacific Sun Growers

Butch Yamashita, Corey Nursery

Toni Kavaky, Viva Farms

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Annual Meeting Presentation

Send us any photos you have of Open House or any other community events your nursery or business has participated in this year. We would also like to see the "faces" of our industry.  
 Photos will be used to make a slide show presentation at our Annual Meeting.  

Submit photos to Amy at
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Nurseries benefit the local economy.
CDFA Nursery Program

1. SAN DIEGO 1,109,275,000
2. MONTEREY 307,543,000
3. VENTURA 231,951,000
4. RIVERSIDE 190,678,000
5. SANTA BARBARA 188,538,000
6. SISKIYOU 176,795,000
7. SAN MATEO 113,511,000
8. SANTA CRUZ 113,501,000
9. STANISLAUS 109,432,000
10. KERN 100,811,160

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Message from the President


Dear Members,  


I hope that everyone has had a great summer! It's hard to believe that it's already September and 2015 is right around the corner.


As we approach the end of the year, I always look forward to our annual meeting. This meeting provides our associate members to meet with the growers in our area and present their products and services. This is a free benefit to our associate members and I encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity. This is going to be a great meeting at Cypress Ridge, so don't miss out!


Every member of the CCGGA that has the opportunity to help increase awareness of the beauty of flowers and plants, so please consider how much you can do to promote the use of the plants that we produce every day.


We are continuing to revamp our membership package, so if there is something that you'd like to see the CCGGA offer, please share your ideas. We want your membership to be of value to you, so we want to hear from you and what you'd like in your membership from us.  


I hope that everyone has a very successful finish to 2014 and is ready to take on 2015! Hope to see you all at our annual meeting this December! 




Layci Gragnani, President

Greenheart Farms


Quarterly Meeting, Hosted by Cal Coast Palms 

The Central Coast Greenhouse Growers Quarterly Meeting was hosted by Cal Coast Palms on June 19, 2014.


Members had the opportunity to meet a few of our scholarship recipients (pictured on the right). Karen Lowerison, San Luis Obispo Deputy Agriculture Commissioner, gave our guests and members a County update and shared the 2013 Annual Report featuring, "The Faces Behind Our Products." John Snyder from Koch California, gave a comprehensive 

 presentation on water issues in our county. 


A big thank you goes to Cal Coast Palms for hosting the group

 and the wonderful BBQ dinner! 

Friends of the Library Fair, Nipomo

The Central Coast Greenhouse Growers Association participated in the Friends of the Library Fair at the Nipomo Library on August 9, 2014. All proceeds made from plants sales were donated to the Nipomo Library. Children had the opportunity to get their hands dirty and plant a celery start!

If you missed out on this event, don't worry! You can help us with our upcoming Arroyo Grande Harvest Festival Booth on September 27th, 2014.  
Donations must be ready by September 26th. Your donations make a difference in our community! 

Thank you Ball Tagawa, Cal Coast Palms, Corey Nursery, Pacific Sun Growers and Speedling for you donations!
 Cypress Ridge Golf Course
December 4th 11:30-1:30pm 

Open House 
April 18, 2015

Industry Interview with Sandra Fischbein

I am excited to announce that I am starting a new career in Horticultural Business Consulting. My 31 year career at Speedling came to an end last week when I retired from the position of Vice President and National Vegetable Sales Manager. At Speedling, I started as a grower in the San Juan Bautista Nursery, was transferred

to Sun City, Florida where I ran the research department, and then transferred back to California. 


In California, I became Nursery Manager at the San Juan Bautista and Nipomo Nurseries and was eventually promoted to Division Manager in charge of all the California Nurseries. 


During my term as Division Manager, I designed and built the Coalinga Nursery which specializes in processing tomato production. My final promotion came 7 years ago when I took on the position of Vice President.  I am grateful to Speedling for bringing me to the lovely Central Coast of California and for keeping me challenged throughout my career.  My need for career growth and development has been the impetus for my new path.  I look forward to helping other businesses succeed.


My first consulting assignment is with the CCGGA member Cal Coast Palms, LLC. Cal Coast Palms is a 10 acre grower of mostly palms but other trees and landscape materials as well on Mesa Road. Cal Coast Palms is lucky to have had a capable and experienced grower, Raul Ayala for the last 8 years. Raul has been producing high quality, healthy palms at Cal Coast Palms, but the sales have been largely passive so far. I will provide Marketing and Sales Management to the nursery in order to make a sustainable business. 


Cal Coast Palms is a wholesale nursery with wholesale prices, but it is open to the public Monday-Friday. Please come by and see our wide selection of California Grown products. We are planning a Big Sale on September 19-21, we hope to see you there!


Sandra Fischbein

Board of Directors Upcoming Election

We are now accepting nominations for the Central Coast Greenhouse Growers Board of Directors. There are four vacancies for the 2014-2016 term. Please submit your nominations before November.
Ballots will be mailed the first week of November and the new Board of Directors will be presented at the 2014 Annual Meeting.  

Benefits of Serving:
  1. Channel creative energy in contributing for a cause that is meaningful to you.
  2. Better understand issues in the industry and county that are integral to business and the economy.
  3. Learn through personal experience about board governance.
  4. Develop valuable networks and relationships with fellow board members by working together on enhancing the community.
  5. Gain experience as a leader.
The  Central  Coast  Greenhouse Growers Association (CCGGA) was founded to provide a cohesive organization that acts as a good neighbor within the local and regional community, providing information and education to neighbors; other community groups or businesses; and county, state, or federal agencies.
The CCGGA acts on behalf of its members in resolving issues that may arise with neighboring communities, as we work to coexist and enjoy the numerous benefits the Central Coast provides for both living and growing high-quality plants.