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June 2015 

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Layci Gragnani,  

Greenheart Farms


Sandra Fischbein, Speedling Nursery


Jane Riffle, Ball Tagawa


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Dave Pruitt, iHort 

Ben Trogdon, Pacific Sun Growers

Butch Yamashita, Corey Nursery

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January 2015

Steve Gonzales, 

Griley Air Freight 


March 2015
Hector Gomez, 
Integrated Industrial Supply, Inc.

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Gabriel Rebolledo,
Norman's Nursery

2015 Top 100 List Reading The Rankings

Follow the link to find out which of our growers made the list!
Robobank Scholarship Winner
Andrew McHaney's Essay

My name is Andrew McHaney, and I am graduating with the class of 2015 at Salinas High School. My last four years at Salinas High have prepared me well for my college bound future. I have challenged myself and taken AP classes. I have worked hard and currently have a GPA of 4.1. This year I was inducted into the National Honor Society for my academics and community service. Outside of school,  I am a very active member in San Benancio 4-H, Salinas FFA, Salinas High Calculus Club and Adopt-A-Highway litter removal. During my high school sports career I've played three years of football and am currently racing my fourth season with the Salinas High Mountain Bike Race Team.

 I am very excited that I was accepted under early admissions at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for the fall of 2015. I have chosen to major in Environmental Plant Science. This summer I have accepted a job at the USDA Research Center working on a lettuce trial.  I am currently exploring a career in plant science research so this summer will be very insightful.

Next year my brother will also be a freshman in college. I know it will be tough financially for my family putting two kids through a four-year college at the same time. I plan to work to assist my parents with educational expenses. Any financial help I receive would be an enormous help to my family. I appreciate your consideration for this scholarship.

Job Shadow Wanted!
Nipomo FFA is interested in partnering with nurseries to provide their students with Job Shadowing Opportunities this summer.  Its a great way to get extra help and invest in the future of our industry.  If you are interest, please contact Amy at 
Members Wanted
Do you know someone who would benefit from becoming a member of CCGGA? 

We're always looking to expand our membership, so please spread the word about our organization!
The 14th Annual Open House       


   The 14th Annual Open House was help April 18, 2015. Ball FloraPlant, Cal Coast Palms, Corey Nursery, Clearwater Nursery, Eufloria Flowers, Holland America, Native Sons and Pacific Sun Growers held tours along with their highly anticipated plant sales. Holland America provided floral classes and custom bouquets. 

The Edwards Barn served as the hub of the Open House activities including plant sales, kids corner, and demonstrations. 

Cheryl Powers from Arroyo Grande In Bloom shared how to help our local monarch population by building way stations of milkweed. We look forward to see how these way station projects progress. 

This year we were joined by a Place to Grow who displayed their captivating and beautiful backyard greenhouse and potting benches made of recycled materials.  







We would like to thank the following sponsors:



Agra Tech Inc.

American Horticulture Supply

Arroyo Grande In Bloom

Ball Horticultural

Ball Tagawa

Cal Coast Palms

Cal Seedling

Clearwater Nursery

Corey Nursery

Crop Production Services

Eufloria Flowers

Farm Credit West

Farm Supply

Good Tides Organic Bistro

Greenheart Farms

Holland America Flowers

iHort International

  Native Sons Wholesale

Nipomo FFA

Pacific Sun Growers

Premier Tech Horticulture 

Robert Mann Packaging

Righetti FFA

Speedling Nursery  

Sun Land Garden Products

and the Edwards Barn!




This year's Open House raised $16,000 for scholarships!   

Thank you to our sponsors and our community for helping fund the future in our industry.

S cholarship Announcement
  The Central Coast Greenhouse Growers Association (CCGGA) is proud to announce that they will award nineteen scholarships to college and high school students this year. CCGGA member nurseries throughout Nipomo and Arroyo Grande opened their doors on April 12th to the general public to develop relationships with community members and to raise money for their scholarship fund. Each participating nursery proudly donated a portion of that day's sales to the CCGGA Scholarship Fund, which is open to all students that are currently enrolled in college for the following year. The Scholarship program is also available to students of employees who work at CCGGA member nurseries. 



One of the organizations goals is to continue encouraging future generations to enter the horticulture field and to promote higher education within the families that work in the local nursery business.  


2015 CCGGA scholarship recipients are: 

  • Aloysia Shea - Currently attending Nipomo High School
  • Andrew McHaney - Currently attending Salinas High School
  • Angel Flores - Currently attending Righetti High School
  • Beatriz Barajas - Currently attending San Jose State University
  • Carolanne Garibay - Currently attending Monterey Peninsula College
  • Cladia Lavina - Currently attending Salinas High School
  • Erica Marquez-Ibarra - Currently attending San Jose State University
  • Jorge Zarate - Currently attending Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
  • Jynel Gularte - Currently attending Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
  • Katie Blakeley - Currently attending Perrin High School
  • Kirk Wilenius - Currently attending Loyola Marymount University
  • Lane Luis - Currently attending Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
  • Levi Luis - Currently attending Santa Ynez Union High School
  • Mary Katherine Sherman -Currently attending Valley Central High School
  • Nelly Guerra - Currently attending Allan Hancock College
  • Shaina Chirman - Currently attending University of Wyoming
  • Thor Burnside - Currently attending Rogers State University
  • Timmy Klittich - Currently attending Fillmore High School
  • Trevor J. Autry - Currently attending Nipomo High School
  • Yuliana Carrillo - Currently attending Cal State Fullerton

One of the scholarships is named with the local sponsors for the event - Andrew McHaney, who currently attends Salinas High School, was named the winner of the Rabobank/CCGGA Scholarship. 


Thank you Butch Yamasita, Layci Gragnani, Darrell Freman and Mike Sullivan for serving on this year's Scholarship Committee!  


Spring Quarterly Membership Meeting 
Hosted by: Ball Tagawa
On May 21, 2015, 30 members and guests enjoyed BBQ dinner and a nursery tour at Ball Tagawa.  We celebrated with 7 of our 2015 Scholarship Recipients who were presented with a certificate.

Thank you to everyone who attended! 
The  Central  Coast  Greenhouse Growers Association (CCGGA) was founded to provide a cohesive organization that acts as a good neighbor within the local and regional community, providing information and education to neighbors; other community groups or businesses; and county, state, or federal agencies.
The CCGGA acts on behalf of its members in resolving issues that may arise with neighboring communities, as we work to coexist and enjoy the numerous benefits the Central Coast provides for both living and growing high-quality plants.