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Second Quarter 2018 

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12/6/18 - Annual Meeting at The Pavilion, Cypress Ridge




4/6/19 - 18th Annual Open House event.

Hours 9am to 2pm


Sandra Fischbein, 

CalCoastPalms, LLC.


Butch Yamashita,

Corey Nursery


Ulf Schnack, 

Ball Flora Plant


Julie Hoyt, Crop

Production Services



Karen Robb,
Target Specialty Products

Dave Pruitt, DPC


Micah Lopez,

Pacific Sun Growers Greenhouses


Jane Riffle,

Ball Tagawa Growers


Ben Trogdon, Pacific Sun Growers


2018 Open House Reusable Bag



18th Open House
Saturday, April 6, 2019
Hours 9AM-2PM

 Education Center at
Olympic Hall,
Nipomo High 


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Message from our Administrative Director

The 17th Annual Open House in April proved to be quite a success and as a result we were able to fund 21 scholarships to college bound students; 12 of the students had a relationship with nursery member. Several students have completed their fall registration, submitted proof of enrollment and have received their scholarship award check in the mail. Thank you again to all who gave their time and materials to make our annual fundraising event possible.
Below are some photos of the Open House along with a few photos of High School  
scholarship award presentations made by board members last month.

Wishing you a great summer!


A Message from our Agricultural Commissioner

With the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors' passage of a local permanent ordinance in December 2017, commercial cannabis cultivation is now an allowed use in the unincorporated portions of the county. Potential cultivators who possess a County issued cannabis cooperative/collective registration are eligible to obtain a discretionary land use permit through the County Planning Department. To receive a local permit, applicants will need to meet certain zoning and minimum parcel size conditions, as well as other land use permit requirements, such as a safety plan, an odor control plan, minimum setbacks from neighboring properties, etc. Cannabis cultivators will also need to obtain a state license through the CalCannabis agency. The eligibility to cultivate commercially here in SLO County is limited to those applicants who possessed a County issued registration under the original cannabis urgency ordinance (Ordinance 3334). Cultivation may become available to other interested growers in the future.
County Planning Department Commercial Cannabis Cultivation Information:
CalCannabis Website for State Cultivation Permits:
The County Department of Agriculture/Weights & Measures will be responsible for regulating pesticide use on cannabis, as well as any applicable weights and measures requirements, such as using certified scales to determine weight-based transactions. We will begin issuing Operator Identification Numbers (OIN) for pesticide use to commercial cannabis cultivators once growers have obtained both their temporary state license from the state's CalCannabis organization and a "letter of good standing" from the County Planning department. The "letter of good standing" can be issued prior to obtaining a land use permit, which can take six months or more to complete. The letter will indicate applications have been submitted and preliminarily, everything appears to be in accordance with the County's ordinance requirements.
Due to cannabis' illegal status at the Federal level and the fact that all pesticide labels are federal documents, no pesticide labels are specifically listed for use on cannabis. The California Department of Pesticide Regulation has developed guidelines for pesticide use on cannabis; the only products that can be legally used are those that contain active ingredients that are exempt from the EPA's pesticide tolerance rules. See the website below for a detailed explanation of those products that are allowed on commercial cannabis:
Department of Pesticide Regulation website regarding pesticide use on cannabis:
If you have any questions regarding the rules governing the use of pesticides on cannabis, obtaining an OIN for your commercial cannabis operation, or cannabis related weights and measures issues, please contact our Department.
Deputy Agricultural Commissioner, Marc Lea, 805.781.5910,



Recap of 17Th Annual Open House & Scholarship Fundraiser event last April.

The day at our Education Center -  aka
Olympic Hall, Nipomo High School:

 Off  and running  at  9 am....

  We had well over 1,000 visitors  at  Nipomo High School....

  Flashback to 8 am

  Karen Robb's Monarch Info Booth

 Volunteer Karen Franck 

Raffle Table

Amy, Dave and Kim running the raffle...

The day at some of our participating nurseries open to the public for tours/sales:

  Ball Floraplant

  Corey Nursery

2018 Scholarship Winners

Here is a copy of our News Release:

NIPOMO, CA - The Central Coast Greenhouse Growers Association (CCGGA) is proud to announce that they will award twenty-one scholarships to college and high school students this year. CCGGA member nurseries throughout Nipomo and Arroyo Grande opened their doors last month on April 21 st to the general public to develop relationships with community members and to raise money for their scholarship fund. Each participating nursery proudly donated a portion of that day's sales to the CCGGA Scholarship Fund, which is open to all students that are currently enrolled in college for the following year. The Scholarship program is also available to students of employees who work at CCGGA member nurseries.
One of the organizations goals is to continue encouraging future generations to enter the horticulture field and to promote higher education within the families that work in the local nursery business.

2018 CCGGA scholarship recipients are:
Erin Dobbe - Arroyo Grande High School Adriana Arredondo - Allan Hancock College Kyler Vernon - Nipomo High School
Claire Bjork - UC Davis
Lissette Ramirez - Allan Hancock College
Adrian John Martinez - Allan Hancock College
Julia Boersma - Nipomo High School
Carolyn Adams - UC Santa Cruz
Amanda Silva - Santa Maria High School
Angel Saucedo-Flores - Allan Hancock College Victoria Garcia - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Conner Vernon - Butler Community College, Kansas Luke Wilenius - Point Loma Zazarene University Eric Velazquez - Righetti High School
Kevin Dennis - Vista Del Lago High School
Alina Dzukola - Cuesta College
Trevor Thompson - Oklahoma State University
Nelly Guerra - Cornell University
Felix Perez - Santa Maria High School
Yesenia Martinez - Santa Maria High School
Paula Pamela Solano Abarca - Allen Hancock College

Scholarship Awards Presented 

CCGGA Board members making Award presentations:

  Dave Pruitt presenting Julia Boersma with her award
  at Nipomo High School FFA night.

  Dave again...this time making a presentation to Kyler Vernon.

  Board member Butch Yamashita promoting CCGGA's scholarship       program at Righetti High School's Awards Night.

  Butch presenting Eric Velazquez with his scholarship award certificate.

    Dave at Arroyo Grande School presenting Erin Dobbe 
    with her award certificate. A great photo backdrop.
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