2016 7F Users Group: Issue 3

Gas-turbine repair techniques continue to evolve and proliferate against the backdrop of ever-present cost pressure, machines ageing in service, and competition among repair service firms. Ultimately, the choice will depend on many technical factors, but especially the owner/operator's approach and budget for managing risk and the life stage the unit/components are at. more   
Bob Anderson, a former plant manager and HRSG troubleshooter for a large utility's F-class fleet, said the value of captured data for performance and problem assessments can't be overstated. He shows by example, below, that one data plot can tell several stories and suggest multiple corrective actions. He stressed that while the conclusions derived from the exercise described may look simple to identify... more   
Register today: Combined conference for the Steam Turbine, Generator, Combined Cycle Users Groups only a month away
Power Users is bringing together at one location, and at the same time, the annual meetings of three premier users groups supporting systems and equipment required in addition to the gas turbine for simple-cycle, cogeneration, and combined-cycle plants. The Steam Turbine (STUG), Generator (GUG), and Combined Cycle Users Groups (CCUG) meet concurrently at San Antonio's La Cantera Hill Country Resort, August 22-25. more 
What you can expect to learn at the Power Users' Combined Conference
It's difficult to gauge how much information of value a speaker will provide based on the title and presenter name in the agenda. Many commercial conferences offer enticing titles but the content disappoints. The Power Users' Combined Conference is organized by users under a not-for-profit umbrella solely for the benefit of owner/operators; content providers are hand-picked by members of the steering committees. A speaker who dares to cross the invisible line between technology and sales pitch is not invited back. more
Windscreens improve performance, reduce O&M cost of air-cooled condensers
Air-cooled condensers depend on steady air flow created by a properly designed system of axial-flow fans, normally elevated significantly above grade. Induced by the fans, ambient air then flows vertically through the tube bundles above, condensing the steam within those tubes. During high winds, the condenser outer shell (wind wall) deflects the ambient air, producing a jet stream below, along the fan inlet region. more 
Upcoming CCJ Webinar: Robust Bucket Repair of 7FA.03 1st Stage Bucket
Erosion / corrosion / oxidation of the tips, lifting of the tip plates, liberation of the tip plates, shortened life cycles and increased repair costs have led Sulzer to engineer robust bucket repairs for the 7FA.03 end users.
Presented by Travis Cockrell and Michael Andrepont

Thursday, September 8, 2016 @ 1pm East/10am Pac.

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